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István Mészáros (19 December 1930 – 1 October 2017) was a Hungarian Marxist philosopher, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Sussex. He held the Chair of Philosophy at Sussex for fifteen years and was earlier Professor of Philosophy and Social Science for four years at York University (1972-1976).[1]

He entered the University of Budapest in 1949, and can be linked to the so-called Budapest School, a group of Hungarian philosophers who were taught or influenced by Georg Lukács, including Ágnes Heller and György Márkus. He left his native Hungary in 1956 after the Soviet invasion and worked for a time in Turin, Italy, before settling in the UK. He is the author of numerous books. His 1970 book, Marx's Theory of Alienation, won him the Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize.[2]


  • Attila Jozsef e l'arte moderna (1964)
  • Marx's Theory of Alienation (1970)[3]
  • Aspects of History and Class Consciousness (1971) editor[4]
  • The Necessity Of Social Control (1971) Isaac Deutscher Memorial Lecture[5]
  • Lukacs' Concept of Dialectic (1972)
  • “From `The Legend of Truth' to a 'True Legend': Phases of Sartre's Development”. Telos 25 (Fall 1975). New York: Telos Press.
  • Neo-colonial Identity and Counter-consciousness: Essays in Cultural Decolonisation (1978) with Renato Constantino
  • The Work of Sartre: Search for Freedom (1979)[6]
  • Philosophy, Ideology and Social Science: Essays in Negation and Affirmation (1986)
  • The Power of Ideology (1989) new edition 2005
  • Beyond Capital : Toward a Theory of Transition (1994)
  • Socialism or Barbarism: Alternative To Capital's Social Order: From The American Century To The Crossroads (2001)
  • The Challenge and Burden of Historical Time: Socialism in the Twenty-First Century (2008)
  • Historical Actuality of The Socialist Offensive: Alternative to Parliamentarism (2009)[7]
  • The Structural Crisis of Capital (2009)[8]
  • Social Structure and Forms of Consciousness, Volume I: The Social Determination of Method (2010)
  • Social Structure and Forms of Consciousness, Volume II: The Dialectic of Structure and History (2011)
  • The Necessity of Social Control, forward by John Bellamy Foster, Monthly Review Press (January 26, 2014), trade paperback, 328 pp, ISBN 978-1583675380


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