Interminority racism in the United States

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Interminority racism is prejudice or discrimination between racial minorities. This article strictly addresses interminority racism as it exists in the United States.

Racial tension[edit]

There has been long-running racial tension between African Americans and Mexican Americans.[1][2] In several significant riots in California prisons, Mexican American and African American inmates targeted each other specifically, over racial issues.[3][4] There have been reports of racially motivated attacks against African Americans who have moved into neighborhoods occupied mostly by Mexican Americans, and vice versa.[5][6]

There are also inter-racial tension between African Americans and Asian Americans.[7]

Current US policy advocates a multiculturalist discourse to acknowledge multiracial difference. Multiculturalist theorists like Claire Jean Kim criticizes that this contemporary policy because it still refuses to acknowledge the interminority inequalities and antagonisms generated by this new diversity.[8]


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