Vila Madalena

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Vila Madalena
Rua Heitor Penteado in Vila Madalena
Rua Heitor Penteado in Vila Madalena
Coordinates: 23°33′09″S 46°41′29″W / 23.5525°S 46.691389°W / -23.5525; -46.691389Coordinates: 23°33′09″S 46°41′29″W / 23.5525°S 46.691389°W / -23.5525; -46.691389
Country Brazil
StateBandeira do estado de São Paulo.svg São Paulo
MunicipalityBandeira da cidade de São Paulo.svg São Paulo
Administrative ZoneWest

Vila Madalena is an upper middle class neighborhood of the Pinheiros district in the western[1] part of the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The neighborhood is known for its bustling nightlife[2] and its history as a center of São Paulo bohemian culture and art. The neighborhood is filled with dozens of art galleries and studios, an eclectic mix of restaurants and bars and a series of graffiti-covered streets and alleys, and is attracting young professionals.[1]


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