Ikukunitama Shrine

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Ikukunitama Shrine (生國魂神社)
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Ikukunitama Jinja Honden
Ikukunitama Shrine is located in Japan
Ikukunitama Shrine
Shown within Japan
Geographic coordinates34°39′54″N 135°30′45″E / 34.6651°N 135.5126°E / 34.6651; 135.5126Coordinates: 34°39′54″N 135°30′45″E / 34.6651°N 135.5126°E / 34.6651; 135.5126
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Ikukunitama Shrine (生國魂神社, Ikukunitama jinja) is a Shinto shrine located in Tennōji-ku, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Its main festival is held annually on September 9. It was formerly an imperial shrine of the first rank (官幣大社, kanpei taisha) in the Modern system of ranked Shinto Shrines.

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