Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Rijeka

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Archdiocese of Rijeka

Archidioecesis Fluminensis

Riječka nadbiskupija
Crkva Sv Vida Rijeka 140807.jpg
Country Croatia
Area2,580 km2 (1,000 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2014)
213,650 (80.1%)
RiteLatin Rite
CathedralSt. Vitus Cathedral
Current leadership
Metropolitan ArchbishopIvan Devčić
Website of the Archdiocese

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Rijeka (Croatian: Riječka nadbiskupija; Latin: Archidioecesis Fluminensis) is a Latin Catholic Metropolitan archdiocese in Croatia.

Its cathedral episcopal see is Katedrala Sv. Vidad, in the city of Rijeka. That city also has the former Cathedral: Crkva sv. Filipa i Jakova Crkva sv. Filipa i Jakova, Novi Vinodolski, Primorje-Gorski Kotar Locate and a Minor Basilica: Bazilika Blažene Djevice Marije na Trsatu Bazilika Blažene Djevice Marije na Trsatu.

Ecclesiastical province[edit]

Its Suffragan bishoprics are :


  • Established on April 30, 1920 as Apostolic Administration of Rijeka, o terrirory split off from Diocese of Senj–Modruš
  • Promoted on April 25, 1925 as Diocese of Rijeka–Opatija, having gained territories from Diocese of Ljubljana, again the Diocese of Senj–Modruš and Diocese of Trieste (Italy; which it gained additional territory from in 1934)
  • Promoted on July 27, 1969 as Metropolitan Archdiocese of Rijeka–Senj, having gained once more territory from the above, newly suppressed Diocese of Senj–Modruš, adopting the front half of its title
  • Lost territory on 1977.10.17 to Diocese of Koper (Slovenia)
  • Renamed on May 25, 2000 as Metropolitan Archdiocese of Rijeka
  • Enjoyed a Papal visit by Pope John Paul II in June 2003.


Archbishop Ivan Devcic

As per 2014, it pastorally served 213,650 Catholics (80.1% of 266,800 total) on 2,580 km² in 90 parishes and 4 missions with 122 priests (83 diocesan, 39 religious), 1 deacon, 202 lay religious (43 brothers, 159 sisters) and 15 seminarians.

Episcopal ordinaries[edit]

(all Roman rite)

Apostolic Administrators of Rijeka
Suffragan Bishops of Rijeka – Opatija
Metropolitan Archbishops of Rijeka – Senj
Metropolitan Archbishops of Rijeka
  • Anton Tamarut (see above 2000.05.25 – death 2000.06.28)
  • Ivan Devčić (since 2000.11.17 - ...), no previous prelature

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