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Ilona Andrews is the pen name of Ilona Gordon and Andrew Gordon,[1] an American husband-and-wife duo who write urban fantasy and romantic fiction together.

Early lives[edit]

Ilona was born in the Soviet Union and came to the United States as a teenager.[citation needed] She attended Western Carolina University, where she majored in biochemistry and met her husband Andrew Gordon.[citation needed]


Ilona and Gordon (Andrew) are a husband and wife writing team, with their books published as a portmanteau of their first names. Gordon helped Ilona write and submit her first novel, Magic Bites.[2] Its sequel, Magic Burns, reached #32 on the New York Times extended bestseller list in April 2008.[3] The books in their various series continue to enjoy success.

Personal lives[edit]

The Gordons live in Texas.[4] They have two daughters (known as Kid 1 and Kid 2 on their forums).

In the lively comments sections of their website, in which Ilona actively participates daily, they are known as Ilona or Gordon if one is referring to either individually and previously "the ALs" (Author Lords) collectively. However, on August 1, 2019 Ilona and Gordon, who stated that they were never quite comfortable with the "Author Lords" nickname, requested "We would like to be addressed as IA collectively or House Andrews, if you guys would like to go with a fun nickname."[5]

Some confusion has been generated by the fact that Andrew Gordon is usually referred to by his surname. Regarding this, he has said, "I know it can be confusing, but here is the deal: My legal or if you prefer, government name, is Andrew Beauregard Gordon. Andrews is my grandmother Helen’s maiden name and my middle name comes from the confederate general PGT Beauregard who fired on Fort Sumter and basically started our Civil War. Ilona calls me Gordon and that is how I think of myself, in the military we always used our last names."[1]


Kate Daniels[edit]

The Kate Daniels novels are set in a slightly futuristic Atlanta, where magic and tech periods follow one another. During tech, guns and cars work. During magic, planes fall from the sky and generally anything technological fails but forgotten magic spells work again. In this world, magical creatures again roam the lands. Heroine Kate Daniels is a mercenary who fights various types of monsters. Kate is special: she is a human with some magical abilities but foremost, she is a great warrior.

Kate Daniels Series
# Title Point of View Publication Date Publisher Type Included in
0.1 A Questionable Client Kate short story free story on authors website

Dark and Stormy Knights

Magic Graves

Small Magics

1 Magic Bites Kate Mar 2007 Ace Books novel
2 Magic Burns Kate Apr 2008 Ace Books novel
3 Magic Strikes Kate Mar 2009 Ace Books novel
3.1 Magic Mourns Andrea Sep 2009 novella Must Love Hellhounds
4 Magic Bleeds Kate Jun 2010 Ace Books novel
4.1 Magic Dreams Dali Apr 2011 novella Hexed
5 Magic Slays Kate May 2011 Ace Books novel
5.1 Magic Tests Julie short story Magic Graves

Small Magics

An Apple for the Creature

5.2 Magic Gifts Kate Jul 2012 novella was originally published as a free ebook on the author's website during Christmas 2011

Gunmetal Magic

5.3 Gunmetal Magic Andrea Jul 2012 Ace Books novel
5.4 An Ill Advised Rescue Magic Rises
5.5 Retribution Clause Saiman’s cousin Jun 2012 St. Martin's short story Hex Appeal
6 Magic Rises Kate Jul 2013 Ace Books novel includes 5.8
7 Magic Breaks Kate Jul 2014 Ace Books novel
7.1 Magic Steals[6] Dali Nov 2014 novella Night Shift
8 Magic Shifts Kate Aug 2015 Ace Books novel
8.1 Magic Stars [7] Derek Dec 2015 novella
9 Magic Binds Kate Sep 2016 novel
10 Magic Triumphs[8] Kate Aug 2018 novel
11.1 Curran POV Collection Curran May 2016 short stories published as a free ebook on the author's website

Iron Covenant[edit]

Set in Kate Daniels World around the events of Magic Triumphs. A planned trilogy. The release of the second book in the series was delayed.[9]

# Title Point of View Publication Date Publisher
1 Iron and Magic Hugh d'Ambray Jun 2018 NYLA

Aurelia Ryder[edit]

A continuation of Kate Daniels World, featuring Julie Lennart-Olsen.

# Title Point of View Publication Date Publisher Type Included in
0.5 "The King of Fire" Julie Sep 2018 short story free story on author's website[10]
1 Blood Heir Julie Jan 2021 NYLA novel
1.1 "Sandra" Jun 2021 short story free story on author's website[11]

The Edge[edit]

The Edge world is in between the 'normal' earth and a magical world that looks remarkably the same. It's a small piece of land where some things are magical and some are not. Most people on either side cannot go across a border, so the edgers are generally left alone. But the few people that can cross borders cause trouble.

# Title Publication Date Publisher
1 On the Edge Sep 2009 Ace Books
1.1 George and Jack in School
2 Bayou Moon Sep 2010 Ace Books
3 Fate's Edge Nov 2011 Ace Books
4 Steel's Edge Dec 2012 Ace Books

The Kinsmen Universe[edit]

# Title Also In Publication Date Publisher
0.5 The World of Kinsmen The Kinsmen Universe
1 Silent Blade The Kinsmen Universe June 2009 Samhain Publishing
2 Silver Shark The Kinsmen Universe Apr 2011 Samhain Publishing
2.5 A Mere Formality The Kinsmen Universe

Innkeeper Chronicles[edit]

Earth, as we know it, is a busy way-station for extraterrestrials due to the solar system having an unusually large number of "jump points". However, the people of Earth don't know about other worlds or aliens yet, so by intergalactic treaty Earth is designated neutral territory and visiting aliens must stay at the Inns and cannot reveal themselves to the native inhabitants.

Innkeepers have a symbiotic relationship with their Inn; a living, semi-sentient and probably alien lifeform. They are powerful within Inn grounds and can use their "magic" to control every part of the Inn and grounds - including creating additional customized rooms for guests just by a thought and opening portals to other worlds their Inn has forged a connection to.

The inside of an Inn bends physics to extreme lengths - treating it more as a suggestion than a law.

An Innkeeper's purpose is twofold: protecting their guests at all costs, and maintaining the ignorance of Earth's people to the existence of alien cultures.

Dina Demille comes from a family of Innkeepers and recently woke her own Inn, Gertrude Hunt, from hibernation. As Gertrude Hunt is comparatively unknown, getting visitors and keeping a thriving Inn is tough. Fortunately, Dina is also tough and goes to extremes to make her visitors happy, whilst keeping the true nature of the Inn a secret from the local population.

Two of the main human-looking races featured (in a nod to urban fantasy) are: "Vampires" - The Holy Anocracy, attractive, warlike, fangs; and "Werewolves" - genetically engineered shapechanger super-soldiers.

The Innkeeper books are posted free online as a weekly series of partial chapters on the Ilona Andrews website. When a book is finished the chapters stay online for a short while then are taken down and become a first-draft, edited and published as a novel.

Due to the weekly format the comments sections of each chapter are very lively with speculation as to what comes next.

Ilona and Gordon have dubbed their fans in the comments sections, especially of Innkeeper, the Book Devouring Horde (BDH) - a play on the Hope Crushing Horde from one of the Innkeeper books. In turn the BDH have historically and playfully referred to them collectively as the ALs (Author Lords). They are now termed House Andrews (another play on words from the books) or IA.

# Title Also in Publication Date
0.5 Gerard Demille and Helen Meet
1 Clean Sweep The Innkeeper Chronicles: Volume One Dec 2013
2 Sweep in Peace The Innkeeper Chronicles: Volume One Nov 2015
3 One Fell Sweep The Innkeeper Chronicles: Volume One Dec 2016
4 Sweep of the Blade July 2019
4.5 Sweep with Me Jan 2020
5 Sweep of the Heart Ongoing (see website for chapters) - publication 2022

Hidden Legacy[edit]

# Title Also in Publication Date Publisher Comments
0.5 Of Swine and Roses [12] Small Magics Mar 2011 short story
1 Burn for Me Oct 2014 Avon
2 White Hot May 2017 Avon Romance
3 Wildfire Jul 2017 Avon
3.5 Diamond Fire Nov 2018 Avon Impulse
4 Sapphire Flames Aug 2019 Avon
5.1 A Misunderstanding Jul 2019 short story
5 Emerald Blaze Aug 2020 HarperCollins Publishers
6.1 The Cool Aunt short story
6 Ruby Fever 2022

Kozlov Universe[edit]

  • Questing Beast[13] (2010)[1] (free short story)
  • A Mere Formality (2011)[2]


  • Alphas: Origins

Short stories[edit]

Anthologies and collections[edit]

Anthology or Collection Contents Publication


The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance Grace of Small Magics Mar 2009 Running Press

Robinson Publishing

Constable & Robinson

Must Love Hellhounds Magic Mourns Sep 2009 Ace Books
Dark and Stormy Knights A Questionable Client Jul 2010 Ace Books
Hexed Magic Dreams Jul 2011 Berkley
Magic Graves A Questionable Client Sep 2011 Kindle ebook
Angels of Darkness[14] Alphas: Origins Oct 2011
Hex Appeal Retribution Clause Jun 2012 St. Martin's
An Apple for the Creature Magic Tests Aug 2012 Ace Books
Night Shift Magic Steals Nov 2014 Ace Books
Small Magics[15] A Questionable Client

Retribution Clause

Of Swine and Roses

Grace of Small Magics

Magic Tests

Sep 2015 NYLA Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing

The Innkeeper Chronicles: Volume One Gerard Demille and Helen Meet

Clean Sweep

Sweep in Peace

One Fell Sweep

May 2017 Subterranean Press
The Kinsmen Universe The World of Kinsmen

Silent Blade

Silver Shark

A Mere Formality

Aug 2018 Subterranean Press


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