Jacob's Ladder (Not in My Name)

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"Jacob's Ladder (Not in My Name)"
Chumbawamba jacob.jpg
Single by Chumbawamba
Released 2002
Recorded 2002 at Woodlands Studio, Castleford, UK
Genre Pop
Label MUTT
Writer(s) Chumbawamba & Davy Graham
Producer(s) Chumbawamba
Chumbawamba singles chronology
"Her Majesty"
"Jacob's Ladder (Not in My Name)"
"Tubthumping (Remix)"

"Jacob's Ladder (Not in My Name)" is an anti-Iraq War single from Chumbawamba. This version, different from the one on their album Readymades, is remixed and contains new anti-war lyrics.

It contains two major samples:

  • The descending bass line and guitar lick from Davey Graham's song "Anji" (hence the co-writing credit).
  • The voice from Harry Cox's song "The Pretty Ploughboy" off his album A Century of Song ("And they sent him down into the war to be slain, be slain... / And they sent him down into the war to be slain.")

The song can be downloaded from the band's website here.

Track listings[edit]

Adapted from AllMusic.[1]

  1. "Jacob's Ladder (Not in My Name)"
  2. "Jacob's Ladder (Albumesque)"
  3. "Round 'Em Up and Throw 'Em In"


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