Jazzy Sensation

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"Jazzy Sensation"
Jazzy Sensation.jpg
Single by Afrika Bambaataa & the Jazzy Five
Released November 1981
Format 12"
Recorded 1981
Label Tommy Boy
Writer(s) Afrika Bambaataa, Gwen McCrae, Tom Silverman
Producer(s) Tom Silverman
Afrika Bambaataa singles chronology
"Zulu Nation Throwdown"
"Jazzy Sensation"
"Planet Rock"

"Jazzy Sensation" is a song released in 1981 performed by Afrika Bambaataa and the Jazzy Five. The song's lyrics consist mainly of routines from the Jazzy Five's stage shows along with a revamped chorus from Gwen McCrae's "Funky Sensation."

Afrika Bambaataa introduced the Jazzy Five to Tom Silverman and they recorded "Jazzy Sensation" as the first rap single on Tommy Boy Records. "Jazzy Sensation" has been re-released on various hip hop compilation albums and the song's lyrics have been sampled by various artists including the Beastie Boys.