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Joliet JackHammers
JolietJackHammers.PNG JackHammers Cap.png
Team logo Cap insignia
Location Joliet, Illinois
Ballpark Silver Cross Field
Year founded 2002
Year folded 2011
League championships 0
Division championships 1 (2002)
Former name(s) Joliet JackHammers (2002–10)
Former league(s)
Colors navy blue, columbia blue, orange, white
Manager Chad Parker
General Manager Jamie Toole
Media Joliet Herald News

The Joliet JackHammers were a professional baseball team based in Joliet, Illinois, in the United States. The JackHammers were a member of the Northern League, which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball. From 2002 to 2010, the JackHammers played their home games at Silver Cross Field.


Their first season was the 2002 season. Their first playoff appearance came in that season.

The 2008 Jackhammers were managed by one time Arizona Diamondback managerial candidate Wally Backman. The primary radio announcer was Jon Versteeg.

The Jackhammers, in response to extremely low attendance in 2009, had a total makeover to start the 2010 season. Everything, from the roster and management, all the way down to the uniforms, was re-done. Their offseason advertising campaign was also very aggressive, and included everything from newspaper ads to billboards. The Jackhammers made the playoffs for the first time in 8 years, making the season a success performance-wise. They still lagged in attendance, averaging about 3,500 fans a game, 4th in the league.

Founded: 2002
Playoff appearances: 2002, 2010
Divisional titles won: 2002
League Championships won: None

The team was sold in December 2010 after months of negotiations to Steel City Baseball LLC. Steel City bought all assets to the team seeing as they owed $220,000 to the city. With the sale, none of the unpaid bills will be paid off. Steel City changed the team's name for the 2011 season, and the team joined the Frontier League. On January 12, 2011 GM John Dittrich announced for the 2011 season the new team would be called the Joliet Slammers. The team will continue to use Silver Cross Field as their home venue.

Year-by-year record[edit]

        First Half   Second Half   Overall      
Season Division W-L Finish W-L Finish W-L Win% Playoffs
2002 South 22-23 3rd 31-15 1st 53-38 .582 Lost Central semi-final
2003 East 19-25 4th 21-23 4th 40-48 .455 Did not qualify
2004 South 24-24 3rd 25-23 3rd 49-47 .510 Did not qualify
2005 South 23-25 5th 13-35 6th 36-60 .374 Did not qualify
2006 South 16-32 4th 26-23 2nd 42-55 .433 Did not qualify
2007 South 22-26 2nd 23-25 3rd 45-51 .469 Did not qualify
2008 N/A 43-53 5th N/A N/A 43-53 .448 Did not qualify
2009 N/A 32-63 6th N/A N/A 32-63 .337 Did not qualify
2010 N/A 53-47 3rd N/A N/A 53-47 .530 Lost semi-final

Current roster[edit]

Joliet JackHammers roster
Active roster Coaches/Other


  • 34 United States Devin Anderson
  • 17 United States Griffin Bailey
  • 11 United States Ronald Bay
  • 16 United States Brian Gartley
  • 10 United States Nathan Ginsberg
  • 30 United States William Jackel
  • 33 United States Billy Petrick
  • 22 United States Todd Privett
  • 13 United States Mike Rocco
  • 32 United States Drew Shetrone
  • 12 United States Rory Shortell
  • 27 United States Ross Stout
  • 24 United States Sean Teague



  • 19 United States Joe Billick
  •  9 United States Rafael Mendez


  •  7 United States Brad Correll
  •  3 United States Brandon McArthur
  •  4 United States Roberto Mena
  • 23 United States Kevin Rios
  •  6 United States Jorge Rodriguez
  • 35 Puerto Rico Freddie Thon


  • 14 United States Ryan Basham
  • 21 United States Justin Justice
  • 26 United States Jon Nelson
  •  5 United States Jonathon Wyatt


  • United States Chad Parker


  • United States Bryce Florie (Pitching)
  • United States Ced Landrum (Hitting)

Injury icon 2.svg Disabled list
‡ Inactive list
§ Suspended list

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