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J (singer).jpg
J performing live in 2005.
Background information
Native name 정재영
Birth name Chung Jae Young
Also known as J.ae

(1978-05-02) May 2, 1978 (age 39)

Seoul, South Korea
Genres K-pop, R&B/Soul
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, Radio DJ, television presenter, MC
Years active 1998–present
Hangul 제이
Revised Romanization Jei
McCune–Reischauer Chei

Chung Jae Young (born May 2, 1978[1]), better known by her stage name J or J.ae, is a Korean R&B/soul singer-songwriter.

Early life[edit]

J grew up in San Francisco, California, and later Springfield, Virginia, where she attended West Springfield High School.[1] She was discovered when she won the local title in a regional Miss Korea beauty pageant in Washington, D.C.[1]


In 2002, J was invited to contribute her talent to the FIFA World Cup's official album. Her song "Gotta Get Love" was featured on The Official Album of the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan Edition.[2][better source needed]

In 2007, she released a contemporary Christian album In My Lifetime. The album had a more R&B/hip-hop feel than her previous releases.[3]

In 2012, J hosted Arirang TV's The Sensation,[4] a music-focused series that introduced traditional Korean instruments, music, and dance through multiple venues including concerts, studio audience tapings, and award-winning documentaries geared towards a world-wide English-speaking audience.

Personal life[edit]

In March 2013, it was reported that J planned to marry a U.S. soldier.[5] The wedding was scheduled for September 14, 2013.[5]


Title Date Released[3] Language Label
VOL. 1 - Blue/Gold (Double Album) November, 1998 Korean Seoul Records
VOL. 2 - In L.O.V.E. April 21, 2000 Korean Seoul Records
VOL. 2.5 - Chocolate December 1, 2000 English Seoul Records
VOL. 3 - Beautiful Ones June 20, 2001 Korean Pony Canyon
Best & Live (Greatest Hits) December 19, 2001 Korean and English Seoul Records
VOL. 4 - Dim The Lights April 11, 2002 Korean Seoul Records
VOL. 5 - The Crush of Love September 23, 2004 Korean Plyzen
Said I Love You (Digital Single) April 24, 2006 Korean
In My Lifetime (Contemporary Christian) January 15, 2007 Korean Seoul Records
Tears (Digital Single) June 18, 2007 Korean SBSi
VOL. 6 - In love Again November 7, 2007 Korean Sony BMG
Alcohol & Naiveté (Digital Single) January 29, 2008 Korean Sony BMG
Love Child (J Electro Project) August 26, 2008 Korean Kingpin Entertainment
French Toast (Digital Single) November 18, 2008 Korean Sponge Entertainment
Sweet Dream (Digital Single) February 24, 2009 Korean AINS Digital
Dream Catcher (Digital Single)* September 3, 2009 Korean Paragon Music Corporation
With Me (Contemporary Christian) October 5, 2009 Korean and English Daughters of Paul
Dream (Feat. Supreme Team) November 10, 2009 Korean Paragon Music Corporation
Sentimental* February 3, 2010 Korean Paragon Music Corporation and Sony Music
VOL. 7 - Superstar* June 30, 2011 Korean Sony Music
Good Day (Mini Album)* October 24, 2012 Korean and English KT Music
Blue Sky (Single) July 18, 2013 Korean Neowiz
Happy Person* November 25, 2013 Korean and English Nastar Entertainment and LOEN Entertainment
*Available on iTunes


Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Work Result
2000 Best R&B Performance "As Yesterday" (어제처럼)[6][better source needed][7][not in citation given] Nominated
2001 Best Female Artist "The Saddest Words" (가장 슬픈 말)[8][better source needed] Nominated


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