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Jay Tuck

Jay Nelson Tuck, Jr. (born April 25, 1945) is an American journalist, television producer, author, voice talent and lecturer.

During his 35-year-employment with ARD German Television, Tuck worked as investigative reporter, war correspondent in Iraq and Executive Producer of the daily network news magazine ARD-Tagesthemen. In 2001 he founded Airtime Dubai Ltd, an international media company based in United Arab Emirates, where he produces Arabic-language programming for 40 million viewers. As voice talent Tuck can be heard on international commercials and cinema trailers.

Early life[edit]

Jay Nelson Tuck, Jr. was born in Brooklyn, New York as son of newspaper journalist Jay Nelson Tuck.[1] He attended Wayne High School in New Jersey and studied at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. There he shot his first student films, The Date[2] and Short Circuit.[3] During his studies he also held jobs as a student economist at the Federal Trade Commission, the US Treasury and as a social worker in Harlem. Tuck began his journalistic career at age twenty as radio reporter for WYSO, the college's FM station.[4]

Civilian service in Europe[edit]

As a recognized conscientious objector during the Vietnam War he travelled to Germany, where he served his two-year civilian service in Hamburg. During this time, Tuck shot various amateur films, including Good Day[5] with the British rock group Nektar.

ARD German Television[edit]

His German media career began in 1971 as a free-lancer for local TV at Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) in Hamburg, where he interviewed many entertainment personalities, including Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Mick Jagger, Leonard Cohen and Andy Warhol.[6] For thirty years, Jay Tuck was employed full-time by NDR and the ARD network, first as investigative reporter for NDR-Panorama and WDR-Monitor, later as war correspondent in both Gulf Wars.[7]

Free-lance journalist[edit]

In Germany, reportage from Jay Tuck appeared in Stern, Der Spiegel, Die Welt, Zeit-Dossier and Zeit-Magazin. Internationally he has written for Oggi (Italy), Panorama and Nieuwe Revu (Netherlands), Vi Menn (Norway), Le Point (France), Playboy (Germany) and Time Magazine (USA).[8]


As book author,[9]


  • High-Tech Espionage, St. Martins Press, New York, ISBN 9780708832714
  • The T Directorat, St. Martin's Press, New York, ISBN 9780312908355
  • High-Tech Espionage, Sidgwick & Jackson, London ISBN 9780283992926
  • Die Computer-Spione, Heyne Verlag, Munich, ISBN 3453020081
  • La Guerre des Ordinateurs, Plon, Paris 2002, ISBN 9782259014212
  • Il gioco della conchiglia (Computer Connection), Adnkronos libri, Rome 1985
  • Ο πόλεμος των computers - Οι Πειρατές της Πληροφορικής (War of computers - Pirates of Information), Roes Publishing, Athens, 1986)
  • Direktorat T, Kriminalistik-Verlag, Köln 2002, ISBN 9783783213874

Airtime Dubai and Al-Jazeera[edit]

After retiring from ARD German Television, Jay Tuck founded Airtime Dubai Ltd[10] in the United Arab Emirates, an international media company[11] with close contacts to the Arab broadcasters of the region. His weekly technology magazine Understanding Tomorrow (عن كثب) was on-air for five years and watched by 40 million viewers on Al-Jazeera (Arabic). Airtime Dubai also produces corporate image videos.[12] Its music arm, Airtime Records, released the top-selling CD "Dubai Nights, Volume One".[13]

Voice work[edit]

Tuck has continued his work behind the microphone since his university days, as radio DJ on the north German FM station NDR-2 (“Die Jay Tuck Show”) and in commercials and cinema trailers.[14] His voice can be heard on hundreds of TV commercials,[15] and as the narrator of the Hollywood thriller Alone in the Dark starring Christian Slater[16].


Jay Tuck during the Siberian Ice Marathon in Omsk, Russia, 2001

Tuck is a long-distance runner. In the year 2000 he became the first American to run the Siberian Ice Marathon[17] in Omsk, Russia.


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