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Iowa Highway 92 marker

Iowa Highway 92
Route information
Maintained by Iowa DOT
Length: 279.585 mi[2] (449.948 km)
Existed: February 1, 1939 (1939-02-01)[1] – present
Major junctions
West end: US 275 / N-92 in Council Bluffs
East end: IL 92 / Great River Road in Muscatine
Highway system
Iowa 86 Iowa 93

Iowa Highway 92 (Iowa 92) is a state highway that runs from east to west across the state of Iowa. Iowa 92 is 279 miles (449 km) long. It begins at the Missouri River in Council Bluffs, where it is a continuation of Nebraska Highway 92. It stretches across the state and serves to roughly demarcate the southern one-third of Iowa. It ends at the Mississippi River in Muscatine where it continues into Illinois as Illinois Route 92. In 1939, Iowa 92 replaced the original Iowa 2 in its entirety.

Route description[edit]

Mississippi River at Riverside Park in Muscatine, Iowa. The flooded river in this June 2013 photo has closed the park, and caused Business US 61 and Iowa Highway 92 to be detoured to higher ground.
Iowa 92 eastbound in Columbus Junction, approaching an intersection with Iowa 70.

From its eastern terminus is Muscatine, Iowa 92 immediately becomes concurrent with Business U.S. Highway 61 and follows Business 61 southbound in a southwesterly direction towards the southern terminus of Business 61 near the Muscatine Industrial Connector where they meet U.S. Highway 61. After that intersection, Iowa 92 is then concurrent with U.S. 61 southbound for about 11 miles (18 km) and crosses the border from Muscatine County into Louisa County. Near the Louisa County town of Grandview, Iowa 92 splits off from U.S. 61 heading west and passes by the Louisa County town of Fredonia, crosses the Iowa River and passes through Columbus Junction. A few miles later, Iowa 92 crosses the border from Louisa County into Washington County. Iowa 92 intersects U.S. Highway 218 and Iowa Highway 27 at a freeway interchange before passing through Ainsworth. After 7 more miles, it enters the city of Washington, which is the county seat for Washington County.

At the west end of Washington, Iowa 92 overlaps Iowa Highway 1 for a few miles to the north, and then Iowa 92 splits off to the west again, passing through the small Washington County village of West Chester. A few more miles and Iowa 92 crosses the border from Washington County into Keokuk County. In Keokuk County, Iowa 92 becomes concurrent with Iowa Highway 149 as it travels into the Keokuk County Seat of Sigourney. After Sigourney, Iowa 149 splits off to the south and Iowa 92 continues westbound, passing its interchange with Iowa Highway 21 and crossing the border from Keokuk County into Mahaska County.

A few miles after the Keokuk-Mahaska county line, Iowa 92 enters the city of Oskaloosa, which is the county seat for Mahaska County, and intersects with Iowa Highway 23, then U.S. Highway 63, and finally Iowa Highway 163. After Oskaloosa, Iowa 92 continues its westbound journey, crossing the border from Mahaska County into Marion County. In Marion County, Iowa 92 passes though a small town called Harvey before reaching the city of Knoxville, which is the county seat of Marion County. Iowa 92 bypasses the southern end of Knoxville as a four lane freeway, passing the interchanges of Iowa Highway 5 and Iowa Highway 14. Iowa 92 overlaps Iowa 5 from the interchange in Knoxville to the point where Iowa 5 splits off to the north about 9 miles (14 km) west of Knoxville. Also at this point is the junction of county road S45 (formerly Iowa Highway 181) which heads southbound from the Iowa 5/Iowa 92 junction toward Melcher-Dallas).

After crossing the border from Marion County into Warren County, Iowa 92 bypasses a small village called Beech and passes through two more towns, Sandyville and Ackworth before reaching the county seat of Warren County, the city of Indianola. It intersects with U.S. Highway 65 and U.S. Highway 69 in Indianola, which are both concurrent with each other and are both north–south routes as well. After Indianola, Iowa 92 continues westbound and passes by Martensdale and its intersection with Iowa Highway 28 and 3 miles (4.8 km) after that, meets its interchange with Interstate 35, which is one of two major north–south Interstate highways that traverses the state of Iowa.

Immediately after Interstate 35, Iowa 92 continues across the border from Warren County into Madison County and passes through 2 small towns, Bevington, and Patterson. After that, Iowa 92 bypasses the city of Winterset which is the county seat for Madison County. At Winterset, Iowa 92 meets U.S. Highway 169 and overlaps U.S. 169 southbound for a couple of miles to the west and south, bypassing the northern and western edges of Winterset, before they split off, and U.S. 169 continues to go south while Iowa 92 continues its journey westbound.

A few miles after Winterset, Iowa 92 crosses the border from Madison County into Adair County. Iowa 92 then passes the village of Stanzel before finally reaching the city of Greenfield, which is the county seat for Adair County. Iowa 92 intersects with Iowa Highway 25 in Greenfield. After Greenfield comes a smaller town called Fontanelle and a few miles after that passes just north of a town called Bridgewater, then Iowa 92 crosses the border from Adair County into Cass County.

In Cass County, Iowa 92 intersects with Iowa Highway 148 just outside the small town of Massena. After that, Iowa 92 bypasses another small village, Cumberland and then meets U.S. Highway 71, at which point Iowa 92 turns southbound and overlaps U.S. 71 for 2 miles (3.2 km). After 2 miles (3.2 km), U.S. 71 continues south and Iowa 92 splits off to the west again, and heads toward Griswold. In Griswold, Iowa 92 passes its intersection with Iowa Highway 48 and immediately after Iowa 92 exits Griswold, it crosses a county line for a final time in the State of Iowa, from Cass County into Pottawattamie County.

After 13 miles (21 km) of travel, Iowa 92 intersects with U.S. Highway 59. After the U.S. 59 interchange, Iowa 92 passes through the south edge of Carson, and continues on westbound though the village of Treynor and a few miles after that, enters the city of Council Bluffs. In Council Bluffs, Iowa 92 intersects U.S. Highway 275 and Interstate 29, Iowa's other major north–south Interstate. Iowa 92 and U.S. 275 are then concurrent west of Interstate 29. A few more miles through Council Bluffs and Iowa 92, still concurrent with U.S. 275, crosses the Missouri River, which is also the state border line from Iowa to Nebraska, the county line from Pottawattamie County to Douglas County, and the city line from Council Bluffs to Omaha, at the South Omaha Bridge.

At this point Iowa 92 comes to its western terminus and meets Nebraska Highway 92. Nebraska 92 and U.S. 275 continue to overlap through the city of Omaha, and out to the west of the city, until they split up in western Douglas County. Nebraska 92 then journeys across Nebraska as an east–west highway, all the way to the Wyoming border, where it meets Wyoming Highway 92 at its western terminus.


Iowa Highway 92 was designated on February 1, 1939, replacing the former Iowa Highway 2 in its entirety.[1] Iowa 92's designation created a continuous Highway 92 from North Platte, Nebraska to La Moille, Illinois.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Exit Destinations Notes
Missouri River 0.000 0.000 US 275 / N-92 west (Missouri Avenue) Continuation into Nebraska
Veterans Memorial Bridge; Nebraska–Iowa state line
Pottawattamie Council Bluffs 5.137 8.267 I-29 / US 275 south to I-80 – Sioux City, Kansas City Eastern end of US 275 overlap; exit 47 on I-29
Carson 27.750 44.659 US 59 – Oakland, Shenandoah Jughandle interchange
Cass Griswold 41.659 67.044 Iowa 48 (Adair Street) to US 6 – Elliott
Lyman 49.546 79.737 US 71 south / CR G53 – Lyman, Villisca Western end of US 71 overlap
51.498 82.878 US 71 north – Atlantic Eastern end of US 71 overlap
Massena 63.322 101.907 Iowa 148 – Anita, Corning
Adair Greenfield 79.977 128.711 Iowa 25 (E. 6th Street) – Orient, Guthrie Center
Madison Winterset 102.219 164.506 US 169 south / CR P71 – Winterset, Mount Ayr Western end of US 169 overlap
104.812 168.679 US 169 north – Adel Eastern end of US 169 overlap
Warren Bevington 117.606 189.269 I-35 – Des Moines, Kansas City Exit 56 on I-35
Martensdale 129.794 208.883 Iowa 28 north – Norwalk
Indianola 129.588 208.552 US 65 / US 69 (Jefferson Way)
Marion Pleasantville 145.587 234.300 Iowa 5 north / CR S45 – Pleasantville, Melcher-Dallas Western end of Iowa 5 overlap; CR S45 is former Iowa 181 south
Knoxville 152.386 245.241 64
Iowa 92 Business east – Knoxville
Western end of freeway; exit numbers follow Iowa 5 mileage
154.693 248.954 62 Iowa 14 – Knoxville, Chariton
156.645 252.096 60
Iowa 92 Business west (Attica Road) / Iowa 5 south – Albia, Knoxville
Eastern end of Iowa 5 overlap; eastern end of freeway
Mahaska Oskaloosa 177.960 286.399 Iowa 163 – Ottumwa, Des Moines
179.504 288.884 US 63 (Market Street)
180.641 290.714 Iowa 23 south – University Park, Fremont
Keokuk Delta 195.210 314.160 Iowa 21 – Delta, What Cheer
Sigourney 202.954 326.623 Iowa 149 south – Hedrick Western end of Iowa 149 overlap
204.215 328.652 Iowa 149 north – Webster Eastern end of Iowa 149 overlap
Washington Washington 228.411 367.592 Iowa 1 north / CR G36 – Kalona Western end of Iowa 1 overlap
231.452 372.486 Iowa 1 south – Brighton Eastern end of Iowa 1 overlap
Ainsworth 240.831 387.580
US 218 / Iowa 27 – Mt. Pleasant, Iowa City
Interchange; exit 66 on US 218
Louisa Columbus Junction 250.292 402.806 Iowa 70 north – Conesville
Grandview 258.534 416.070 US 61 south / CR G44X – Grandview, Wapello CR G44X is former Iowa 252 east
Muscatine Muscatine 270.124 434.722
US 61 Business north / Great River Road north
273.248 439.750 Iowa 22 west – Nichols Western end of Iowa 22 overlap
277.274 446.229
US 61 north / US 61 Business begins / Iowa 38 north – Wilton
Eastern end of US 61 overlap; western end of Iowa 38 overlap
278.542 448.270
Iowa 22 / Great River Road east (Washington Street) – Buffalo, Davenport
Eastern end of Iowa 22 overlap
279.259 449.424
US 61 Business south / Great River Road (2nd Street) / Iowa 38 ends
Eastern end of US 61 Business overlap
Mississippi River 279.585 449.948 Iowa–Illinois state line
IL 92 east (120th Avenue) Continuation into Illinois
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Business route[edit]

Iowa Highway 92 Business
Location: Knoxville

Iowa Highway 92 Business serves Knoxville, which follows the pre-freeway alignment of Iowa 92 and Iowa 5.


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