Isolationism (album)

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Ambient 4: Isolationism
Studio album by Various artists
Released 1994
Genre Isolationism, ambient music
Label Virgin

Ambient 4: Isolationism is a 1994 studio album of new material by various ambient artists released on the Virgin Records label, part of its Ambient series. The compilation was issued as a double CD, packaged in a slimline case. It features liner notes by Kevin Martin.

Track listing[edit]

CD 1[edit]

  1. KK Null & Jim Plotkin: "Lost (Held Under)"
  2. Jim O'Rourke: "Flat Without A Back"
  3. Ice: "The Dredger"
  4. Raoul Björkenheim: "Strangers"
  5. Zoviet France: "Daisy Gun"
  6. Labradford: "Air Lubricated Free Axis Trainer"
  7. Techno Animal: "Self Strangulation"
  8. Paul Schütze: "Hallucinations (In Memory Of Reinaldo Arenas)"
  9. Scorn: "Silver Rain Fell (Deep Water Mix)"
  10. Disco Inferno: "Lost In Fog"
  11. Total: "Six"
  12. Nijiumu: "Once Again I Cast Myself Into The Flames Of Atonement"

CD 2[edit]

  1. Aphex Twin: "Aphex Airlines"
  2. AMM: "Vandoevre"
  3. Seefeel: "Lief"
  4. .O.rang: "Little Sister"
  5. E.A.R.: "Hydroponic"
  6. Sufi: "Desert Flower"
  7. David Toop & Max Eastley: "Burial Rites (Phosphorescent Mix)"
  8. Main: "Crater Scar (Adrenochrome)"
  9. Final: "Hide"
  10. Lull: "Thoughts"
  11. Thomas Köner: "Kanon (Part One: Brohuk)"