Javari Temple, Khajuraho

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Javari Temple
Javari temple at Khajuraho
Javari temple at Khajuraho
Proper name Javari Temple
Devanagari जावरी मंदिर
Coordinates 24°51′11″N 79°55′10″E / 24.85306°N 79.91944°E / 24.85306; 79.91944Coordinates: 24°51′11″N 79°55′10″E / 24.85306°N 79.91944°E / 24.85306; 79.91944
Country India
State Madhya Pradesh
District Chattarpur, Khajuraho[1]
Location Khajuraho[1]
Primary deity Vishnu[1]
Number of temples 1
History and governance
Date built C. 975 and 1100 A.D.[1]
Creator Chandella Rulers

The Javari Temple in Khajuraho, India, is a Hindu temple, which forms part of the Khajuraho Group of Monuments, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built between c. 975 and 1100 A.D.[1]

The temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Vishnu.[1] The main idol of the temple is broken and headless(see image).[2]


The temple is located in the eastern area of Khajuraho.[1] It is near to and visible from Vamana Temple, and at a distance of about 200 meters (south)[1] from it.


It has well-proportioned architecture, with a sanctum,[1] vestibule,[1] mandapa[1] and portico,[1] but without pradakshinapatha. It has remable Makara Torana[1] (Capricorn Arch) and shikhara (top). It has three bands of carved sculptures on the outer wall. The temple has a close resemblance[1] with Chaturbhuja Temple, also at Khajuraho.

Main idol[edit]

The main idol (of Vishnu[1]) of the temple is broken and headless.[2]

Makara (Capricorn) Arch[edit]

Temple has beautiful Makara[1] (Capricorn) Arch at the entrance porch (also seen in image).

Entrance of sanctum[edit]

The entrance gate of sanctum has sculptures depicting nava-graha on the top. Along with nava-graha sculptures, sculpture of the Hindu deities Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva can also be seen.


The temple has two bands of sculpture on the outer wall (see image).[3]



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