Jayyl District

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Жайыл району
Kyrgyzstan Jayyl Raion.png
Country Kyrgyzstan
Region Chuy Region
 • Total 3,435 km2 (1,326 sq mi)
Population (2009)
 • Total 92,645
 • Density 27/km2 (70/sq mi)
Time zone GMT +5 (UTC+5)
Website http://www.jaiyl.kg/

Jayyl (Kalinin District until May 1993) is a raion (district) of Chuy Region in northern Kyrgyzstan. Its area is 3,453 square kilometres (1,333 sq mi), and its resident population was 92,645 in 2009.[1] The capital lies at Kara-Balta. It also administers an exclave in the southwestern heel of Chuy Region (the Suusamyr Valley, not on map at right), separated from the rest of the Jayyl District by the Panfilov District.[2]

Populated places[edit]

As of 2009, Jayyl District comprised 1 town and 36 villages in 12 rural communities (Aiyl Okmotus). The rural communities and settlements in the Jayyl District are:[3]

  1. town Kara-Balta
  2. Ak-Bashat Aiyl Okmotu (villages: Ak-Bashat, Aydarbek, Aral, Novonikolayevka)
  3. Jayyl Aiyl Okmotu (villages: Jayyl, Alekseyevka)
  4. Kara-Suu Aiyl Okmotu (villages: Stavropolovka and Kara-Suu)
  5. Krasnovostochnyi Aiyl Okmotu (villages: Kalininskoye, Kaldyk, Kara-Döbö)
  6. Kyzyl-Dyykan Aiyl Okmotu (villages: Kyzyl-Dyykan and Petropavlovka)
  7. Poltavka Aiyl Okmotu (villages: Poltavka, Orto-Suu, Maltabar)
  8. Sary-Bulak Aiyl Okmotu (villages: Sary-Bulak, Mongoldor)
  9. Sarykoo Aiyl Okmotu (villages: Iyri-Suu, Eriktuu, Altyn, Fedorovka, Jeken, and Jon-Aryk)
  10. Sosnovka Aiyl Okmotu (village: Sosnovka)
  11. Stepnoe Aiyl Okmotu (village: Stepnoye)
  12. Suusamyr Aiyl Okmotu (villages: Suusamyr, Kojomkul, Tunuk, Birinchi May, Kyzyl-Oy, Karakol and Kaysar)
  13. Taldy-Bulak Aiyl Okmotu (center - village: Böksö-Jol, and also villages: Kayyrma, Bekitay)


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Coordinates: 42°49′N 73°51′E / 42.817°N 73.850°E / 42.817; 73.850