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Israel at the 1972 Summer Olympics

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Israel at the
1972 Summer Olympics
Flag of Israel.svg
IOC code ISR
NOC Olympic Committee of Israel
Website www.olympic.one.co.il (in Hebrew) (in English)
in Munich
Competitors 15 in 7 sports
Flag bearer Henry Herscovici[1]
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)

Israel competed at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany, which began on August 26. On September 5 and 6, in the Munich Massacre, 11 members of the Israeli delegation—5 athletes, 2 referees, and 4 coaches (names bolded on this page)—were taken hostage by PLO terrorists and murdered. The remainder of the team left Munich on September 7.

Shaul Ladany, a Holocaust survivor, competed in the 50-kilometer walk.[2][3] He had been imprisoned in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp as a child, and wore a Star of David on his warm-up jersey.[4][5] When he was congratulated by locals on his fluent German, he responded: "I learned it in Bergen-Belsen".[5][6] He survived the Munich massacre by jumping off a balcony.[2]


Name Sport Event Placing Performance
Shaul Ladani Athletics Men's 50 km walk 19 4:24:38.6[7]
(also entered for 20 km walk, but did not start)[7]
Esther Shahamorov Athletics Women's 100 m Semifinal (5th) 11.49[8]
Women's 100 m hurdles Semifinal[8] Did not start (left Munich before the semifinal)
Dan Alon Fencing Men's foil Second round W5–L5 (1R 3-2, 2R 2-3)[9]
Yehuda Weissenstein Fencing Men's foil Second round W2–L8 (1R 2-3, 2R 0-5)[9]
Yair Michaeli Sailing Flying Dutchman 23 28-22-22-19-25-19-DNS = 171 pts
(left Kiel before 7th race)[10]
Itzhak Nir
Henry Hershkowitz Shooting 50 metre rifle prone 23 593/600[11]
50 metre rifle three positions 46 1114/1200[12]
Zelig Shtroch Shooting 50 metre rifle prone 57 589/600[11]
Shlomit Nir Swimming Women's 100 m breaststroke Heats (8th) 1:20.90[13]
Women's 200 m breaststroke Heats (6th) 2:53.60[13]
Berger, DavidDavid Berger Weightlifting Light-heavyweight <82.5 kg J:132.5 C:122.5 S:— T:—[14]
Friedman, Ze'evZe'ev Friedman Weightlifting Bantamweight <56 kg 12 J:102.5 C:102.5 S:125 T:330 [15]
Romano, YossefYossef Romano Weightlifting Middleweight <75 kg (retired injured on third attempt to press 137.5 kg[14])
Gad Tsobari Wrestling Freestyle — Light Flyweight <48 kg Group stage 0W–2L[16]
Halfin, EliezerEliezer Halfin Wrestling Freestyle — Lightweight <68 kg Group stage 1W–2L[17]
Slavin, MarkMark Slavin Wrestling Greco-Roman — Middleweight <82 kg (taken hostage before his scheduled event)


The following nominated referees and judges were in the delegation:[18]

Coaches and officials

The following coaches and officials were in the delegation:[19]