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Jockey Club Ti-I College
School logo of Jockey Club Ti-I College.png
JCTIC School Campus Overview
5-7 Lok King Street, Fo Tan, Sha Tin
New Territories,  Hong Kong
School type Aided, Secondary, Co-educational
Motto 體仁藝智
(Sports, Humanity, Art, Wisdom)
Founded September 1989; 28 years ago (1989-09)
Principal Mr. Vincent Cheng
Grades F.1 – F.6
Language English
Area 20,000 m²
Houses 4 (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow)
Colour(s) Blue     
Slogan Dedicated to High Performance in Academics, P.E. Sports and Visual Arts
Yearbook In Quest of...

Jockey Club Ti-I College (TIC or JCTIC, Chinese: 賽馬會體藝中學) is a secondary school in Sha Tin, Hong Kong.

Jockey Club Ti-I College ('Ti-I' is pronounced 'tee yee', stands for sports – arts in Chinese) was established with funding of HK$84 million from the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club. The setting up of a secondary school, which is not only focused on normal academic curriculum, but also aimed to develop students' potential of visual arts and sports, was proposed by Sir Edward Youde, the late governor of Hong Kong.[1]


The idea of founding the school originated from the late governor, Sir Edward Youde. He proposed the setting up of a secondary school in Hong Kong which would not only emphasize academic performance but also provide an opportunity to develop students' potentials in sports and visual arts.

In November 1985, the Chief Secretary came to an agreement with the Hong Kong Jockey Club (the then Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club) that such a school would be built in Shatin. A total funding of eighty-four million Hong Kong dollars was established by the RHKJC and the government.

The Education Department invited professionals and educators to form the School Management Board. The school commenced its operation in September 1989 and is now in full swing.


School name[edit]

The Chinese name of the College, 賽馬會體藝中學, translates literally as "Jockey Club Sports – Arts College". refers to Sports (Chinese: ) and refers to Arts (Chinese: ). This name shows how the founding of the College emphasises on sport and art.


School logo of Jockey Club Ti-I College

The school logo of the college is designed by Hong Kong designer Kan Tai Keung. To match the college's ambition to the education in visual arts and sports, the logo has highlighted the two main elements: an art palette and an athlete.[2]

The art palette represents their focus to visual arts. The running posture of an athlete, which is reshaped as the word "Ti", represents their passion to sports.

School motto and song[edit]


The motto of Jockey Club Ti-I College is sports, humanity, art and wisdom (Chinese: ).[3]

  • Sports: sportsmanship, healthy bodies
  • Humanity: humane, kind, showing sympathy, understanding
  • Art: artistic, creative, appreciative to things in life
  • Wisdom: analytical power, independent thinking, good judgement

School song[edit]

The school song of Jockey Club Ti-I College is composed by award-winning composer Doming Lam. With both English and Putonghua lyrics.[4]

Special features[edit]


Jockey Club Ti-I College is the only secondary school in Hong Kong that has full autonomy in the Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) for Form 1 student intake, which means the College could recruit students in Hong Kong with no restriction on districts. For Primary 6 students that are participating in the SSPA System, applying for the College does not take up the two quotas of discretionary application in the system.[5]



Jockey Club Ti-I College is one of the very few secondary schools in Hong Kong with a dormitory. The maximum capacity of the dormitory is 96.[6]

Choice for elective[edit]

The college is also the first of its kind in Hong Kong, in which students are to choose between specializing in visual arts or sports when they get in. The idea is to develop students all-around abilities and interests besides academic excellence. The student would have more lessons for their selected stream.

Special facilities[edit]

The college has 7 special art rooms for the students, including the Drawing and Printing Room, Sculpture Room, Graphic Design Room, Ceramics Room, Photography Room, Print-making Room and the Art Gallery.

For physical education, the college has 3 Tennis Courts, 2 basketball court, a sports science & fitness centre, a gymnasium, a fitness room and a roof top basketball court.

Accessible lift and accessible toilet are also available for students with special educational needs.

Sports achievements[edit]

Jockey Club Ti-I College is often named as a "traditional elite sports school" (Chinese: 傳統體育名校) by the news media.[7][8] Till now, the College is the only secondary school in Hong Kong that could achieve both boys and girls group basketball overall champion in the same tournament in the All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Basketball Tournament 1998-99, a major school sport competition organised by the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation.[8]


Students of Jockey Club Ti-I College are required to choose a major either in visual arts or physical education before admission.

Other than specialized school-based curriculum for these two specialized areas, students will study other subjects offered by a normal grammar school in Hong Kong. They will eventually sit for the new Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) when they leave the College in Form 6.

Some students will continue to pursue tertiary education in physical education or visual arts and work in related fields upon graduation.[9]


Photo in 2016
Block / Area Facilities
Main Block Art gallery, sports science & fitness centre, drawing and printing room, sculpture room, graphic design room, ceramics room, photography room, geography room and computer room.
Hall Block Gymnasium, fitness room, school hall and English centre.
Extension Block Lecture theatre, campus store, computer-assisted learning room (CAL room), print-making room, student activity room, Learning Hub (formerly Library)[10] and roof top basketball court.
Dormitory Block Canteen, study room and dormitory.
Multi-purpose area (Ground floor) Covered playground, 3 tennis courts and 2 basketball court.
Others Swimming pool.

Former principals[edit]

  • Mr Chang Cheuk Cheung, Terence (Founding principal, former principal of Diocesan Boys' School).[11]
  • Miss Chan Yin Hung, Kuby (Current principal of Munsang College).
  • Mr Au Yeung Ying Cheong, Remuel (Former principal of Islamic English College).
  • Miss Lam Yuen Kwan, Yvonne (Former principal of Chan Shu Kui Memorial School).
  • Dr Terrence Quong.[12]
  • Mr Cheng Yuen Shan, Vincent (Current principal of Ti-I College, former vice-principal of King Ling College).[13]

Notable alumni[edit]

External examination results[edit]

The Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination[edit]

For the past five years, the passing rates of Chinese, English, mathematics, visual arts and physical education were 91%, 97.4%, 94.4%, 97.4% and 88.2% respectively. The best result obtained was 7As1C.[14]

The Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination[edit]

For the past five years, the passing rates of Chinese and English were 97.9% and 95.7% respectively. The best result obtained was 3As1B. The university admission rate was 75.3%.[14]

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