Ikaw Lamang

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Ikaw Lamang
Also known as No Greater Love
Genre Period drama
Romantic drama
Created by Rondel P. Lindayag
Reggie Amigo
Developed by Roldeo T. Endrinal
Julie Anne R. Benitez
Written by Danica Mae S. Domingo
David Franche Diuco
Hazel Karyl Madanguit
Jose A. Dizon Jr.
Directed by Malu L. Sevilla
Avel E. Sunpongco
Emmanuel "Manny" Q. Palo
Creative director(s) Johnny delos Santos
Starring Coco Martin
Kim Chiu
Julia Montes
Jake Cuenca
KC Concepcion
Opening theme Ikaw Lamang
by Gary Valenciano / Angeline Quinto
Composer(s) Idonnah Villarico/Rommel Villarico
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) English, Filipino
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 162
Executive producer(s) Eileen Angela T. Garcia
Hazel Bolisay Parfan
Maya Aralar
Producer(s) Dagang Vilbar
Ethel M. Espiritu
Location(s) The Ruins, Talisay, Negros Occidental
Taal, Batangas
Editor(s) Froilan Francia
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) Dreamscape Entertainment Television
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original release March 10 (2014-03-10) – October 24, 2014 (2014-10-24)
External links
Website ikawlamang.abs-cbn.com

Ikaw Lamang (Lit: Only You / English: No Greater Love) is a 2014 Philippine period drama television series, directed by Malu L. Sevilla and Avel E. Sunpongco, starring Kim Chiu and Coco Martin, together with an ensemble cast.[1][2][3] The series was aired on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida evening block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel from March 10, 2014, to October 24, 2014, replacing Got to Believe.[4]

The story of the entire first book followed the lives of Samuel (Coco Martin), Isabelle (Kim Chiu), Mona (Julia Montes), and Franco (Jake Cuenca) that set in the 1960s and 1970s, and later in the 1980s. It aired for 107 episodes from March 10, 2014, to August 8, 2014.

In the second book, the story revolved around Gabriel (Coco Martin), Andrea (Kim Chiu), and Natalia (KC Concepcion) that set in the year 2005, with brief flashbacks from the 1990s.[5] It aired for only 55 episodes from August 11, 2014, to October 24, 2014.

Plot (book 1)[edit]


Eduardo Hidalgo (Tirso Cruz III), a wealthy landowner based in Salvacion, Negros Island, has a relationship with one of his plantation workers, Elena Severino (Cherry Pie Picache). However, when Maximo Salazar (Ronaldo Valdez), the butler in the hacienda of the Hidalgo's, learns that Elena is pregnant he manipulates a robbery in which Elena is unjustly implicated, causing her to be imprisoned only to be released on the condition she leaves Salvacion. Eduardo marries Maximo's daughter named Miranda (Cherie Gil), not knowing Elena is pregnant with his son. Elena and Miranda give birth to their respective children named Samuel and Franco, with the latter not being Eduardo's son but that of a beauty contest judge. Luis (William Lorenzo) assumes the role of a father to Samuel but dies later on. With a heavy heart, however, Elena and her family are forced to return to Salvacion in the years that follow.


In the era of the sugar boom in the small town of Salvacion, two children from opposite sides of society will meet: the young Samuel Severino (Zaijian Jaranilla) and Isabelle Miravelez (Alyanna Angeles). Samuel is the son of a sugarcane plantation worker named Elena, while Isabelle is the daughter of wealthy couple Gonzalo (John Estrada) and Rebecca Miravelez (Angel Aquino). Through Isabelle, Samuel meets Franco Hidalgo (Louise Abuel), the son of wealthy landowners Eduardo and Miranda. A natural-born farmer, Samuel teaches Franco how to plant sugarcane and in return, Franco teaches Samuel how to read.

One night, a wildfire strikes the sugarcane field. Amidst the tragedy, Samuel is able to save Isabelle. However, with the influence of his grandfather Maximo, Franco claims he was the one who saved Isabelle. Relentless in their pursuit to know the truth as to who was behind the fire, Gonzalo and his right-hand man Pacquito (Ronnie Lazaro) was able to pinpoint a farmer as the culprit. To prove that the farmer was innocent, Samuel reveals that he was there when the fire happened and told everyone that he was the one who saved Isabelle. This ignites a rivalry between Samuel and Franco.


After studying in London, Isabelle (Kim Chiu) and Franco (Jake Cuenca) return to Salvacion. Meanwhile, Mona Roque (Julia Montes), the loyal friend and secret admirer of Samuel (Coco Martin), also returns to Salvacion from Manila where she studied. Samuel, on the other hand, continues his fight for injustices against the workers. In the midst of social turmoil, love develops between Samuel and Isabelle, to the consternation of Franco and Mona.

A planned elopement and wedding between Samuel and Isabelle is foiled by Gonzalo and Maximo, in favor of Franco. Samuel is abducted, electrocuted and buried alive, but a priest saves him. Isabelle ends up marrying Franco. Mona seduces a drunk, heartbroken Samuel; their one night stand eventually results in their marriage and the birth of their son named Gabriel, while Isabelle and Franco are blessed with a daughter named Natalia.

Things get worse when Eduardo reveals that he is the biological father of Samuel. In addition, Rebecca divulges Franco's real identity. Maximo accidentally kills Miranda during a gunfight between him and Gonzalo, and is subsequently imprisoned as a result.

Franco suffers an accident but despite recovering, he pretends to be crippled in order to gain the sympathy of others, especially Isabelle. Isabelle becomes pregnant with Franco's second child but Franco believes that this child is Samuel's. Franco is able to make Mona and the townspeople believe in a lie, causing a jealous Mona to flee Salvacion with Gabriel despite not having the permission of her family. Samuel catches up with them and joins them along with Lupe and Calixto to Manila. While in Manila, Samuel and Mona enter a university while fulfilling their duties as Gabriel's parents at the same time.

Franco decides to run as Mayor of Salvacion, while Eduardo seeks another term as Governor. They both emerge victorious.


The plantation workers hold massive protests against Franco, who was then the corrupt mayor of their town. Samuel is implicated in their so-called rebellion and is arrested and tortured, only to be released as Eduardo leads a hunger strike. Eduardo, who had remarried to Elena, supports their son's gubernatorial bid against Franco, who is backed by Maximo. During the election, Mona is killed in an ambush ordered by Maximo, who also helps Franco cheat his way to victory. Gonzalo anonymously divulges Maximo's dishonest acts, but is caught, captured, and beaten by the latter and his men.

Gonzalo manages to escape Maximo's men, and files cases against the old man. Maximo is captured and detained following a police operation. He had aimed his gun at Samuel but Eduardo was hit by the bullets and dies later that night. Maximo attempts to escape jail by bribing the police chief and faking his death, but his attempt becomes unsuccessful as Gonzalo and Pacquito intercept his hearse. Gonzalo opens Maximo's coffin and buries Maximo alive along with his gold bars and poisonous snakes even as the latter pleads for his life and offers to pay him.

Before the protests and elections, Maximo is released as a result of a presidential pardon, and vows to bring down his rivals. He orders the burning of the Miravelez mansion. As a result, Isabelle prematurely gives birth to Andrea. However, Franco believes the child is Isabelle's illegitimate child with Samuel. Franco abuses Isabelle and uses his children to keep her from leaving.

To save Isabelle from Franco's battering, Samuel plans to flee to Manila with Natalia and Andrea.

Franco learns of the plan and manages to get Natalia from Isabelle. On the night of their elopement, Franco plants a bomb on the ship where Samuel, Isabelle, and their families and friends are taking going to Manila. The bomb explodes. Samuel, Isabelle, Gabriel, and Andrea find themselves losing their beloved ones and separated by fate. Gonzalo then told Gabriel to to be like his father and defeated Franco, for which he had promised.

In the aftermath of the explosion, a dying Elena gives Andrea to Roger (Neil Coleta) and Esther Sanggalang (Marlann Flores) who then raise her; not knowing the real identity of the little girl, they name her Jacqueline after their deceased daughter. Elena, her parents Damian and Trinidad Severino, Gonzalo and Rebecca all perished in the ship explosion, and Gabriel is left to the care of Mona's sister Lupe Roque (Meryll Soriano) and her friend (and future husband) Calixto de la Cruz (Lester Llansang). Days later, an old lady finds Isabelle and takes care of her, while Samuel confronts Franco and is unjustly imprisoned for 20 years.

Cast and characters (book 1)[edit]

Kim Chiu portrays Isabelle Miravelez-Hidalgo
Julia Montes portrays Mona Roque-Hidalgo
Jake Cuenca portrays Franco Hidalgo
John Estrada portrays Gonzalo Miravelez
Cherie Gil portrays Miranda Hidalgo
Angel Aquino portrays Rebecca Miravelez

Main cast[edit]

  • Samuel Hidalgo / Samuel Severino - Portrayed by Coco Martin. The biological son and heir of the Hidalgo family. Son of Elena Severino and Eduardo Hidalgo. He is the farmer's hero as he fights against the landowner's injustices. He falls in love with Isabelle, the daughter of rich landowners. Their love causes each other's misery as the wealthy and less fortunate are not right together. His intensive rivalry with Franco ignites as he gets the best of everything, Eduardo, Isabelle and the wealth of the Hidalgo family. After realizing that is love for Isabelle is no more, he marries Mona and they have a son. In the end of the first book, he, Isabelle and their friends and families escape on a boat to Manila to escape Franco's evil hands but unfortunately, they do not seed victorious.
  • Señora Isabelle Miravelez-Hidalgo - Portrayed by Kim Chiu. The daughter of wealthy landowners, Gonzalo and Rebecca Miravelez. She is their sole heir who is forced to marry Franco. Isabelle truly loves Samuel but causes his life to be endangered several times as their respective families do not accept their union. She marries Franco in order to assure Samuel's safety. In this, she discovers an unhappy marriage and regrets marrying him. Even though, she has two children with Franco named Andrea and Natalia. Towards the end of the first book, she begins to experience a bitter Franco as he becomes more desperate to make Isabelle love him. She and Samuel with their families attempt to escape the hands of Franco by fleeing to the capital of the country.
  • Monalisa "Mona" Roque-Hidalgodagger - Portrayed by Julia Montes. Samuel's childhood best friend and secret admirer. She fights for her love and will do anything to get Samuel. At one point, she became jealous of Isabelle when rumor went around that Samuel was the father of Andrea. Her lifelong dream was to finish her studies and become a lawyer and help the injustices of the farmers, along with Samuel. As Samuel was grieving for Isabelle, Mona seduces him which causes her to become pregnant. She and Samuel get married and have a son named Gabriel. Unfortunately, she gets killed during the election during an ambush ordered by Maximo.
  • Mayor Gov. Señor Franco Salazar Hidalgo - Portrayed by Jake Cuenca. He is not the legitimate heir of the Hidalgo family as Eduardo is not his true father. Despite this, he believes in himself completely that he is a Hidalgo. He is madly in love with Isabelle which causes him to do evil things to get her sympathy. He does not believe that Andrea is his daughter because he thinks Samuel is her biological father. He listens to his grandfather, Maximo, and follows all of his commands. In politics, he is corrupt and will cheat his way to victory. As the Mayor and Governor he is corrupt. In the end of the first book, he plants a bomb in the ship that was bringing Isabelle and Samuel and causes many people to die.

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Don Maximo Salazardagger - Portrayed by Ronaldo Valdez. Miranda's father and Franco's grandfather. He was the former butler of the Hidalgo family who plotted to frame up Elena for stealing jewelries. Greedy, heartless and merciless, Maximo will do anything to get revenge on his enemies even to the extent of killing them. He and Gonzalo became mortal enemies which caused them to get into a gunfight. Maximo accidentally killed his daughter, Miranda, thinking she was Gonzalo. He was the reason why Franco won the election as he helped him cheat his way to victory. He is later killed by Gonzalo and Pacquito when he was buried alive with poisonous snakes.
  • Mayor Gov. Don Eduardo Hidalgodagger - portrayed by Tirso Cruz III; Samuel and Franco's father but is Samuel's biological father. He was dating Elena Severino, a farmer, and they were planning to get married but she got framed up for stealing because of Maximo, the butler. He didn't know that Elena was pregnant because Maximo hid the truth from him. He then married Miranda Salazar, Maximo's daughter, who was at the time also pregnant and Eduardo took responsibility of the child. As Elena and her family return to Salvacion, Eduardo found out that Samuel was his son and accepted him immediately. He then married Elena, his one great love, five years after Miranda's death. He then goes against Franco to side with Samuel. He was shot to death by Maximo when he saved Samuel.
  • Don Gonzalo Miravelezdagger - Portrayed by John Estrada. Isabelle's strict father. He and Rebecca were forced to get married because of business reasons. He thinks his hacienda is the most important things and hates to be told what to do. Gonzalo was one of the people who could not accept Isabelle and Samuel's union. He and Maximo did a connivance in torturing Samuel which made Isabelle marry him. He then regrets making Isabelle marry Franco because he starting hurting her. He later asks forgiveness from Samuel and becomes an ally in destroying Franco. He and Pacquito were responsible for burying Maximo alive. Gonzalo was aboard the ship that exploded. He died in the ship explosion.
  • Señora Miranda Salazar-Hidalgodagger - Portrayed by Cherie Gil. She married Eduardo when she pregnant and he took the role as the father of Franco. Miranda became jealous of Elena because she thinks that she and Samuel are trying to steal Eduardo from her and Franco. She will do everything to make sure no one will destroy her relationship with her husband. Miranda will eliminate anyone who comes in between her and Eduardo. She is a socialite and handles all of her family's activities. Always protecting Franco even if he does something bad or wrong. She blames her father as the reason why she and Franco got into an accident. During a gunfight between Maximo and Gonzalo, Miranda arrived to protect her father. Maximo shot her to death thinking she was Gonzalo. She died in her father's arms.
  • Señora Rebecca Del Carmen-Miravelezdagger - portrayed by Angel Aquino; Gonzalo's wife and Isabelle's mother. She and Gonzalo were forced to get married by their parents in order to pursue their business. She is also a landowner like Gonzalo. She is very protective of her daughter and will do anything to protect her. At first, Gonzalo was abusive to her because she was always meddling in his personal life and their businesses. But later, they started loving each other. Rebecca was the one who exposed to the public that Franco is an illegitimate child and Samuel is the legitimate because she was defending Isabelle, who was being humiliated by Miranda and Franco. She later dies in the ship explosion along with Gonzalo.
  • Elena Severino-Hidalgodagger - played by Cherry Pie Picache; Samuel's mother and Eduardo's second wife. She is the childhood sweetheart and lover of Eduardo but they were torn apart because of a single lie. She was framed up for stealing and left Salvacion and migrated somewhere else. Eduardo didn't know that she was pregnant with a child. When she returns to Salvacion, that is the start of her misery. She then marries Eduardo. She road the ship with Samuel and Isabelle. Rebecca gave Andrea to Elena in hope to find Isabelle. She gave Andrea to a couple. She was later killed when something hit her head on the ship.

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Trinidad "Lola Trini" Severino - portrayed by Daria Ramirez; Elena's mother, Samuel's grandmother, and Damian's wife. She is supportive of her family decisions. She is a natural born farmer and she helps Elena and Damian work in order to pay for Samuel's school. She is also Gabriel's great-grandmother. She is mostly quiet but Trinidad can be feisty at times, especially when she is defending her loved ones from people who are oppressing them. Trinidad rode the boat with Samuel and she died because of trauma.
  • Pacquito - Portrayed by Ronnie Lazaro. Don Gonzalo's right-hand man. He accompanies Gonzalo in all of his schemes. Throughout the series, Pacquito, along with Gonzalo, constantly bullied and created conflict with Samuel. No matter how bad or evil, he always follows Gonzalo's orders. He helped Gonzalo kidnap Gabriel for money. Later he becomes an ally of Samuel. He and Gonzalo buried Maximo alive with poisonous snakes.
  • Damian Severino - played by Spanky Manikan; The patriarch of the Severino family. He is Samuel's grandfather, Elena's father and Trinidad's husband. He is a wise, kind man. He does his best to protect and defend his family from Pacquito and Gonzalo who formerly were bullying their family. Also is Gabriel's great-grandfather. Damian was aboard the ship which Samuel and Isabelle were riding. He stayed with Trinidad on the ship. He drowned in the sea which caused him to die.
  • Guadalupe "Lupe" Roque-dela Cruz - portrayed by Meryll Soriano; Mona's older sister who raised her. She raised Mona after their parents died. She is Samuel's sister-in-law and Gabriel's aunt. Lupe had a secret liking for Calixto and became his girlfriend and later wife. She and Calixto were on the boat which Franco planted a bomb in. Fortunately for them, Calixto and Lupe were both saved from the explosion. They were the ones who found the bodies of Damian, Elena and Trinidad. Calixto and Lupe found Gabriel shortly after the explosion, and they left Salvacion to go to another town. She and Calixto raised Gabriel as their own.
  • Calixto dela Cruz - played by Lester Llansang; Samuel's best friend and Gabriel's uncle. He is also Mona's brother-in-law. Since they were younger, Calixto always had a crush on Lupe and he became her boyfriend and later husband. Shortly after the ship explosion, he and Lupe found Gabriel and left Salvacion to live a peaceful life. They raised Gabriel and loved him as his own. Calixto and Lupe became his parent-figures.
  • Gabriel Hidalgo - portrayed by Charles Jacob Briz; Samuel and Mona's only son and child. He is a mama's boy. He was to help the farmers and he wants to grow up to be like his father, Samuel. Gabriel was aboard the ship that Samuel and Isabelle were riding. He was separated from his father when the ship tipped over. Lupe and Calixto found him and raised and loved him as their own. They later leave Salvacion.
  • Natalia Isabelle Hidalgo - portrayed by Jana Cassandra Agoncillo; Franco and Isabelle's eldest daughter. She is a daddy's girl and is often treated like a "princess". She believes in everything that Franco says, even if it's good or bad. Since Franco hates Elena, Natalia calls her a "witch". Isabelle and Samuel planned to take her on the boat, but their plan is foiled as Franco took her. Natalia is then raised by Franco.
  • Andrea Hidalgo / Jacqueline Sanggalang - played by Gabrielle Patrish Nagayama; Franco and Isabelle's youngest daughter. She is believed to be Isabelle's daughter with Samuel and Franco refuses to accept her as a daughter and becomes abusive to her. She was separated from Isabelle during the ship explosion. Rebecca gave her to Elena and she gave her to a couple. The couple raised and loved Andrea as their own.

Extended cast[edit]

  • Romeo dela Cruz - portrayed by Simon Ibarra; A farmer of the Miravelez hacienda. He is Calixto's father who owes gratitude to Samuel and his family. Gonzalo blamed Romeo as the person who started the fire in the Hidalgo hacienda and even tortured him. Romeo is then saved as Samuel finally admitted that he was the one who saved Isabelle by saving her handkerchief. He remains friends with the Severino family.
  • Nana Soledad - played by Tiya Pusit; A housekeeper of the Miravelez family and Isabelle's nanny. She was the one who informed Isabelle that Rebecca broke her arm when she and Gonzalo were fighting. She is like a second mother of Isabelle. She is more sweeter than Nana Conchita who is a bit feistier. Along with Rebecca and Isabelle, Soledad escaped the house fire in the Miravelez family mansion.
  • Nana Conchita - played by Vangie Labalan; Another housekeeper and maid of the Miravelez household and Isabelle's other nanny. She is more argumentative than Soledad and she mostly argues with Elena. She treats Isabelle like her daughter. She also escaped the fire in the Miravelez mansion with Soledad.
  • Juancho - Portrayed by John Medina. He is one of Don Maximo's henchmen whom he hired to spy on Samuel on his family. Juancho was the reason why Samuel's family got ambushed. He remains as a bodyguard of Don Maximo.

Guest cast[edit]

  • Priest - played by Menggie Cobarrubias; He is the priest of Salvacion who was supposed to officiate the civil wedding of Samuel and Isabelle. He took care of Samuel when Gonzalo and Maximo were hurting and torturing Samuel to make his love for Isabelle stop. Samuel got buried alive but the priest saved Samuel to give him a second life. He then returned Samuel back to the Severino clan.
  • Victoria Del Carmen - played by Marita Zobel; Rebecca's aunt. She visited Rebecca and her family when she was in the Salvacion. She was the one who reminded Rebecca that she should stay strong and fight for her word in her marriage with Gonzalo. Victoria, like Rebecca's parents, thinks that her marriage with Gonzalo was better since their family's business was failing.
  • Luis San Gabriel - portrayed by William Lorenzo; Elena's crush and childhood lover. When Elena and her family left Salvacion, Luis took the father-figure role of Samuel and raised him as his own. He later died because of natural causes.
  • Miranda's informant - played by Rolando Innocencio; Miranda's gay informant who loves to gossip about the town, especially Samuel and Isabelle's union.
  • Dra. Borromeo - played Raquel Monteza; Eduardo and Mona's doctor. She was the one who pronounced them both dead.
  • Monica del Carmen - portrayed by Melai Cantiveros; Rebecca's niece and Isabelle's cousin. She was disowned by her family because her father found out that she had a relationship with one of their workers in the hacienda. She made her bald and made her feel as an embarrassment to the whole Del Carmen family. Monica came to seek help and advice from Rebecca. Gonzalo forbade her from coming to the Miravelez mansion as he believes that she would be a bad influence to Isabelle.

Special participation[edit]

  • Zaijian Jaranilla as young Samuel Severino
  • Xyriel Manabat as young Monalisa "Mona" Roque
  • Louise Abuel as young Señorito Franco Salazar Hidalgo
  • Alyanna Angeles as young Señorita Isabelle Miravelez
  • Ella Cruz as young Guadalupe "Lupe" Roque
  • JB Agustin as young Calixto dela Cruz

Plot (book 2)[edit]


Lupe (Rio Locsin) and Calixto (Nonie Buencamino) moved to Manila along with Gabriel (Yogo Singh) and their newborn daughter Darlene, after learning that Franco had engaged in land grabbing of Samuel's properties. Gabriel grows to become a quarrelsome boy, planting the seeds of his revenge against Franco.


Franco (Christopher de Leon) walks away with impunity, having been elected as Senator and interested in the presidency. Gabriel (Coco Martin) begins his revenge against him by sabotaging Natalia's (KC Concepcion) wedding to James (Bryan Santos) as he produces photos showing the latter flirting with another woman.

A kind-hearted jail warden named Roman (Dennis Padilla) helps Samuel (Joel Torre) escape from jail. Samuel eventually locates Calixto, Lupe, and Gabriel. In order to begin life anew and help Gabriel exact revenge against Franco, Samuel and Calixto briefly return to Salvacion to dig and sell the gold bars that were buried with Maximo when he was buried alive by Gonzalo and Pacquito before the ship explosion.

Isabelle (Amy Austria-Ventura), introducing herself as Dolores, helps Esther (Arlene Muhlach) after the latter collapses in a public market. She becomes friends with Esther and Roger (Smokey Manaloto), and later meets Jacq (Kim Chiu), whom she is able to recognize as her daughter Andrea.

Gabriel enters into a relationship with Natalia, only to destroy their relationship later on in favor of Jacq (whose real identity Gabriel is not yet aware of) as part of his revenge against Franco. While courting her, Gabriel follows her to Salvacion, accompanied by Jacq. Natalia informs her father's chief of staff and mistress Tessa (Mylene Dizon) about somebody who looks like her mother. The paths of Franco and Jacq then cross as a DNA test proves a father-daughter relationship between them.

Franco holds a party introducing Andrea as his daughter. Isabelle sneaks into the party and Franco sees her Isabelle makes Franco believe that she has an amnesia but its false.Franco lets his wife and children live in the same home, and locks Isabelle and Andrea up to prevent them from escaping again. Natalia got into a fight with Isabelle and Andrea. Later on, Franco came and stopped it by slapping Natalia. Andrea and Isabelle meet up in the room and Isabelle tells Andrea the whole truth about herself and Franco. Unluckily, Tessa recorded their discussion in which they plan to escape with Natalia. Franco forces Isabelle to renew their vows, but Isabelle acting with a fake amnesia, tells him that they should not go to fast into renewing the vows because it is a decision for 2 (Franco and Isabelle). During this occasion, Samuel and Gabriel successfully rescue Andrea and Isabelle, but the following day, Natalia can only helplessly watch as Franco ruthlessly murders Samuel.

Charges of murder, falsification of documents, and domestic violence are filed against Franco, but despite a legislative inquiry and the issuance of a warrant of arrest against him by the NBI, he refuses to surrender, holding Andrea hostage. With Gonzalo's words from his past during the ship exploration, Gabriel decided to duel Franco in a ship, but Franco falls off the ship to his death after getting pierced by the ship's anchor. In the end, Andrea marries Gabriel and it is implied that Gabriel has regained the land in Salvacion that Franco took away from his family.

Cast and characters (book 2)[edit]

Kim Chiu portrays Jacqueline Sanggalang aka Andrea Hidalgo.
KC Concepcion portrays Natalia Hidalgo.
Mylene Dizon portrays Tessa Villanueva.

Main cast[edit]

  • Gabriel R. Hidalgo / Gabriel Mondigo - Portrayed by Coco Martin. He suffers from a tragic past as he lost both of his parents at a young age by having his mother killed in an ambush and his father being separated from him during the ship explosion. He was saved by his uncle and aunt and they raised and loved him as their own. Gabriel became a quarrelsome boy. When he grows up, he look like Samuel when he was younger. Gabriel then plans his revenge against Franco and uses his daughter Natalia. But he cannot hide his true feelings and he cannot love Natalia because he loves Jacqueline, and she is Franco's long-lost biological daughter. Gabriel then reconciles with all those he wrong. He and Franco then fight to the end until Franco is pierced by a ship's anchor. In the end, he marries Jacqueline and lives a peaceful life without Franco.
  • Andrea Hidalgo / Jacqueline "Jacq" Sanggalang-Hidalgo - Portrayed by Kim Chiu. The biological daughter of Franco and Isabelle Hidalgo. She is believed to be Samuel's daughter with Isabelle. During the ship explosion, she was separated from Isabelle and was saved by Esther and Roger Sanggalang. They raised and loved Jacqueline as their own and even named her after their deceased daughter. Jacqueline has her own motto and lives by it; "No one is perfect, only God is perfect." She and her parents own a shop called Key to Your Heart. She later befriended her biological mother, Isabelle, whom she knows as Dolores. She and Natalia start a rivalry because they are both fighting for Gabriel's love. After finding her true family, she helps Samuel and Gabriel against Franco. In the end, she married Gabriel and lives her happily-ever-after with their family.
  • Natalia Isabelle Hidalgo - Played by KC Concepcion. The eldest daughter of Franco and Isabelle. She is a daddy's girl and is treated as the "princess" of the Hidalgo family. She was supposed to get married to her boyfriend, James, but Gabriel sent her pictures of him kissing other women. Natalia then meets Gabriel after saving her from men who tried to hurt her. They then become a couple which causes Natalia and Jacqueline to become enemies. She then starts to become more vindictive to Jacqueline and Gabriel after finding out the truth about his plans. Natalia then vows to destroy both of them, especially Jacqueline. Things become even more twisted when Isabelle suddenly reappears, and she cannot accept Jacqueline and Isabelle as her sister and mother. But later she reconciles and accepts both of them. Natalia then helps Gabriel against Franco and becomes their ally. In the finale, she lives happily and peacefully.

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Senator Franco Salazar Hidalgo - Portrayed by Christopher de Leon. Franco is the reason why many lives where taken because he was the one who planted a bomb of the ship. He loves Isabelle so much that he is willing to kill anyone and anything that comes in between him and Isabelle. Franco later leaves Salvacion to forget the terrible things that happened there. Until 20 years later and his past is shortly coming back to him. He later soon finds Andrea and Isabelle and he becomes even more evil. His intense anger at Samuel will go extreme when Franco kills Samuel. In the end, he and Gabriel fight and get physical. He later get pierced by the ships anchor and suffers slowly before dying.
  • Señora Isabelle Miravelez-Hidalgo aka "Dolores" - portrayed by Amy Austria-Ventura; Natalia and Andrea's mother and Franco's estranged long-lost wife. She introduced herself to Jacqueline and the Sanggalang family as Dolores. Shortly after the ship explosion, Isabelle was rescued by a rich woman. She later pretends to have amnesia in order to protect her daughter from Franco. She befriends her daughter Jacqueline and gives her advice regarding her love life with Gabriel. Her only wish is to finally assure that Natalia and Jacqueline will love and get along with each other. During Jacqueline's recognition party, Isabelle reunites with Franco and she still feels the same way she felt 20 years ago. Isabelle still wants to be with Samuel after all the years. In the end, she finally lives freely now that Franco is dead.
  • Samuel Hidalgo / Samuel Severino - portrayed by Joel Torre; He is the son of Elena and Eduardo Hidalgo. The only and true biological heir of the Hidalgo family. After the ship explosion, Samuel was unjustly imprisoned for 20 years after he attempted to kill Franco since he was the reason why all of the misfortunes happened to his family. He later escapes prison with the help of a kindhearted jail warden named Roman. He later strives to find Lupe and Calixto and helps Gabriel in his revenge against Franco. He and Calixto briefly return to Salvacion to dig up the gold bars that were buried with Maximo. Several near death situations occurred when Samuel saved Gabriel's life. When Gabriel finds out the truth, he and Samuel immediately love and accept each other. During a duel with Franco, Samuel is shot to death while Gabriel survives.
  • Guadalupe "Lupe" Roque-dela Cruz - portrayed by Rio Locsin; Mona's older sister and Calixto's wife. She is Gabriel's aunt and Darlene's mother. She and Calixto were aboard the ship that exploded in Salvacion and survived. Lupe and Calixto found Gabriel and loved and raised him as their own. She, Calixto and Gabriel leave Salvacion to migrate into a different town. She has a daughter named Darlene, who is younger than Gabriel. She knows nothing about Calixto and Gabriel's revenge plans against Franco. She later finds out that Samuel also survived the ship explosion and helps him reconcile with Gabriel.
  • Tessa Villanueva - Played by Mylene Dizon. Franco's chief of staff and mistress. She is the one who organized all of Natalia's birthday parties when she was a kid and is her mother figure. She loves Franco extremely and will do anything to get his love and attention. Tessa tries to be the wife and mother that Franco and Natalia always dreamed of but she can't hid the undeniable truth that she can never replace Isabelle in their lives. When Isabelle comes back into Franco's life, she starts to become more evil and vows to destroy Isabelle. She always informs Franco about his family's "things". In the finale, she is arrested after threatening the lives of Isabelle and Natalia. She refused to tell Isabelle where Franco held Andrea as hostage.
  • Calixto dela Cruz - portrayed by Nonie Buencamino; Lupe's husband and Gabriel's uncle, as well as Darlene's father. He and Lupe both survived the tragic ship explosion that took the lives of their loved ones. For 20 years, the couple believed that Samuel had died in the explosion. He always defends Gabriel because kids are always quarreling and bullying him. He soon finds out that Samuel is still alive and helps him in fixing his relationship with Gabriel. Calixto and Samuel return to Salvacion shortly to dig up the gold bars that were buried alive with Maximo by Pacquito and Gonzalo. In the end, he and Gabriel finally succeeded in finding justice for everything that Franco has done.

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Roger Sanggalang - played by Smokey Manaloto; Jacqueline's adoptive father and Esther's husband. They were also aboard the ship that exploded. Andrea was given in their possession when Elena gave her to them. Roger and Esther raised and loved Andrea as their own and even named her after their deceased daughter. The family owns a small business called Key to Your Heart. Because of this, Roger and Esther meet befriend Isabelle, who is their neighbor and Jacqueline's biological mother. They later accept Jacqueline to go with Franco. They move to the Hidalgo mansion with Jacqueline.
  • Esther Sanggalang - played by Arlene Muhlach; Jacqueline's adoptive mom and Roger's wife. She and Roger were riding the boat leaving Salvacion with Samuel and Isabelle. Elena gave them Andrea when the ship started tipping over. She and Roger name Jacqueline after their late daughter and loved and raised her as their own. They own a small key fixing business. The Sanggalang family befriends Isabelle when Esther collapsed in the public market and Isabelle saved her. She and Roger accompany Jacqueline to the Hidalgo mansion and lives with her for a while. She and Roger like Gabriel for Jacqueline.
  • James Lorenzo - Portrayed by Bryan Santos. Natalia's ex-fiancée who cheated on her. Gabriel secretly took pictures of James kissing other women during his bachelor party. During his wedding day with Natalia she was given the photos that showed his unfaithfulness. When Franco found out about these, he tortured and beat up James for lying to Natalia. James later finds out that Gabriel was the culprit in sabotaging his wedding with Natalia. After this, James continuously begs for Natalia's forgiveness and doesn't leave her alone until she forgives him and wants to get back together. When Natalia keeps on rejecting him, James blames Gabriel for this and strikes revenge against him by trying to steal Jacqueline from him. Unfortunately, Gabriel stops James from flirting with Jacqueline and even threatens him to stop bothering Jacqueline or Natalia. If he does not stop, he will face the consequences.
  • Mark - portrayed by Jojit Lorenzo; Gabriel's friend. He is another worker from Gabriel's shop and is part of his plans. Mark is an accomplice in Gabriel and Calixto's plans against Franco by illegally letting Gabriel use cars to impress Natalia. He often gives advice to Gabriel.
  • Roman Evanglista - played by Dennis Padilla; The kindhearted jail warden. He is a friend of Samuel inside the jail. He shows pity to Samuel and he also believes that he is not supposed to be inside the jail. Roman is Samuel's only ally. He helped Samuel escape by starting a prison fire, and gives him shelter and helps him find Lupe and Calixto. During this, Roman and Samuel bond.
  • Cherry - played by Pamu Pamorada; Jacqueline's dramatic childhood best friend who has a crush on James.
  • Cindy - Portrayed by Alora Sasam. A maid of the Hidalgo family and Natalia's friend. Cindy's mother was a former household helper of the Hidalgo family in Salvacion. She and Natalia grew up together. She despises Jacqueline along with Natalia. She refers to Natalia as the "Princess of the Philippines" and constantly gives her advice about Gabriel. Cindy is often rude to Gabriel and Jacqueline.
  • Darlene dela Cruz - played by Mikylla Ramirez; Calixto and Lupe's daughter. She is also Gabriel's younger sister/cousin and Mona and Samuel's niece. She knows nothing about her family's terrible past and Gabriel and Calixto's revenge plans against Franco. She lives with Lupe, Gabriel and Calixto in Samuel's house.

Guest cast[edit]

  • Young Roger Sanggalang - Portrayed by Neil Coleta. He and Esther were aboard the ship leaving Salvacion. In the aftermath of the explosion, Elena gave Roger, Andrea in hope of saving the innocent baby. The couple name Andrea after their late daughter and raise and love her as their own without knowing her true identity.
  • Young Esther Sanggalang - Portrayed by Marlann Flores. She is Roger's wife and they were riding the ship that exploded in Salvacion. They raised and loved Andrea as their own and even named her after their deceased daughter.
  • Preteen Gabriel Hidalgo - Portrayed by Yogo Singh. A quarrelsome kid who was saved by Calixto and Lupe. Gabriel blames Franco Hidalgo as the reason for the ship explosion and for all the miseries and misfortunes his family faced.
  • Nana Conchita - Portrayed by Vangie Labalan. The former maid of Señora Rebecca and Don Gonzalo Miravelez and the nanny of Isabelle. She still resides in Salvacion and always remembers the horror deeds Franco committed. She helps Jacqueline and Gabriel in getting justice against Franco. Conchita testifies against Franco revealing that he always hurt Isabelle and the one who exploded the ship. She later reunites with Isabelle.


No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Ikaw Lamang (Teleserye Version)" Gary Valenciano 4:37
2. "Somewhere (Classic Version)" Angeline Quinto 4:03
3. "Pers Lab" Marion Aunor 2:45
4. "Sa Aking Pag-Iisa" Juris 3:06
5. "Panaginip" Erik Santos 3:32
6. "Pangako" Jovit Baldivino 3:03
7. "Somewhere (Standard Version)" KZ Tandingan 3:10
8. "Ikaw Lamang (Teleserye Version) (karaoke version)" Gary Valenciano 4:35
Total length: 27:71

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