Ivo Protulipac

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Ivo Protulipac

Ivo Protulipac was a Croatian lawyer and important Catholic activist (see Croatian Catholic movement), who was assassinated by Yugoslav secret police in 1946.

He served in the defence of Marko Hranilović in a show trial of the Royal Yugoslav government in 1930.[1]

He was the president of the "Union of Croatian Eagles" ("Hrvatski orlovski savez").[2] When the association was banned by King Alexander's dictatorship, he reformed it together with Ivan Merz under the name "Crusaders" ("Križari").[3] He was subsequently imprisoned for this act and bishops Akšamović and Bonefačić were brought in by the authorities for questioning.[3]

He was killed by UDBA agents in Trieste in 1946.[4] After Croatian independence, Protulipac's remains were exhumed and he was returned to Croatia and buried in Zagreb's Mirogoj cemetery.[5]