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Daum communication logo.svg
Type of site
Web portal
Available inKorean
OwnerKakao Corp.
LaunchedMay 1997; 24 years ago (1997-05)
Current statusOnline
Revised RomanizationDaeum

Daum (Korean: 다음) is a South Korean web portal. It offers many Internet services to web users, including a popular free web-based e-mail, messaging service, forums, shopping, news and webtoon service. The word "daum" means "next", but it can also be interpreted as Hanja "多音", meaning "many sounds".[1]


The popularity of Daum stems from the range of services it offers, but also from the fact that it was the first Korean web portal of significant size. Its popularity started when it merged with the then most popular e-mail service, daum.net or hanmail.net. After the merging, Daum started the forum service Daum Cafe which brought its firm status in the market. Daum received the eighth highest trust rating in a 2020 Reuters Institute survey of selected South Korean media outlets.[2]


From 2003, Daum started on-line direct automobile insurance by launching the subsidiary 'Daum Direct Auto Insurance' and from 2008, it became a partnership company with ERGO Insurance Group.

On August 2, 2004 Daum announced the purchase of Lycos for $95.4 million, and closed the transaction on October 6.[3] As part of a corporate restructuring to focus on mobile, social networks and location-based services, Daum sold Lycos for $36 million in August 2010 to Ybrant Digital, an internet marketing company based in Hyderabad, India.[4]

In 2006, they started a blogging service Tistory with 'Tatter and Company',[5] a blogging platform developing company and in July 2007 Daum took over all rights to manage the services.

The company also develops and distributes the freeware media player PotPlayer. In addition to its freeware media player (Daum tvPot), Daum Communications Corp. provides variety of services such as clouding service (Daum Cloud), Daum Dictionary (applicable on mobile devices), Daum Comics, and map service (Daum Maps).

Daum has about 874 employees as of March, 2009 and is the 2nd largest web portal service provider in South Korea in terms of daily visits. [6]

In 2014, Daum merged with Kakao Corp. (at that time known as Kakao Inc.), known as the maker of KakaoTalk, to form Daum Kakao.[7]

Daum Webtoon[edit]

Daum Webtoon (Hangul: 다음 웹툰), is a webtoon (webcomic) platform launched by Daum Corporation in South Korea in February, 2003. These days, there are many k-dramas that are motivated by these webcomics like Line Webtoon.[8]

As of 2021, Daum Webtoon is operated by Kakao Entertainment, a subsidiary of Kakao. It is set to be renamed as Kakao Webtoon in the second half of the year.[9]

Adaptations of Daum webtoons[edit]

Title Author Format Premiere Notes Reference
Kang Full Film July 6, 2006 Toilet Pictures [10]
The Great Catsby
(위대한 캣츠비)
Doha Kang and Kim Seung-jin TV series July 4, 2007 Produced by May Queen Pictures
Broadcast on tvN
Kang Full Film February 28, 2008 Wire to Wire Film [12]
Love Story
Kang Full Film November 27, 2008 Lets Films
Yoon Tae-ho Film July 14, 2010 Cinema Service [14]
Aridong Last Cowboy
(아리동 라스트 카우보이)
Zephy TV Special August 14, 2010 Broadcast on KBS 2TV [15]
Film November 29, 2017 AD406 [16]
Mary Stayed Out All Night
(매리는 외박중)
Won Soo-yeon TV series November 8, 2010 Produced by ACC Korea and KBS Media
Broadcast on KBS 2TV
I Love You
(그대를 사랑합니다)
Kang Full Film February 17, 2011 NEW [18]
TV series April 16, 2012 Broadcast on SBS F!L [19]
Kang Full Film September 7, 2011 Lotte Entertainment [20]
Kang Full Film August 23, 2012 Lotte Entertainment [21]
26 Years
Kang Full Film November 29, 2012 Invent Stone Corp.
Chungeorahm Film
Fists of Legend
(전설의 주먹)
Lee Jong-gyu and Lee Yoon-gyun Film April 10, 2013 Cinema Service [22]
Covertly, Gloriously
(은밀하게 위대하게)
Hun Film June 5, 2013 Showbox/Mediaplex [23]
The 5ive Hearts
(더 파이브)
Jeong Yeon-shik Film November 14, 2013 Cinema Service
KT Media Hub
Yoon Tae-ho TV series October 17, 2014 Produced by Number Three Pictures
Broadcast on tvN
Hogu's Love (a/k/a Fool for You)
(호구의 사랑)
Yoo Hyun-sook TV series February 9, 2015 Produced by MI Inc.
Broadcast on tvN
Super Daddy Yeol
(슈퍼대디 열)
Lee Sang-hoon and Jin Hyo-mi TV series March 3, 2015 Produced by and broadcast on tvN [27]
The Insiders
Yoon Tae-ho Film November 19, 2015 Showbox [28]
Kang Full Animated Film December 10, 2015 Hyoin Entertainment [29]
Steel Rain
Woo-Suk Yang and Zephy Film December 14, 2017 Mofac & Alfred [30]
Film July 29, 2020 [30]
Love Alarm
(좋아하면 울리는)
Chon Kye-young Web series August 22, 2019 (season 1)
March 12, 2021 (season 2)
Produced by Studio Dragon and Production H
Broadcast on Netflix
July Found by Chance
(어쩌다 발견한 7월)
Moo Ryu TV series October 2, 2019 Produced by MBC and RaemongRaein
Broadcast on MBC TV
Film TBA Kross Pictures USA [33]
Killed My Wife
(아내를 죽였다)
Hee Na-ri Film December 11, 2019 Dante Media Lab
KT Hitel
Itaewon Class
(이태원 클라쓰)
Kwang Jin [ko] TV series January 31, 2020 Produced by Showbox, Zium Content and Itaewon Class Production Partners
Broadcast on JTBC
Jae Hoo TV series March 11, 2020 Produced by Studio Dragon and Studio 605
Broadcast on tvN
Friend Contract
Kwon Laad TV series April 6, 2020 Produced by Mega Monster
Broadcast on KBS 2TV
Twin Tops Bar
Bae Hye-soo TV series May 20, 2020 Produced by Samhwa Networks and JTBC Studios
Broadcast on JTBC
Amazing Rumor
(경이로운 소문)
Jang Yi TV series November 28, 2020 Produced by Studio Dragon and Neo Entertainment
Broadcast on OCN
Navillera (Like a Butterfly)
HUN and Jimin TV series March 22, 2021 Produced by Studio Dragon and The Great Show
Broadcast on tvN
Dr. Brain
Mister Hong Web series Second half of 2021 Produced by YG STUDIOPLEX, Kakao Entertainment, Bound Entertainment and Dark Circle Pictures
Broadcast on Apple TV+
Dead Man's Letter
(망자의 서)
GAR2 and Teacher Oh TV series TBA Produced by Mega Monster
In development, to be broadcast on KBS 2TV
Dolled Up
(대새녀의 메이크업 이야기)
Yeo Eun TV series TBA Produced by Showbox
In development, to be broadcast on JTBC

Security warning[edit]

The e-mail address ceos1[@]daum[.]net; is currently (Jun 2019) being used by the London Blue group of cybercriminals in a business email compromise scam.[45] [46] [47]

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