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Joshua Ben Karha (Hebrew: יהושע בן קרחה‎‎, Yehoshua ben Karcha (or ben Korcha), was a Jewish Tanna sage of the fourth generation, a colleague of Rabbi Meir and Shimon ben Gamliel II, and a disciple of Rabbi Akiva. Some believe that he was Rabbi Akiva's son, so-named because karha means bald. Rabbi Akiva is referred to in the Talmud as the "kere'ah," the "bald-headed one."

The Mishnah does not cite many of Ben Karha's halakhaic commentaries on his authority, and the few ones that are recorded, are either in context with him or in conjunction with another Tannaitic sage. Thus, in another reference, the Talmud cites Karha's halakhaic commentary, on the authority of Eleazar ben Azariah,[1] and in an additional reference, on the authority of R. Yochanan ben Nuri.[2] In this manner, he gave his Halakhaic ruling along with R. Jose ben Halafta, in the matter of the construction of Jericho.[3]

In comparison with the few Halakhaic commentaries, there are many Aggadah commentaries that are cited on the authority of Joshua Ben Karha.


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