Iguatemi São Paulo

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Iguatemi São Paulo
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Interior Iguatemi São Paulo
Location São Paulo, Brazil
Coordinates 23°34′37.23″S 46°41′17.09″W / 23.5770083°S 46.6880806°W / -23.5770083; -46.6880806Coordinates: 23°34′37.23″S 46°41′17.09″W / 23.5770083°S 46.6880806°W / -23.5770083; -46.6880806
Address Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue, 2232
Opening date November 28, 1966 (1966-11-28)
Owner Iguatemi Empresa de Shopping Centers S.A.
No. of stores and services 330
Total retail floor area 129,747 m2 (1,396,590 sq ft)
Parking 1,824 vacancies
Website www.iguatemisaopaulo.com.br

The Iguatemi São Paulo shopping centre is the oldest Brazilian mall in operation.[citation needed] Located in the Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue, in the Jardins neighbourhood, the shopping mall was opened in November 28, 1966 (1966-11-28). Some organizations[who?] say that Iguatemi São Paulo is the first shopping mall to be opened in Brazil, but other ones[who?] say that the Shopping do Méier in Rio de Janeiro is older.[citation needed]

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