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Joanna Pickering
Joanna Pickering.jpg
Occupation Actress, Writer, Academic, Model
Nationality British
Education Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics
Years active 2003 to present

Joanna Pickering is a British-born actress, writer, model, TV producer and academic, based in New York City.[1] She trained at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Method Acting[2] and is represented by 3 Arts Entertainment in Hollywood.[3] She was first known for her lead role in the cult film 'Kubricks" directed by Dean Cavanagh and produced by music mogul Alan McGee.[1][4]

Early life[edit]

Pickering was born in the North East of England.[3] She studied at La Sagesse convent school,[2] where she received an academic scholarship[3] from the Marie Curie trustees.[5]

She was awarded prizes each year for outstanding attainment in Mathematics, Science, and Literature.[3] She received 11 GCSE's grade A to A*. At sixteen, she was accepted into Central High School, where she studied A levels in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry,[5] and went on to university in Scotland graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pure Mathematics and components in quantum physics.[2][5]

During this time she worked as a fashion model[3] as well as taking bit roles in UK television such as the Chris Morris show Nathan Barley,[6][7] underground radio shows, and theatre work.[3]

She was accepted into the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City where she trained in method acting for stage and camera.[8] After training, Pickering traveled extensively, working worldwide on creative projects, experimental films, and writing.[2][3]


Pickering's first significant role was playing the lead in the London produced play "The Thief" which aired on independent UK radio for Resonance FM in 2007.[9] "The Thief" was written and directed by the playwright Johny Brown, who is also the founding member of rock group The Band of Holy Joy.

Pickering's following roles included many low budget independent films which won awards at The Symphony Brooklyn festival[10] and The New Filmmakers festival at The Anthology Film Archives in New York.[11][12] She has played lead roles in cult British indie horror,[13] and was the lead actress for award-winning Swedish directors Fabian Svensson and Jens Klevje[14] in their debut movie "Party On Ice" filmed in Malmo, Sweden,[15] as well as smaller roles in major films such as Svengali starring Vicky McClure and Martin Freeman.[16]

Pickering was the lead actress for the cult film "Kubricks" written and directed by Dean Cavanagh (Irvine Welsh's writing partner) and produced by music mogul Alan McGee[4][7] (co-founder of Creation Records and Britpop in UK). It filmed on location in Wales in 2012[17] and screened worldwide in 2014 in UK and USA.[18] The film is considered to be influenced by the Dogme method of filming, and pays homage to the craft of Stanley Kubrick.[19] In an interview in June 2012 for Zani Magazine, Pickering stated, "I don't know how it will turn out, a genuine experiment it seems, but the experience was absolutely positive."[2] Pickering also declared they had "broken every rule of film making by the end of the first afternoon"[2] and describing it as "a working metaphor for quantum (mechanics)."[20]

At the end of 2012, filming on location in Berlin, Pickering portrayed the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven[21] an avant-garde Dadaist artist and poet. This filming collaborated alongside "The Filmballad of MamaDada" which was shown at The Whitney Museum, New York City, as a directorial collective film about The Baroness[7][22][23] and screened at Copenhagen International Documentary Festival.[24]

In 2013 Pickering was cast for a lead role in the production of "Mersey Boys" centered around the rock band The Beatles before they reach fame.[25] Mersey Boys also cast Pickering for the off-broadway play.[25] Film news noted her as a "rising British film star"[26] and in Downtown magazine the writer of the original novel claimed her as "the standout talent."[25] Beatles Magazine described her as portraying the sexiest character ever created.[27] In 2014, the film was held due to a legal dispute in post production between producers and director.[28]

Pickering worked in the pre-production stage of a USA TV series "Shanghai" with writer Mick Lexington, and was cast to play in the role of the cunning femme fatale.[29] In August 2013, Pickering successfully pitched at The Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival seeing her not only in place as a star acting role but also as an international television producer.[30]

In 2014 she was cast to play the lead role in a British indie horror film that shot in Manchester and screened in UK in 2015.[31][13]

In 2015 Pickering successfully auditioned to coach under acclaimed director Aleksey Burago and was offered a scholarship opportunity with The Russian Arts Theater Studio in New York.[3][32]

In September 2016, Pickering was represented by Hollywood company 3 Arts Entertainment for acting and screenwriting talent.[3]


In March 2013, Pickering performed her own creative writing, airing on live radio for "The Fall of Babylon" show on Resonance FM in London.[33] The piece was an adaptation of Pickering's previous writing published on her experiences living in Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York City, in the early 2000s, before full gentrification of the area.[34]

Her diaries from travelling between 2009 and 2011 were self published and reviewed in "Louder Then War" and "Zani magazine" and by journalist Innes Reekie[7] (The Scotsman, The Times), as well as Harpers and Collins, and Pavilion, all of which described her work as "extraordinarily gifted" and "new-Beat Generation" in style.[34]

In 2016, three proposals for screenplays were marked as her "power house" and she began focusing on writing strong, complex, female leads, under 3 Arts Entertainment.[3]


Pickering's model work has included editorial, cat walk, LA/NYC fashion week, front covers for magazines such as UK's Who's Jack magazine, WAD magazine, and bikini model for surf company Rip Curl.[35]

Pickering cites in a 2012 feature interview with Zani Magazine that writing and acting is her preference over model work, as well as preferring to choose low budget, indie art, and experimental films, often with heavy use of improvisationacting work over many commercial avenues.[2][36] However, on 11 March 2013, Pickering agreed to model/represent "See me not my label"- a company working with the Mind (charity) for removing stigma attached with mental disorders and raising awareness and funds.[35] In 2014 she was the model for Swedish designer Cecilia Lundqvist in London.[35]

In 2016 Pickering modelled for Diane Von Furstenberg in her studio in New York City.[35]

Style and Fashion[edit]

Pickering is known for her style - which is often described as "glamorous," "rock and roll" and "60s style."[32] In 2013, Pickering was featured as "one of the most stylish women" in international Swedish magazine,[37] and in 2016 was interviewed in New York Fashion Weekly, USA for style advice and tips as "a fashion influencer."[32]

She has worked with designer Diane Von Furstenberg[32] and Jonathan Saunders.[38] In 2017, she set up her own style company to help empower women and offer confidence for all body shapes and ages.[39]

Influence in Music and Art[edit]

Pickering is considered an influential muse to the rock and roll scene that emerged in London in mid 2000s.[7][40][41][35] She collaborated on many avant-garde music projects, wrote song lyrics,[42] appeared on album covers,[2][40] and in 2007 DJ'd and fronted Alan Mcgee's international club night Death Disco in Los Angeles[2][41][43] before returning to acting and writing in New York.

She has collaborated on film and poetry performance with punk poet, Jon Cooper Clarke at The Manchester Apollo, UK.[43]

Pickering filmed with The Band of Holy Joy in a musical feature for "City of Tales: Volume 1 & 2" produced by Inga Tillere and directed by Johny Brown.[40] Scottish Actor Tam Dean Burn also films with the project.[40] Pickering is the front cover model for "City of Tales" album released by The Band Of Holy Joy in 2015.[40]

She is the front cover model for the album Spectorbullets by the band Spectorbullets (members include The Fire Engines Russell Burn and Gustaf Heden)[44] and she is the actress in Heden's music video "Goldmine'.[45] She is credited in the sleeve notes as the inspiration for Heden's material which spanned between 2007 to 2014,[3][44] as well as contributing to his play "A Few Hundred More" which she performed in at The Thespis Festival in New York.[46] Pickering wrote the lyrics for the song "Drop" which was released on the album Spectorbullets in November 2010.[44] The album as a whole received 4 out of 5 in the December 2010 issue of the British music magazine Uncut.[44] In April 2011, in a Scottish magazine article written by Robert King, who formed the 1970 Scottish post-punk band The Scars, Drop was described as "lyrically essentially a recreation of Godard’s film A bout de souffle."[47]

Pickering was the subject for portrait on large box canvas by Scottish artist Justin Robertson, renowned for his unique take on iconic musicians, movie stars and world events. The painting exhibited for auction in Edinburgh in October 2012.[48] In 2014 she was included in a sequence of polaroids of the "most beautiful" exhibited by photographer Emiliano Granado, at The Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago.[49][50]

Pickering appears in Valerio Rocco, film version of "Lover's Discourse" which has screened in national museums of modern and contemporary art worldwide.[51][52]

Personal life[edit]

Pickering resides in New York City.[1] Her grandfather received an OBE.[3] Her mother is an acclaimed super-head known for turning around failing inner city schools in UK and Pickering has taught mathematics to asylum seekers and children with special needs.[3] Pickering, via her mother and father, has dual residency in UK and France.[3]


Year Film Role
2004 The King of Bollywood Wedding Guest
2010 The Beautiful Veil Girl at Memorial
2010 Lover's Discourse Herself
2011 There Is No Me Hannah
2011 Party On Ice Tuesday
2011 Upon Our Children Genevieve
2012 Burgundies Boys Elizabeth Dufrese
2012 Sour Girl Beth
2012 Svengali Horsey's Girl
2012 KUBRICKS Lucy
2013 The Baroness in Berlin[53] Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven
2013 FilmBallad of MamaDada Baroness in Berlin
2013 Method Herself
2014 Latency[53] Jackie
2014 Mersey Boys Ginny Browne
2014 City of Tales Ophelia
2015 Lead Me To The Dark Amy Cole


Year Title Role
2005 Nathan Barley Art Critic
2006 Top Ten Ways to Contact the Dead Cleopatra
2013/16 Shanghai Simone Beauchamp
2016 New Vague City Joanna


Year Title
2008 The Thief
2012 The Fall of Babylon


Year Production Theater Role
2013/14 Mersey Boys The Actors Temple NYC Ginny Browne
2013/14 Just a Few Hundred more Thespis Theater Festival NYC Mindy[54]


Year Production Event
2013 Sanghai TV series The Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival


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