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Ji Suk-jin
Ji Suk Jin at Malaysia for Running Man Fan Meeting Asian Tour 2014.jpg
Birth name Jee Seok-jin
Born (1966-02-10) February 10, 1966 (age 51)
Jungseon, Gangwon, South Korea
Medium television, music, radio
Nationality South Korea
Education Ajou University
Years active 1992–present
Spouse Ryu Su-jung[1]
Children Jee Hyun-woo (son)
Notable works and roles

Host of Star Golden Bell, Running Man

Korean name
Hangul 지석진
Revised Romanization Ji Seok-jin
McCune–Reischauer Chi Sŏkchin

Ji Suk-jin (correctly spelled as Jee Seok-jin; Hangul: 지석진; Hanja: 池錫辰 (more commonly known as 池石镇)) is a South Korean comedian, television presenter, actor, and broadcaster. He graduated from Ajou University with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.[2][3]

In 1992, Ji Suk-jin debuted as a singer, releasing his first album "I Know".[4] However, he gained popularity as an MC and comedian in the entertainment industry. He was most commonly known as the main MC in Star Golden Bell, which aired from 2004 to 2010.[5]

Ji Suk-jin is most well known as a cast member in the variety show Running Man together with Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook, Haha, Song Ji-hyo, and Lee Kwang-soo.

Recent Works[edit]

Ji Suk-jin has recently released a couple of new songs, 22 years after his debut as a singer.

In 2014, he sang a duet '사랑한다 말하는건' (Saying I Love You) with Club Soul, for the KBS drama My Dear Cat's OST.

In 2015, he sang 머리핀 (Hairpin) for the OST of drama Romance for 7 Days, a collaboration drama between Korea's CMB and Hong Kong's TVB. Ji Suk-jin released this song in both Korean and Chinese versions, the Chinese version being called 发卡 which is very well received in Mandarin-speaking regions, reaching the 6th position on the Chinese Baidu music charts.

Also, Ji Suk-jin has recently been known for his rendition of the Chinese song 童话 (Fairy Tale). It was first performed at the Running Man Special Live in Taipei fan meeting in January 2015, which garnered many positive responses about his accurate Mandarin pronunciation and melodious vocals. The original singer of the song, Michael Wong, also known as 光良 (Guang Liang), also praised Ji Suk-jin for his rendition. Wong subsequently invited Ji Suk-jin to be the performing guest for his Taipei concert in May 2015, where they performed 童话 (Fairy Tale) together.

In September 2016, Ji Suk-jin started hosting on MBC Radio FM4U as a DJ. His radio programme 2시의데이트 지석진입니다 (2PM Date) is broadcast daily, from 2pm to 4pm.

In 2017, Ji Suk-jin released a Chinese duet 你最珍贵 with Hong Kong singer Bianca Wu 胡琳. Wu had invited him to record a newly arranged jazz rendition of the 1998 classic hit duet originally performed by Jacky Cheung and Gao Hui Jun, and also to film the MV in Hong Kong. They were then invited to perform the song at Hong Kong's TVB annual charity gala show 星光熠熠耀保良.



  • 2014: 사랑한다 말하는건 (Saying I Love You) - My Dear Cat OST
  • 2015: 머리핀 (Hairpin) - Romance for 7 Days OST (Korean version)
  • 2015: 发卡 (Hairpin) - Romance for 7 Days OST (Chinese version)
  • 2017: 你最珍贵 (Ni Zui Zhen Gui)

Solo album[edit]

  • 1992: I Know


  • MBC Radio FM4U: 2시의데이트 지석진입니다 2PM Date (Daily, 2pm - 4pm)


Television Host[edit]

List of present programs
Year Title Network Notes
2010–present Running Man
Episode 1 – present
2017-present Happy Together
Episode 500 - present
List of former programs
Year Title Network Notes
2004 - 2006 Heroine 6
2004 - 2010 Star Golden Bell
2007 - 2008 High-Five
2007 Truth Game
2008 Cider
2011 Death Camp 24 Hours
2012 Survival King
2015 Same Bed, Different Dreams
2016 Talk Hero

Television Appearances[edit]

Year Title Network Notes
2008 Happy Together
Guest ep 50
2009 Guest ep 101
2010 Guest ep 140
Strong Heart
Guest ep 29-30
2012 Radio Star (Golden Fishery)
Guest ep 264
Happy Together
Guest ep 244
Go Show
Guest ep 14
Infinite Challenge
Guest ep 304
2013 Thank You
Guest ep 12
Real Animal Adoption: Our Family’s Youngest
Guest ep 1-2
2014 Infinite Challenge Guest ep 379
Magic Eye
Guest ep 3
Hurry Up, Brother
Zhejiang Television
Guest ep 5
Happy Together
Guest ep 377
2015 Countdown Show
Zhejiang Television
2015 Everybody
Guest ep 13
Happy Together
Guest ep 418
2016 Infinite Challenge
Guest ep 467-468
Radio Star (Golden Fishery) Guest ep 467
Anhui Television
Tianjin Television And Radio Station
Guest ep 7-8
Guest ep 92
Cameo ep 9


Running Man Fan Meetings[edit]

Race Start! 2013[edit]

Race Start! Season 2 2014[edit]

Running Man Special Live in Taipei 2015[edit]

Race Start! Season 3 2015[edit]

Running Man Live in Taiwan 2016[edit]

Running Man 2017 Live[edit]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Awards show Category Result
2004 KBS Entertainment Awards Excellence Award (Variety) Won
2007 KBS Entertainment Awards Excellence Award (Variety) Won
2012 SBS Entertainment Awards Excellence Award (Variety) Won
2013 SBS Entertainment Awards Best Couple Award (with Lee Kwang-soo) Nominated
SBS Entertainment Awards Viewer's Most Popular Award (with Running Man members) Won
2015 Seoul Luxury Brand Model Awards (LBMA) Hallyu Entertainer Won
SBS Entertainment Awards Excellence Award (Variety) Won

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