Ikki Kajiwara

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Ikki Kajiwara
梶原 一騎
Born (1936-09-04)September 4, 1936
Kitakyushu, Japan
Died January 21, 1987(1987-01-21) (aged 50)
Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Area(s) Author, film producer
Notable works
Ashita no Joe
Star of the Giants
Karate Baka Ichidai
Tiger Mask

Ikki Kajiwara (梶原 一騎, Kajiwara Ikki, September 4, 1936 – January 21, 1987) was a Japanese author, manga writer, and film producer, also known under the pseudonym Asao Takamori (高森 朝雄, Takamori Asao). His real name is Asaki Takamori (高森 朝樹, Takamori Asaki). The pseudonym was used since he was writing for a rival magazine at the time. Having multiple names would prevent overlap within the two magazines.[1] He is known for fighting and sports themes, with images of heroic young men with the occasional fine details as he moves from one topic to another. He considered Tiger Mask and Star of the Giants to be his life's work.[2] He was married to Pai Ping-ping and fathered a daughter, Pai Hsiao-yen, who was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered in 1997.



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  • Bakuman manga by Ohba Tsugumi, chapter 5, page 16–17. It is mentioned there that, by the time he was working on Ashita no Joe, Kajiwara was working in five series at the same time (Joe included).

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