Ilija Čarapić

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Ilija Čarapić
1st Mayor of Belgrade
In office
7 May 1839 – 27 May 1840
Succeeded by Miloš Bogićević
Personal details
Born 1792
Beli Potok, Serbia
Died 1844
Spouse(s) Stamenka Karađorđević

Ilija Čarapić (Serbian Cyrillic: Илија Чарапић, pronounced [ǐlija t͡ʃǎrapit͡ɕ]), was the first Mayor of Belgrade, Serbia. He was born in 1792 in Beli Potok, near Avala, and died in 1844.[1] He was son of the Voyvode Vasa Čarapić and the brother-in-law of Karađorđe, appointed as Voyvode or Duke of Grocka when he was only 18 years old after his uncle, Voyvode Tanasije Čarapić, who died in Prahovo, near Negotin.

Vojvoda Ilija Čarapić, with his wife Stamenka Karađorđević had no children. Ilija was the stepfather of Stamenka's daughter Jelena Ristić, whom he married to Đorđe Radojlović, the founder of Radojlović family.[2]

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Government offices
Preceded by
post created
Mayor of Belgrade
7 May 1839 – 27 May 1840
Succeeded by
Miloš Bogićević