List of anti-war songs

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Some anti-war songs lament aspects of wars, while others satirize war. Most promote peace in some form, while others sing out against specific armed conflicts. Still others depict the physical and psychological destruction that warfare causes to soldiers, innocent civilians, and humanity as a whole. Many of these songs are considered protest songs, and some have been embraced by war-weary people, various peace movements, and peace activists.

General pacifist and anti-war songs[edit]

Year Song Artist
1985 "19" Paul Hardcastle
1966 "7 O'Clock News/Silent Night" Simon & Garfunkel
1971 "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda" Eric Bogle
1989 "After the War" Gary Moore
2022 "American Teenager" Ethel Cain
2003 "Amerika the Brutal" Six Feet Under
1980 "Army Dreamers" Kate Bush
1981 "Bang Bang" Mitch Ryder
2021 "The Barbarians" Greta Van Fleet
1984 "Bastards Will Pay" Trouble
1974 "Billy Don't Be a Hero" Paper Lace, Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods
2011 "Bleed Red" Ronnie Dunn
2011 "Blossom and Blood" Midnight Oil
1963 "Blowin' in the Wind" Bob Dylan
1980 "Bombs Away" The Police
2008 "The Bombs of My Saviours" Heaven Shall Burn
2003 "Boom!" System of a Down
1984 "Born in the U.S.A. (song)" Bruce Springsteen
1975 "Boy Blue" Electric Light Orchestra
2019 "British Bombs" Declan McKenna
1996 "Bulls on Parade" Rage Against the Machine
2005 "BYOB" System of a Down
1992 "Campo de Batalha" Edson Gomes
1990 "Canción Pacífico-Violenta" Sexual Democracia
2004 "Captured" Malevolent Creation
1971 "Carry Me" The Stampeders
2012 "Cease Fire" Christina Aguilera
1990 "Civil War" Guns N' Roses
2017 "Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind" Lana Del Rey
2005 "The Courier" Richard Shindell
2011 "Covering Fire" Havok
1969 "Cranes" (Журавли́) Rasul Gamzatov / Yan Frenkel / Mark Bernes
2010 "Danger Line" Avenged Sevenfold
2007 "Dear Mr. President" RIZE
1975 "Den vita duvan" Mats Rådberg
1954 "Le Déserteur" Boris Vian
1986 "Disposable Heroes" Metallica
2016 "Divide and Conquer" Epica
1987 "The Dogs of War" Pink Floyd
1967 "(Don’t Put Your Boys in the Army) Mrs. Ward" The Idle Race
1980 "Не стреляй!" ("Don't Shoot!") DDT
1974 "The Door" George Jones
2012 "A Dream" Ebi & Shadmehr Aghili
1974 "Dying to Meet You" Judas Priest
1969 "Echo Park" Keith Barbour
2005 "Empire"[1][2][3] Dar Williams
1965 "Eve of Destruction" Barry McGuire
1969 "The Fiddle and the Drum" Joni Mitchell
1996 "Floods" Pantera
1995 "Foggy Dew" Sinéad O'Connor
2006 "For the Greater Good of God" Iron Maiden
1984 "For Whom the Bell Tolls" Metallica
1969 "Fortunate Son" Creedence Clearwater Revival
2008 "Frontline" Gavin Rossdale[4]
2008 "Future World" Gavin Rossdale[4]
1969 "Galveston" Glen Campbell
1980 "Games Without Frontiers" Peter Gabriel
1974 "The Gates of Delirium" Yes
1998 "The General" Dispatch
1980 "Generals and Majors" XTC
1989 "Ghosts of War" Slayer
1978 "Gimme Peace" Tom T Hall
1973 "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)" George Harrison
1969 "Give Peace a Chance" Plastic Ono Band, John Lennon
1987 "Gods of War" Def Leppard
2002 "Going Down in Flames" 3 Doors Down
1962 "La Guerre de 14–18" Georges Brassens
2013 "Gun." My Chemical Romance
1987 "Gun Shy" 10,000 Maniacs
1983 "The Gunner's Dream" Pink Floyd
2007 "Gunslinger" Avenged Sevenfold
2010 "Half a World Away" Joe Cerisano
1984 "Hammer to Fall" Queen
1966 "Handsome Johnny" Richie Havens
2010 "Harmony" Never Shout Never
1969 "Harold Land" Yes
2011 "A Hero in Harlan" Tom T Hall
2008 "Hero of War" Rise Against
2007 "Heroes and Martyrs" Bad Religion
2004 "Holiday" Green Day
2010 "Holy War" Asia
1990 "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" Megadeth
2013 "Horse Riding" the HIATUS
1985 "How Many Tears" Helloween
2006 "Hymn for the Dead" Anti-Flag
1965 "I Ain't Marching Anymore" Phil Ochs
1987 "I Don't Want to Be a Hero" Johnny Hates Jazz
2012 "I Drive Your Truck" Lee Brice
2005 "16 Military Wives" The Decemberists
1984 "I Hope You Get Drafted" The Dicks
2009 "I Know" The Proclaimers[5]
1982 "I Love a Man in a Uniform" Gang of Four
1901 "I'll Be With You When the Roses Bloom Again" Harry Macdonough
1967 "If I Can Dream" Elvis Presley
1999 "Il mio nome è mai più" LigaJovaPelù (Luciano Ligabue, Jovanotti, Piero Pelù)
1971 "Imagine" John Lennon
1995 "In Our Garden" Naomi Shemer
1981 "Invisible Sun" The Police
1982 "It's a Mistake" Men at Work
2001 "Jet Fighter" Butthole Surfers
1962 "John Brown" Bob Dylan
1867 "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye" Traditional
2007 "Just a Dream" Carrie Underwood
1989 "Kill the President" The Offspring
2013 "Krieg kennt keine Sieger" Saltatio Mortis
1973 "Kuiama" Electric Light Orchestra
2014 "Kukoku No Kyouon" Dir en Grey
1966 "La guerra di Piero" Fabrizio De André
1974 "La La Peace Song" Al Wilson, O. C. Smith
1980 "Last Chance" Shooting Star
1950 "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream" Ed McCurdy
1973 "Lay Down Your Arms" Doron Levinson
1986 "Lay Down Your Guns" Emerson, Lake & Powell
2013 "Letters Home" Radical Face
1971 "Life" Elvis Presley
1983 "A Little Good News" Anne Murray
1979 "Little Boy Soldiers" The Jam
1986 "Live in Peace" The Firm
2006 "Living With War" Neil Young
1990 "Love Can Build a Bridge" The Judds
1973 "Love Train" The O'Jays
1970 "Lucky Man" Emerson, Lake and Palmer
1973 "Luglio, Agosto, Settembre (Nero)" Area
2005 "M.I.A." Avenged Sevenfold
1967 "Ma Avarech" ("With What Shall I Bless?") Rachel Shapira/Yair Rosenblum
2021 "Machine Gun" Badflower
2006 "Mama" My Chemical Romance
1977 "Man of War" The Jacksons
1989 "Mandatory Suicide" Slayer
1985 "The Man's Too Strong" Dire Straits
1991 "March for Me, Die for Me" Cyclone Temple
1997 "March with Me" Montserrat Caballé and Vangelis
1963 "Masters of War" Bob Dylan
2016 "A Matter of Habit" Moddi
1962 "May There Always Be Sunshine" ("Пусть всегда будет солнце!") Lev Oshanin / Arkady Ostrovsky / Maya Kristalinskaya
1997 "Mercenary Song" Steve Earle
1986 "Method to Your Madness" Metal Church
2008 "Mr. President" Janelle Monáe
1971 "Military Madness" Graham Nash
1961 "Miss Guéguerre" Léo Ferré
1992 "Mouth for War" Pantera
1993 "Né en 17 à Leidenstadt" Jean-Jacques Goldman
1970 "Never Kill Another Man" Steve Miller Band
1980 "No Dudaría" Antonio Flores
1984 "No Fuckin' War" The Dicks
1976 "No Man's Land" Eric Bogle
2018 "No More" Disturbed
1978 "No More Trouble" Bob Marley & The Wailers
2018 "Non mi avete fatto niente" Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro
1983 "Not Now John" Pink Floyd
2009 "One Day" Matisyahu
1997 "One More Parade" Phil Ochs
1969 "One Tin Soldier" Original Caste
1982 "Open Your Eyes" The Lords of the New Church / David Hasselhoff
1969 Oseh Shalom bi-Meromav Nurit Hirsh
2007 "Our Solemn Hour" Within Temptation
1961 "Pacific Blues" Léo Ferré
1982 "Part III" Bad Religion
1988 "Part IV (The Index Fossil)" Bad Religion
1972 "The Patriot's Dream" Gordon Lightfoot
2002 "Paz y Amor" ("Peace and love") Gisela
1981 "Peace" Roger Lee Hall
1986 "Peace Sells" Megadeth
1971 "Peace Train" Cat Stevens
1977 "Peace Will Come" Tom Paxton
1970 "Peace Will Come (According To Plan)" Melanie Safka
2003 "Peacekeeper" Fleetwood Mac
1972 "People, Let's Stop the War" Grand Funk Railroad
2000 "Pick Up the Bones" Alice Cooper
1982 "Pipes of Peace" Paul McCartney
1986 "Plantas Embaixo do Aquário" Legião Urbana
2002 "Poor Places" Wilco
1986 "Potshot Heard 'Round the World" Dead Kennedys
1983 "Power & the Glory" Saxon
1958 "Prayer for Peace" Perry Como
2002 "Prisoners of War" Funker Vogt
1976 "Protocol" Gordon Lightfoot
2015 "Psycho" Muse
1987 "Put Down That Weapon" Midnight Oil
1981 "Rainbow Stew" Merle Haggard
1979 "Ratziti Sheteda" Uzi Hitman
2018 "Raise Your Banner" Within Temptation
1992 "Rest in Peace" Extreme
1967 "Requiem For The Masses" The Association
1985 "Ride Across The River" Dire Straits
2006 "Right in Two" Tool
2005 "Road to Joy" Bright Eyes
1992 "Rooster" Alice in Chains
1986 "Russian Roulette" Accept
1995 "Sacrifice" Motörhead
2018 "Saints Don't Die" MaYan
1962 "Sag mir, wo die Blumen sind" Marlene Dietrich
2006 "Saraba" The Gazette
1991 "Semper Fi" John Gorka
1974 "I'm Asking You Sergeant, Where's Mine" Billy Connolly
1993 "Shades of Grey" Billy Joel
1990 "Shellfire defense" Sodom
1970 "Shir LaShalom" Lehakat HaNachal
1982 "Short Memory" Midnight Oil
1984 "Showdown" Jefferson Starship
1966 "The Side of a Hill" Paul Simon
1968 "Six White Horses" Henson Cargill
1968 "Sky Pilot" The Animals
1970 "Sloth" Fairport Convention
1973 "Smile" Jack Traylor and Steelwind
1984 "Soldados" Legião Urbana
1971 "Soldier Blue" Buffy Sainte-Marie
2005 "Soldier Side" System of a Down
1986 "Soldier of Plenty" Jackson Browne
2011 "Soldier's Angel" Stevie Nicks
2006 "Soldier's Poem" Muse
1981 "Soldiers" ABBA
1978 "Sólo le pido a Dios" León Gieco / Mercedes Sosa
1971 "Soldiers Who Want To Be Heroes" Rod McKuen
1969 "Some Mother's Son" The Kinks
1995 "Still Spinning Shrapnel" Skyclad
2010 "Stop the War" Sugar Blue
1970 "Stop the War Now" Edwin Starr
1982 "Stories of a Hero" Frank Marino
1985 "Stupid, Stupid War" Dirty Rotten Imbeciles
1983 "Sunday Bloody Sunday" U2
2011 "Survivor Guilt" Rise Against
1992 "Sweet Harmony" The Beloved
1992 "Systematic Execution" Malevolent Creation
1990 "Take No Prisoners" Megadeth
1991 "Tell Me Why" Genesis
1985 "Territories" Rush
1971 "That's What I'd Like To Know" Colonel Bagshot
1964 "There but for Fortune" Phil Ochs
1967 "There Won't Be Many Coming Home" Roy Orbison
1981 "They All Look The Same" Grace Slick
2009 "'Til the Last Shot's Fired" Trace Adkins
1994 "Time for Peace" ("Zaman el Salaam") Amnon Abutbul / Yair Dalal
2009 "This is War" Thirty Seconds to Mars
2018 "The Reckoning" Within Temptation
2017 "This is War" Bush
1980 "Tin Soldiers" Stiff Little Fingers
1990 "Too Many Puppies" Primus
1993 "Too Young to Die" Jamiroquai
2010 "Trigger Happy Hands" Placebo
2010 "Train on Fire" ("Поезд в огне") Boris Grebenshchikov/Aquarium
1959 "Turn! Turn! Turn!" Pete Seeger
2014 "Unchain Utopia" Epica
1993 "Under The Same Sun" Scorpions
1971 "Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite the World)" The Temptations
1964 "Universal Soldier" Buffy Sainte-Marie
2006 "Unknown Soldier" Breaking Benjamin
1973 "Us and Them" Pink Floyd
2008 "Violet Hill" Coldplay
1967 "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" Pete Seeger
2021 "Waiting On A War" Foo Fighters
1979 "Walked in Line" Joy Division
1976 "War" Bob Marley & The Wailers
1970 "War" Edwin Starr
2017 "War" grandson
2014 "War" Linkin Park
2020 "War" Idles
1998 "War?" System of a Down
1994 "War Again" Oingo Boingo
1987 "War Baby" Mick Jagger
1990 "War Ensemble" Slayer
1996 "War Nerve" Pantera
1970 "War Pigs" Black Sabbath
1997 "War Pimp Renaissance" Lard
1984 "The War Song" Culture Club
1972 "War Song" Neil Young and Graham Nash
2006 "War Sucks, Let's Party!" Anti-Flag
2001 "War Zone" Slayer
2017 "War TV" Gerry Cinammon
1980 "Wardance" Killing Joke
1993 "Warfair" Clawfinger
1992 "Wargasm" L7
2004 "Warrior" Steve Earle
2015 "Wars for Nothing" Boggie
1980 "Washington Bullets" The Clash
1978 "Wasted Life" Stiff Little Fingers
2023 "Watergun" Remo Forrer
2007 "The Way the Wind Blows" Rush
1981 "We Don't Need the Army" Slime
1965 "We Gotta Get out of this Place" The Animals
2005 "We've Got Nothing But Love to Prove" Faith Hill
2011 "Welcome To Your Wedding Day The Airborne Toxic Event
2002 "What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes" Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
1965 "What the World Needs Now Is Love" Hal David/Burt Bacharach
1971 "What's Going On" Marvin Gaye
2002 "What's Left of the Flag" Flogging Molly
1974 "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding" Nick Lowe
1990 "When Hell Breaks Loose" Peer Günt
1989 "When the Children Cry" White Lion
2011 "When We Stand Together" Nickelback
1961 "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" Pete Seeger
2003 "Where Is the Love?" The Black Eyed Peas
2010 "White Flag Warrior" Flobots
1980 "Who's Gonna Win the War?" Hawkwind
1982 "Wildest Dreams" Asia
1964 "With God on Our Side" Bob Dylan
2011 "The Words That Maketh Murder" PJ Harvey
2014 "World Peace Is None of Your Business (song)" Morrisey
2004 "World War" Yellowman
2006 "Worthless War" The Gazette
1981 "Wozu sind Kriege da?" Udo Lindenberg
1969 "The Yard Went on Forever" Richard Harris
1979 "Yihye Tov (It Will Be Good/Things Will Be Better)" David Broza
2003 "Your Revolution is a Joke" Funeral for a Friend
1971 "Yours Is No Disgrace" Yes
2007 "Zero Sum" Nine Inch Nails
1976 "Zombie" Fela Kuti
1994 "Zombie" The Cranberries
1968 "Zor and Zam" The Monkees
1982 "Радиоактивность" ("Radioactivity") Center

American Civil War[edit]

Year Song Artist
2009 "Abraham Lincoln" Clutch
1861 "All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight" Ethel Lynn Beers
1969 "Arkansas Grass" Axiom
1995 "Ben McCullough" Steve Earle
1962 "The Big Battle" Johnny Cash
1974 "Billy Don't Be a Hero" Paper Lace
2013 "Bloodshed" Soulfly
2011 "Broken Hymns" Dropkick Murphys
2003 "Cross The Green Mountain" Bob Dylan
2004 "The Devil to Pay" Iced Earth
1987 "Gettysburg" The Brandos
1983 "God Bless Robert E. Lee" Johnny Cash
1963 "In the Hills of Shiloh" Shel Silverstein
1959 "Johnny Reb" Johnny Horton
1968 "The Klan" Richie Havens
1993 "Lincoln's Army" Johnny McEvoy
2008 "Lone Pine Hill" Justin Townes Earle
1865 "Marching through Georgia (e.g. 1896 version by Gilmore's Band)" Henry Clay Work
1969 "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" The Band
1863 "Poor Kitty Popcorn" Henry C. Work
1991 "Rebel Soldier" Waylon Jennings
1999 "Shiloh Town" Tim Hardin
1998 "Silent Reign of Heroes" Molly Hatchet
1968 "Six White Horses" Henson Cargill
1978 "The Southland's Bleeding" Waylon Jennings
1986 "Swan Swan H" R.E.M.
2004 "Tears of God" Josh Turner
1863 "Tenting on the Old Camp Ground" Walter Kittredge
1993 "Two Soldiers" Bob Dylan
1861 "The Vacant Chair" George F. Root

American Indian Wars[edit]

Year Song Artist
1964 "Apache Tears" Johnny Cash
2008 "Battle at Little Big Horn" White Lion
1980 "Buffalo Soldier" Bob Marley
1997 "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" Walela
2010 "Calico Indians" Rasputina
1967 "Castles Made of Sand" Jimi Hendrix
1986 "Cherokee" Europe
1960 "Comanche (The Brave Horse)" Johnny Horton
1997 "Cowboy Dan" Modest Mouse
2004 "Creek Mary's Blood" Nightwish
1969 "Custer Died for Your Sins" Floyd Westerman
1992 "Freedom" Rage Against the Machine
1980 "Genocide (The Killing of the Buffalo)" Thin Lizzy
1977 "Indian Man" The Charlie Daniels Band
1971 "Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)" Paul Revere & The Raiders
1987 "Indians" Anthrax
1971 "Indian Sunset" Elton John
1991 "Little Big Horn" Running Wild[6]
1973 "The Lone Ranger" Oscar Brown
1971 "Then Came the White Man" The Stampeders
2001 "Mick Ryan's Lament" Tim O'Brien and Robert Dunlap
1960 "Mr. Custer" Larry Verne
1964 "Now That The Buffalo's Gone" Buffy Sainte-Marie
1979 "Pocahontas" Neil Young
1982 "Run to the Hills" Iron Maiden
1971 "Soldier Blue" Buffy Sainte-Marie
1962 "Some Fool Made a Soldier of Me" The Kingston Trio
2001 "Stars and Stripes" Anti-Flag
2002 "Wampum Prayer" Tori Amos
1973 "We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee" Redbone
1976 "White Man" Queen

World War I[edit]

Year Song Artist
1991 "1916" Motörhead
1999 "1917" Linda Ronstadt
1984 "The Accrington Pals" Mike Harding
2014 "Argonne" Garrison Keillor
1982 "All Quiet on the Western Front" Elton John
1990 "All Together Now" The Farm
1972 "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda" Eric Bogle
1997 "Belleau Wood" Garth Brooks
2013 "Bloodshed" Soulfly
1968 "Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)" The Zombies
1981 "Cenotaph" This Heat
1977 "Christmas 1914" Mike Harding[7]
1984 "Christmas in the Trenches" John McCutcheon
1980 "Decades" Joy Division
"Der Kaiser von Atlantis" Viktor Ullmann
2002 "Don't Sign Up for War" Alistair Hulett and Dave Swarbrick
1985 "Don't Wake the Lion (Too Old to Die Young)" Magnum
1985 "Children's Crusade" Sting
1980 "Es ist an der Zeit" Hannes Wader
1982 "Gallipoli" The Fureys
2005 "The Green Fields of France" Dropkick Murphys
2009 "Harry Farr" Stray
2009 "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)" Radiohead
1914 "I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier" Peerless Quartet
1918 "Oh! It's A Lovely War" Ernest Pike and George Baker (baritone)
2000 "I Fought in a War" Belle and Sebastian
1996 "It Could Happen Again" Collin Raye
2015 "Kingdom of the Cross" Saxon
2015 "Nachts weinen die Soldaten" Saltatio Mortis
1976 "No Man's Land" a.k.a. "Green Fields of France" Eric Bogle
1984 "Northwinds" The Stranglers
2014 "Nuclear" Mike Oldfield
1994 "On Christmas Day" Magnum
1988 "One" Metallica
2003 "Paschendale" Iron Maiden
1987 "Remembrance Day" Bryan Adams
2007 "Scream Aim Fire" Bullet for My Valentine
1967 "Snoopy's Christmas" The Royal Guardsmen
1969 "Some Mother's Son" The Kinks
1914 "Stay Down Here Where You Belong" Irving Berlin
1980 "Stop the Cavalry" Jona Lewie
1980 "Where There's a Whip, There's a Way" Glenn Yarbrough
1969 "Yes Sir, No Sir" The Kinks

Spanish Civil War[edit]

Year Song Artist
1985 "For Whom the Bell Tolls" Metallica
1998 "If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next" Manic Street Preachers
1990 "Lorca's Novena" The Pogues
2003 "Skeletons of Quinto" The Folksmen
1983 "Sketches of Spain" The Nits
1979 "Spanish Bombs" The Clash
1963 "Spanish Civil War Song" (or "Spanish Lament") Phil Ochs

World War II[edit]

Year Song Artist
1984 "Aces High" Iron Maiden
2004 "Alive With the Glory of Love" Say Anything
1989 "Ausgebombt" Sodom
1986 "Angel of Death" Slayer
1979 "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1)" Pink Floyd
1945 "At Mail Call Today" Gene Autry
1964 "The Ballad of Ira Hayes" Johnny Cash
1979 "Bring the Boys Back Home" Pink Floyd
1987 "Bombenhagel" Sodom
1982 "Comme toi" Jean-Jacques Goldman
1968 "Corporal Clegg" Pink Floyd
1980 "Enola Gay" Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
1999 "Etiópia" Edson Gomes
1979 "Goodbye Blue Sky" Pink Floyd
1983 "Hiroshima Mon Amour" Alcatrazz
1979 "In the Flesh" Pink Floyd
1985 "Manhattan Project" Rush
1969 "Mr. Churchill Says" The Kinks
2000 "The Rain" Scott Miller
2003 "Red Ball Express" Scott Miller
1984 "Red Sector A" Rush
1980 "Remember Tomorrow" Iron Maiden
1973 "Roads to Moscow" Al Stewart
1979 "Rosa de Hiroshima" Vinícius de Moraes, Secos e Molhados
1990 "Sacred Reich" Sacred Reich
1990 "Stalinorgel" Sodom
1993 "Sullivan" Caroline's Spine
1990 "Tailgunner" Iron Maiden
1990 "Take No Prisoners" Megadeth
2010 "Thank You, Mr. Churchill" Peter Frampton
1979 "Vera" Pink Floyd
2005 "The War" Angels and Airwaves
1982 "War Is Hell (On the Homefront Too)" T.G. Sheppard
1982 "When the Tigers Broke Free" Pink Floyd

Cold War and nuclear annihilation[edit]

Year Song Artist
1984 "Tropicana" Gruppo Italiano
1984 "2 Minutes to Midnight" Iron Maiden
2007 "4 Minute Warning" Radiohead
1967 "20 Tons of TNT" Flanders and Swann
1983 "99 Luftballons" and "99 Red Balloons" Nena
1968 "1983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)" The Jimi Hendrix Experience
1982 "1999" Prince
1994 "A Great Day for Freedom" Pink Floyd
1982 "America" Au Pairs
1985 "America" Prince
1991 "The American" Simple Minds
1985 "And Then There Were None" Exodus
1979 "Armageddon" Prism
1978 "Atomic Bomb" William Onyeabor
1992 "Atomic Garden" Bad Religion
1988 "Battalions of Fear" Blind Guardian
1982 "Nuclear War" Sun Ra Arkestra
1981 "Battalions of Strangers" Fischer Z
1984 "Be Not Always" The Jacksons
1984 "Beyond the Black" Metal Church
2007 "Big Joe Blues" Pete Seeger
1988 "Blackened" Metallica
1992 "Born to End" Manic Street Preachers
1980 "Breathing" Kate Bush
2006 "Brighter than a Thousand Suns" Iron Maiden
2010 "Burning in the Skies" Linkin Park
1971 "Children of the Grave" Black Sabbath
1986 "Christmas at Ground Zero" "Weird Al" Yankovic
2000 "Cold War" Funker Vogt
1963 "Come Away Melinda" Harry Belafonte
1960 "Crawl Out Through the Fallout" Sheldon Allman
1980 "Crazy Train" Ozzy Osbourne
1981 "Cruise Missiles" Fischer Z
1978 "Curfew" The Stranglers
1984 "Dancing with Tears in My Eyes" Ultravox
1981 "Fire in the Sky" Saxon
1999 "Destruction Preventer" Sonata Arctica
1974 "Diamond Dogs" David Bowie
1961 "Do the Russians Want War?" ("Хотят ли русские войны?") Mark Bernes
2008 "Down from the Sky" Trivium
1981 "Dumb All Over" Frank Zappa
1988 "Eagle Fly Free" Helloween
1983 "East at Easter" Simple Minds
1982 "Ein bißchen Frieden" Nicole Seibert
1970 "Electric Funeral" Black Sabbath
1969 "Epitaph" King Crimson
1965 "Eve of Destruction" P.F. Sloan (also recorded by Barry McGuire and The Turtles)
1989 "Fabulous Disaster" Exodus
1988 "Fallout" Liege Lord
1990 "Famous Last Words" Tears for Fears
1984 "Fight Fire with Fire" Metallica
1980 "Final Day" Young Marble Giants
1984 "Forever Young" Alphaville
2005 "Fuel the Hate" Soulfly
1974 "Future Legend" David Bowie
1986 "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades" Timbuk3
1980 "Fylingdale Flyer" Jethro Tull
1980 "Going Underground" The Jam[8]
1984 "Hammer to Fall" Queen
1962 "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall" Bob Dylan
1982 "Heatwave" Fay Ray
1971 "Hiroshima" Wishful Thinking
1966 "I Come and Stand at Every Door" (based on a poem by Nazım Hikmet) Pete Seeger
1983 "I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" Nik Kershaw
1982 "I've Known No War" The Who
1983 "It's a Mistake" Men at Work
1986 "Killer of Giants" Ozzy Osbourne
1988 "Killing Fields" Scanner
1973 "Kuiama" Electric Light Orchestra
1986 "Land of Confusion" Genesis
1989 "Leningrad" Billy Joel
1986 "Let Us Begin" John Denver with Alexander Gradsky
1981 "Let's All Make a Bomb"[9] Heaven 17
1980 "Living Through Another Cuba" XTC
1985 "Manhattan Project" Rush
1984 "Minutes to Midnight" Midnight Oil
1965 "MLF Lullaby" Tom Lehrer
1983 "Moya" Southern Death Cult
1981 "Mutually Assured Destruction" Gillan
1983 "New Year's Day" U2
1985 "Nikita" Elton John
2007 "No One Would Riot For Less" Bright Eyes
1986 "No Nuclear War" Peter Tosh
1987 "Nuclear War" Nuclear Assault
1987 "Nuclear Winter" Sodom
2000 "Nuclear Winter" Funker Vogt
1946 "Old Man Atom" Vern Partlow
1988 "Part IV (The Index Fossil)" Bad Religion
1985 "Party at Ground Zero" Fishbone
1988 "Pre-War America" The Beatnigs
1987 "Protect and Survive" The Dubliners
1987 "Radio K.A.O.S." Roger Waters
1982 "Red Skies" The Fixx
1981 "Red Skies over Paradise" Fischer Z
1990 "Reduced to Ash" Annihilator
1990 "Right Here, Right Now" Jesus Jones
1983 "Rival Leaders" The Exploited
2009 "Ruination" Job for a Cowboy
1985 "Russians" Sting
1990 "Rust in Peace... Polaris" Megadeth
1986 "SDI" Bonfire
1983 "Seconds" U2
1988 "Set the World Afire" Megadeth
1980 "Seven Minutes to Midnight" Wah! Heat
1987 "Showdown at Big Sky" Robbie Robertson
1984 "Since Yesterday" Strawberry Switchblade[10]
1990 "Skeletons of Society" Slayer
1965 "So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III)" Tom Lehrer
1983 "Somethin's Goin' On" Ian Hunter
1983 "Standing in the Dark" Platinum Blonde
1980 "Stop the World" The Clash
1963 "The Sun Is Burning" Ian Campbell Folk Group
1988 "Surfin' USSR" Ray Stevens
1986 "Survival of the Fittest" Slave Raider
1957 "Talking Atom" Oscar Brand
1986 "Thank God For the Bomb" Ozzy Osbourne
1979 "They've Got a Bomb" Crass
1954 "Thirteen Women and Only One Man in Town" Bill Haley and the Comets
1983 "Time After Time" Electric Light Orchestra
1983 "Two Suns in the Sunset" Pink Floyd
1984 "Two Tribes" Frankie Goes To Hollywood
1981 "Under Pressure" Queen ft. David Bowie
1982 "US Forces" Midnight Oil
1983 "Vamos a la playa" Righeira
1986 "Воля и Разум" ("Will and Reason") Aria
1962 "(Walk Me Out in the) Morning Dew" Bonnie Dobson
1985 "Warnings Moving Clockwise" Do-Re-Mi
1987 "Wartime" Pentagram
1984 "Watching Joey Glow" Steve Goodman
1959 "We Will All Go Together" Tom Lehrer
1981 "When Two Worlds Collide" Simple Minds
1965 "Who's Next?" Tom Lehrer
1982 "Why Did I Fall For That?" The Who
1985 "Will the Sun Rise" Dokken
1990 "Wind of Change" Scorpions
1988 "World Leader Pretend" R.E.M.
1984 "World War III" Grandmaster Melle Mel and the Furious Five

Korean War[edit]

Year Song Artist
1994 "I Bombed Korea"[citation needed] Cake

Vietnam War[edit]

Year Song Artist
1966 "7 O'Clock News/Silent Night" Simon & Garfunkel
2006 "8th of November" Big and Rich
1985 "19" Paul Hardcastle
1968 "2 + 2 = ?" Bob Seger System
1969 "21st Century Schizoid Man" King Crimson
1973 "Aladdin Sane" David Bowie
1967 "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" Arlo Guthrie
1970 "Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today)" The Temptations
1972 "The Ballad of Penny Evans" Steve Goodman
1972 "Napalm Sticks To Kids" Covered Wagon Musicians
1986 "Black Wall"[11] Dennis DeYoung
1984 "Born in the USA" Bruce Springsteen
1977 "Born on the Fourth of July" Tom Paxton
1971 "Bring the Boys Home" Freda Payne
1966 "Bring Them Home" Pete Seeger
1965 "Business Goes on as Usual" Chad Mitchell Trio
1966 "C'era un ragazzo che come me amava i Beatles e i Rolling Stones" Gianni Morandi
1970 "Child in Time" Deep Purple
1988 "Copperhead Road" Steve Earle
1988 "Daddy Won't Be Home Anymore" Dolly Parton
1973 "Daniel" Elton John
1965 "Dear Uncle Sam" Loretta Lynn
1969 "Declaration"[12] The Fifth Dimension
1969 "Disk of Sun" Ewan MacColl
1968 "Draft Morning" The Byrds
1970 "Draft Resister" Steppenwolf
1994 "Drive On" Johnny Cash
1965 "Eve of Destruction" Barry McGuire and P.F. Sloan
1969 "The Fiddle and the Drum" Joni Mitchell
1967 "I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag" / "Fixin to Die Rag" Country Joe McDonald
1967 "For What It's Worth" Buffalo Springfield
1969 "Fortunate Son" Creedence Clearwater Revival
1970 "Frightened Lady" The Hollies
1977 "Front Line" Stevie Wonder
1969 "Galveston" Glen Campbell
1995 "Galveston Bay" Bruce Springsteen
1966 "Get It While You can" Janis Joplin
1969 "Gimme Shelter" Rolling Stones
1984 "The Girl Next Door" Country Joe MacDonald
1969 "Give Peace a Chance" The Plastic Ono Band
1972 "Golden Ribbons" Loggins and Messina
1981 "Goodnight Saigon" Billy Joel
1971 "The Grave" Don McLean
1972 "The Great Compromise" John Prine
1972 "Guns, Guns, Guns" The Guess Who
1970 "Hand of Doom" Black Sabbath
1973 "Hallelujah Day" Jackson 5
1971 "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" John Lennon & Yoko Ono/The Plastic Ono Band
1976 "Harvest for the World" The Isley Brothers
1965 "I Ain't Marching Anymore" Phil Ochs
1968 "I Don't Wanna Go To Vietnam" John Lee Hooker
1970 "I Should Be Proud" Martha and the Vandellas
1983 "I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green)" Redgum
1971 "I'd Love to Change the World" Ten Years After
1970 "I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home)" Grand Funk Railroad
1981 "In the Army Now" Status Quo
1988 "Johnny Come Lately" Steve Earle
1968 "Kay"[13][14] John Wesley Ryles
1978 "Khe Sanh" Cold Chisel
1966 "Kill for Peace" The Fugs
1970 "Kill Your Sons" Lou Reed
1974 "La La Peace Song" Al Wilson, O. C. Smith
1970 "Last Train to Nuremberg" Pete Seeger
1970 "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)" Melanie Safka
1973 "Luang Prabang" Dave Van Ronk
1965 "Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation" Tom Paxton
1970 "Machine Gun" Jimi Hendrix
1989 "Magic dragon" Sodom
1970 "Mama Bake a Pie (Daddy Kill a Chicken)" Tom T. Hall
1971 "Man in Black" Johnny Cash
1992 "March" Jackopierce
1973 "March to the Witch's Castle" Funkadelic
1969 "Monster" Steppenwolf
1971 "Moratorium" Buffy Sainte-Marie
1966 "My Name Is Lisa Kalvelage" Pete Seeger
1966 "My Son John" Tom Paxton
1972 "Now or Never" Yoko Ono
1985 "Old Hippie" The Bellamy Brothers
1967 "On the Path of Glory" Petula Clark
1964 "One More Parade" Phil Ochs
1971 "One Tin Soldier" Coven
1988 "Orange Crush" R.E.M.
1972 "The Patriot's Dream" Gordon Lightfoot
1971 "People, Let's Stop the War" Grand Funk Railroad
1968 "Por Vietnam" Quilapayún
1985 "The Price of Paradise" Minutemen
1982 "Pull Out the Pin" Kate Bush
1970 "Question" The Moody Blues
1972 "Readjustment Blues" John Denver
1967 "Requiem for the Masses" The Association
1992 "Rooster" Alice in Chains
1970 "Running Gun Blues" David Bowie
1967 "Saigon Bride" Joan Baez
1971 "Sam Stone" John Prine
1984 "Shut Out the Light" Bruce Springsteen
1970 "Silent Homecoming" Ringo Starr
1968 "Simple Song of Freedom" Bobby Darin
1971 "Singing in Vietnam Talking Blues" Johnny Cash
1970 "Sit Down Young Stranger" Gordon Lightfoot
1971 "Six White Horses" Waylon Jennings
1968 "Sky Pilot" Eric Burdon and The Animals
1969 "Smiley" Ronnie Burns
1976 "Soldier" Stephen Stills[15]
1990 "Something to Believe In" Poison
1969 "Someday (August 29, 1968)" Chicago
1983 "Song for the Dead" Randy Newman
1982 "Still in Saigon" The Charlie Daniels Band
1970 "Stoned Love" The Supremes
1971 "Student Demonstration Time" The Beach Boys
2010 "Summer of '68" The Charlie Daniels Band
1971 "Sunshine" Jonathan Edwards
1967 "Super Bird" Country Joe and the Fish
1969 "Sweet Cherry Wine" Tommy James and the Shondells
1967 "Take It Back" Cream
1964 "Talkin' Vietnam" Phil Ochs
1968 "Talking Vietnam Potluck Blues" Tom Paxton
1973 "Tame the Lion/Those That Die" Emitt Rhodes
2005 "That Old Porch Swing" Eddy Arnold
1968 "Three-Five-Zero-Zero" from the musical, Hair
1969 "To Susan on the West Coast Waiting" Donovan
2002 "Travelin' Soldier" The Chicks
2006 "Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story" Jedi Mind Tricks
1968 "Unknown Soldier"[16] The Doors
1984 "Viet Nam" Minutemen
1966 "Vietcong Blues" Junior Wells
1962 "Vietnam" Phil Ochs
1970 "Vietnam" Jimmy Cliff
1966 "Vietnam Blues" Kris Kristofferson
1993 "Vietnam Glam" Indochine
1967 "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" Pete Seeger
2003 "The Wall" Bruce Springsteen
1970 "War" Edwin Starr
1968 "War Games" the Monkees
1965 "The War Drags On" Donovan
1968 "The War Is Over" Phil Ochs
1971 "War Movie" Jefferson Airplane
1970 "War Pigs" Black Sabbath
1969 "Wasted Words" The Motions with Robbie van Leeuwen
1965 "We Didn't Know" Tom Paxton
1966 "Welterusten meneer de president (Sleep Well Mr. President)" Boudewijn de Groot
1964 "What Did You Learn in School Today?" Tom Paxton
1971 "What's Going On" Marvin Gaye
1973 "Where Are You Now, My Son?" Joan Baez
1968 "White Boots Marching in a Yellow Land" Phil Ochs
1965 "The Willing Conscript" Tom Paxton
1969 "Wooden Ships" Crosby, Stills & Nash and Jefferson Airplane
1970 "Woodstock" Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
1998 "World of Trouble" Molly Hatchet
1971 "Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore" John Prine
1971 "Yours Is No Disgrace" Yes

Dominican Civil War[edit]

Year Song Artist
1966 "The Marines Have Landed on the Shores of Santo Domingo" Phil Ochs

Soviet-Afghan War[edit]

Year Song Artist
1988 "Группа крови" ("Blood Type") Kino
1980s~ "Just don't tell mom that I'm in afghan" Unknown
1988 "Афганский синдром" ("Afghan Syndrome") Instruktsiya po Vyzhivaniyu

The Troubles of Northern Ireland[edit]

Year Song Artist
1978 "78 RPM" Stiff Little Fingers
1978 "90 Miles From Dublin" Christy Moore
1978 "Alternative Ulster" Stiff Little Fingers
1991 "La Ballade Nord-Irlandaise" Renaud
1995 "Belfast" Elton John
1989 "Belfast Child" Simple Minds
1979 "Bloody Sunday" Stiff Little Fingers
1994 "Bomb" Bush[17]
1986 "Corridor of Cells" Test Dept
1982 "Damned to Be Free" Bad Religion
2002 "Drunken Lullabies" Flogging Molly
1989 "Easter" Marillion
1980 "Fly the Flag" Stiff Little Fingers
1983 "Forgotten Sons" Marillion
1967 "Four Green Fields" Tommy Makem
1989 "Get Out of Ireland" Blaggers ITA
2012 "Get Your Dead Hand Off My Shoulder" Therapy?
1972 "Give Ireland Back to the Irish" Paul McCartney and Wings
1998 "Heal This Land" Maire Brennan
1990 "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" Megadeth
1983 "The House of Orange" Stan Rogers
1976 "If They Come in the Morning" a.k.a. "No Time for Love" Jack Warshaw
1979 "Into the Valley" Skids
1981 "Invisible Sun" The Police
1985 "The Island" Paul Brady
1992 "Look Mum, No Hands!" Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
1996 "Minds Locked Shut" Christy Moore
1982 "The More I See (The Less I Believe)"[18] Fun Boy Three
1984 "My Youngest Son Came Home Today" Mary Black
1979 "No More of That" Stiff Little Fingers
1995 "North and South Of The River" Christy Moore
1979 "Oliver's Army" Elvis Costello and the Attractions
1985 "Out in the Fields" Gary Moore and Phil Lynott
1999 "Paper Sun" Def Leppard
2000 "Peace on Earth" U2
1997 "Please" U2
1978 "The Saints Are Coming" The Skids
1987 "Scaling The Derry Wall" The Exploited
1983 "Section 31" Christy Moore
1979 "State of Emergency" Stiff Little Fingers
1988 "Streets of Sorrow/Birmingham Six" The Pogues
1972 "Sunday Bloody Sunday" John Lennon and Yoko Ono
1983 "Sunday Bloody Sunday" U2
1998 "Sunrise" The Divine Comedy
1992 "Ten Men Dead" Blaggers ITA
1989 "That's Just the Way It Is" Phil Collins
1985 "There Were Roses" Tommy Sands
1997 "This is Not Your Country" Morrissey
1986 "Through the Barricades" Spandau Ballet
1973 "The Town I Loved So Well" Phil Coulter
1981 "Troops Out" The Passage
1977 "Ulster" Sham 69
1978 "Wasted Life" Stiff Little Fingers
1987 "Wild Frontier" Gary Moore
1994 "Zombie" The Cranberries

Falklands War[edit]

Year Song Artist
1986 "Tango Atlantico" Joe Jackson
1995 "2 de Abril" Attaque 77
1991 "Another Man's Cause" Levellers
1990 "The Ballad of Robbie Jones" Levellers
1985 "Brothers in Arms" Dire Straits
1998 "Como Estais Amigos" Iron Maiden
1985 "Comunicado #166" Los Violadores
1983 "Death 'n' Glory Boys" Ian Hunter
1985 "Eddie" Latin Quarter
1982 "El Banquete" Virus
1998 "El Visitante" Almafuerte
1983 "Get Your Filthy Hands off My Desert" Pink Floyd
1984 "Island of No Return" Billy Bragg
1983 "La Isla de La Buena Memoria" Alejandro Lerner
1983 "Let's Start a War" The Exploited
1982 "No Bombardeen Buenos Aires" Charly Garcia
1983 "The Post War Dream" Pink Floyd
1982 "Postkort fra Port Stanley" C.V. Jørgensen
1983 "Reina Madre" Raúl Porchetto
1983 "The Right Side Won" What Fun!
1982 "Sheep Farming in the Falklands" Crass
1983 "Shipbuilding" Elvis Costello and the Attractions
1983 "Southampton Dock" Pink Floyd
1984 "Spirit of the Falklands" New Model Army
1984 "Wha Dat" Yellowman
1983 "Yes Sir, I Will" Crass

Contras, Latin America[edit]

Year Song Artist
1984 "All She Wants to Do Is Dance" Don Henley
1982 "Bleed for Me" Dead Kennedys
1987 "Bullet the Blue Sky" U2
1983 "El Salvador" Cybotron
1983 "El Salvador" Noel Stookey and Jim Wallis
1985 "El Salvador" White Lion
1986 "Flowers of Guatemala" R.E.M.
1984 "If I Had a Rocket Launcher" Bruce Cockburn
1985 "Lives in the Balance" Jackson Browne
1984 "Nicaragua" Bruce Cockburn
1990 "Nicaragua, Nicaraguita" Billy Bragg
1984 "No Más!" John McCutcheon
1984 "Untitled Song for Latin America" Minutemen
1980 "Washington Bullets" The Clash
1989 "Wish I Was in El Salvador" Jello Biafra with DOA

Yugoslav Wars[edit]

Year Song Artist
1992 "Bili cvitak" ("White flower") Jura Stublić
1996 "Bosnia" The Cranberries
1997 "Bosnia" Spinetta y Los Socios del Desierto
1995 "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24" Trans-Siberian Orchestra
1993 "Čovek sa mesecom u očima" Đorđe Balašević
1994 "Crv" Angel's Breath
2000 "Dok gori nebo nad Novim Sadom" Đorđe Balašević
1995 "Dead Winter Dead" Savatage
1993 "Gde si" Bajaga i Instruktori
1991 "Isabelle" Greg Johnson
1995 "Kad sve ovo bude juče" Dino Merlin
1993 "Krivi smo mi" Đorđe Balašević
1997 "Lucky" Radiohead
1995 "Miss Sarajevo" Passengers
1991 "Nebo, nebo plavo je" Obojeni Program
1995 "Neću III svetski" Babe
2006 "No Bravery" James Blunt
1993 "Ovo je Balkan" Bajaga i Instruktori
1995 "Peppers and Tomatoes" Ralph McTell
1995 "Prayer of the Children" Kurt Bestor
1999 "Pretty Good Day" Loudon Wainwright III
1996 "Regruteska" Đorđe Balašević
1993 "Schöne neue Welt" Böhse Onkelz
2000 "Sevdalinka" Đorđe Balašević
1992 "Slušaj 'vamo" Rimtutituki
1991 "Stop the War in Croatia" Tomislav Ivčić
1995 "Vrbana Bridge" Jill Sobule

Gulf Wars, Iraq, 9/11, and the War on Terror[edit]

Year Song Artist
2002 "11th Hour" Lamb of God
2008 "20 Dollar Nose Bleed" Fall Out Boy
2009 "21 Guns" Green Day
2002 "911" Gorillaz and D12
2002 "911 For Peace" Anti-Flag
2004 "Act III Scene 2 (Shakespeare)" Saul Williams
1992 "Afraid to Shoot Strangers" Iron Maiden
2003 "Aftermath" Strapping Young Lad
2005 "All the Young Fascists" Shihad
2005 "America First" Merle Haggard
2004 "American Idiot" Green Day
1993 "American Jesus" Bad Religion
2003 "American Life" Madonna
2010 "The American Scream" Alkaline Trio
2004 "Amerika" Rammstein
2007 "Amerikhastan" Megadeth
2009 "Another Bag of Bones" Kevin Devine
2004 "Apocalypse Please" Muse
2019 "Arabesque" Coldplay
2007 "As It Was, As It Soon Shall Be" Exodus
2004 "Ashes of the Wake" Lamb of God
1992 "Atomic Garden" Bad Religion
2008 "Audience of One" Rise Against
2000 "B.O.B" Outkast
2005 "B.Y.O.B." System of a Down
2007 "Back Home" Blue Scholars
1991 "Baghdad" The Offspring
1991 "Believe" Stryper
2005 "Bin Laden" Immortal Technique
2007 "Black Rain" Ozzy Osbourne
2008 "Blessed are the Landmines" Brave Saint Saturn
2007 "Bloodsports" New Model Army
2002 "Boom!" System of a Down
1992 "The Bravery of Being Out of Range" Roger Waters
2006 "Brother's Song" Brand New
2003 "Bush" David Banner
2005 "Camilo" State Radio
2008 "Can't Happen Here" Atreyu
2004 "Caped Crusader" Jello Biafra with the Melvins
2007 "Capital G" Nine Inch Nails
2007 "Captain Sterling's Little Problem" The Coup
2008 "Cheney's Toy" James McMurtry
2004 "Cinnamon Girl" Prince
2009 "Civilian Ways" Rancid
2007 "Clenching the Fists of Dissent" Machine Head
2004 "Condi, Condi" Steve Earle
2008 "Confrontation" OTEP
2009 "Contractor" Lamb of God
2004 "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums" A Perfect Circle
2013 "Crash This Train" Joshua James
2007 "Dad's Gonna Kill Me" Richard Thompson
2006 "Dangerous Game" Bill Madden
2007 "Dark Side of the Sun" Tori Amos
2004 "Day After Tomorrow" Tom Waits
2007 "Dead Man Walking" Bloodsimple
2004 "Dear America" N.EX.T (featuring Psy)
2007 "Dear Mr. President" Pink
2004 "Deja Vu (All Over Again)" John Fogerty
1991 "Desert Angel" Stevie Nicks
2005 "Devils & Dust" Bruce Springsteen
1991 "Die for Oil Sucker" Jello Biafra
2006 "Dirty Bombs" Body Count
2005 "Dirty Harry" Gorillaz
2002 "Don't Bomb When You're the Bomb" Blur
2007 "Don't Make Me a Target" Spoon
2008 "Down from the Sky" Trivium
2007 "Draped in Flags" AD The Voice
2007 "Dress Blues" Jason Isbell
1993 "A Drug Against War" KMFDM
2008 "The Drums of War" Jackson Browne
1999 "Easily" Red Hot Chili Peppers
2004 "The Empire Strikes First" Bad Religion
2007 "Empty Walls" Serj Tankian
2006 "Everybody's Gone to War" Nerina Pallot
2006 "Exit Strategy" Valient Thorr
2003 "Façade of Reality" Epica
2003 "Fall Dog Bombs the Moon" David Bowie
2009 "Far from Home" Five Finger Death Punch
2007 "A Farewell to Arms" Machine Head
1991 "Fertile Crescent" Bad Religion
2004 "Final Straw" R.E.M.
2006 "Final Transmission" Street Dogs
2006 "For the Greater Good of God" Iron Maiden
2003 "Franco Un-American" NOFX
2008 "Friends in the Armed Forces" Thursday
2005 "Frontlines" Soulfly
2006 "Fun and Games" Barenaked Ladies
2007 "George W. Told the Nation" Tom Paxton
2006 "The Getaway" Voivod
2005 "God's Army" Smile Empty Soul
2003 "Good Song" Blur
2009 "Ground Zero" Chris Cornell
1994 "Gulf War Song" Moxy Früvous
2012 "Gul Mudin" Xiu Xiu
2007 "Gunslinger" Avenged Sevenfold
2008 "Hammerhead" The Offspring
2005 "The Hand That Feeds" Nine Inch Nails
2007 "Hands Held High" Linkin Park
2006 "Hard-On for War" Mudhoney
2006 "Harrowdown Hill" Thom Yorke
1992 "Heaven is Falling" Bad Religion
2012 "Hell Broke Luce" Tom Waits
1992 "Hero" Ministry
2008 "Hero of War" Rise Against
2008 "Hey Ma" James
1991 "Highwire" Rolling Stones
2004 "Holiday" Green Day
2006 "The Holidays Are Here (And We're Still at War)" Brett Dennen
1991 "Holy War" Matthew Sweet
2008 "Home Front" Drive-By Truckers
2004 "Home to Houston" Steve Earle
2003 "How Much Do You Suck?" The Jeevas
1991 "How Much Longer" Paul Leary
2007 "I Can't Take It No More" John Fogerty
2003 "I Will" Radiohead
2006 "If This Is Goodbye" Mark Knopfler with Emmylou Harris
2004 "If Wishes Were Horses" David Baerwald
2007 "Illegal Attacks" Ian Brown
2003 "In a World Gone Mad" Beastie Boys
2003 "Into the Fire" Bruce Springsteen
2002 "Is It Any Wonder?"[19] Keane
2002 "Jacob's Ladder" Chumbawamba
2002 "Jerusalem" Steve Earle
2002 "John Walker's Blues" Steve Earle
2009 "Kid Next Door" The Bottle Rockets
2004 "Kimdir O" Barış Akarsu
2007 "Last to Die" Bruce Springsteen
2004 "Leaving Beirut" Roger Waters
2004 "Left Right" The Chemical Brothers
2004 "Let Them Eat War" Bad Religion
2011 "Let's Be Real" Soulja Boy
2003 "Let's Get Free" Sheryl Crow
2006 "Let's Impeach the President" Neil Young
2002 "Let's Roll" Neil Young
2006 "Letter from Iraq" Bouncing Souls
2004 "Letters from Home" John Michael Montgomery
2006 "Lift the Veil, Kiss the Tank" The Blood Brothers
2006 "Light Up Ya Lighter" Michael Franti
2007 "The Little Things Give You Away" Linkin Park
2008 "Love Me, I'm a Liberal" Kevin Devine
2001 "Makeshift Patriot" Sage Francis
2006 "Mama" Godsmack
2004 "The Man Who Would Be King" Dio
2002 "Manhattan-Kaboul" Axelle Red and Renaud
2016 "A Match Made In Heaven" Architects
2004 "The Mob Goes Wild" Clutch
2004 "Mosh" Eminem
2003 "New Killer Star" David Bowie
2006 "No More" Bob Seger
2005 "No Sure Way" Loudon Wainwright III
2005 "No Time Flat" Kevin Devine
2003 "No War" Esham
2003 "Not in My Name" Saul Williams
2003 "Nothing Man" Bruce Springsteen
2004 "Now You've Got Something to Die For" Lamb of God
2011 "On the Backs of Angels" Dream Theater
2007 "On with the Song" Mary Chapin Carpenter
2003 "Out of Time" Blur
2005 "Overburdened" Disturbed
2003 "Paradise" Bruce Springsteen
2009 "People of the Lie" KMFDM
2002 "Politik" Coldplay
2002/3 "The Price of Oil" Billy Bragg
2007 "Prophets of War" Dream Theater
1996 "Redemption Day" Sheryl Crow
2017 "Refuge" Steven Wilson
2004 "Rich Man's War" Steve Earle
2002 "The Rising" Bruce Springsteen
2007 "Rumors of War" High on Fire
2007 "S-O-R-R-Y" The Proclaimers[20]
2005 "Sacred Lie" Disturbed
2005 "Sacrificed Sons" Dream Theater
2004 "Saraba" The Gazette
2005 "Saturn" Xiu Xiu
2006 "Shock and Awe" Neil Young
2005 "Sixteen Military Wives" The Decemberists
2002 "Skylines and Turnstiles" My Chemical Romance
1991 "Slap Leather" James Taylor
2008 "Sleep Through the Static" Jack Johnson
2005 "The Sodom and Gomorrah Show" Pet Shop Boys
2014 "A Song to Stifle Imperial Progress" The Used
2002 "Square Dance" Eminem
2007 "Stand Up" Flobots
2002 "Still Waiting" Sum 41
2005 "Succexy" Metric
2004 "Support Our Troops OH! (Black Angels OH!)" Xiu Xiu
2007 "Sweet Neo Con" Rolling Stones
2008 "That Man I Shot" Drive-By Truckers
2003 "This Is War" Smile Empty Soul
2009 "This Is War" Thirty Seconds to Mars
2016 "The Threat Is Real" Megadeth
2004 "To Kill the Child" Roger Waters
1992 "Too Much Rope" Roger Waters
2006 "Trot Out the Dead" Hammers of Misfortune
1994 "Turkey Shoot" Killdozer
2005 "Twenty" Robert Cray
2006 "Two Weeks From Twenty" Yellowcard
2004 "Unknown Soldier" The Casualties
2011 "Victory Stinks" Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine
2006 "Waiting on the World to Change" John Mayer
2003 "Walk On" Hilltop Hoods
2007 "War" Emigrate
1994 "War Again" Oingo Boingo
2002 "War on War" Wilco
1992 "Wargasm" L7
2012 "Warzone" Pagoda
2013 "Waves" Portugal. The Man
2011 "Welcome to Your Wedding Day" The Airborne Toxic Event
2003 "What Are We Fighting For" Live
2005 "When the President Talks to God" Bright Eyes
2004 "Where Is the Love?" The Black Eyed Peas (Featuring Justin Timberlake)
2001 "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)" Alan Jackson
2006 "Where'd You Go" Fort Minor
2010 "White Flag Warrior" Flobots ft. Tim McIlrath
2007 "White People for Peace" Against Me!
2005 "Wipe That Smile Off Your Face" Our Lady Peace
2011 "Words I Never Said" Lupe Fiasco
2006 "Worker Bees" Billy Talent
2006 "World Wide Suicide" Pearl Jam
1992 "Yellow Ledbetter" Pearl Jam
2006 "Yellowcake" Ministry
2007 "Yo George" Tori Amos
1991 "You Shoulda Killed Me Last Year" Ice-T
2003 "Your Silence" Suicide Machines
2005 "Zerstören" Rammstein

Russian invasion of Ukraine[edit]

Year Song Artist
2022 "Don't Give Up" Erekle Getsadze and Helen Kalandadze
2022 "Freedom" Tvorchi
2022 "Hey, Hey, Rise Up!" Pink Floyd ft. Andriy Khlyvnyuk
2022 "I'm Alive" Ruslana
2022 "Imagine"[21] Julian Lennon ft. Nuno Bettencourt
2022 "Kalyna" Go A
2022 "Love Is All We Got" The Roop
2022[a] "Mistsya shchaslyvykh lyudey" (Місця щасливих людей) Skryabin[b]
2022 "Nasze Domy" Kalush Orchestra and Szpaku
2022 "Ne zalyshay" (Не залишай) Anna Trincher
2022 "Nezlamna" (Незламна) Zlata Dziunka
2022 "Soldier" Manizha[22]
2022 "What They Fighting For?" EES ft. Ras Sheehama
2023 "Tango (Tananai_song)" Tananai


Year Song Artist
1967 "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" Arlo Guthrie
1989 "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" Public Enemy
1974 "Botas Locas" Sui Generis
1980 "The Call Up" The Clash
1965 "Draft Dodger Rag" Phil Ochs
1967 "Draft Morning" The Byrds
1969 "Draft Resister" Steppenwolf
1969 "Fortunate Son" Creedence Clearwater Revival
1991 "Fuck a War" Geto Boys
1960 "G.I. Blues" Elvis Presley
1981 "I Don't Wanna Get Drafted" Frank Zappa
1971 "One Man Rock and Roll Band" Roy Harper
1991 "Phone Call from Leavenworth" Chris Whitley
1994 "Refuse/Resist" Sepultura
1991 "Sgt. Baker" Primus
1984 "State of the Nation" Industry
2002 "Square Dance" Eminem
1967 "Take it Back" Cream
1990 "Train" Uncle Tupelo
1982 "War Party" Eddy Grant
1980 "When Ya Get Drafted" Dead Kennedys

Traditional music[edit]

Apart from the various genres of modern music, some traditional and contemporary folk songs reflect the futile efforts of war and the attitudes of objectors prior to the major wars of the 20th century. Some of these include:


Year Title Artist Theme
1967 Hair Gerome Ragni, James Rado, and Galt MacDermot The Vietnam War
1936 Johnny Johnson Kurt Weill World War I
1989 Miss Saigon Claude-Michel Schönberg The Vietnam War
1963 Oh, What a Lovely War! Joan Littlewood World War I

Concept albums[edit]

Year Title Artist
1989 Agent Orange Sodom

See also[edit]


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