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Judge Karyn is a fictional character from the Judge Dredd comic strip in British comic 2000 AD.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Karyn, a psi judge, first worked with Dredd in the initial Raptaur invasion[volume & issue needed] and would work alongside him several times afterwards[volume & issue needed]. She primarily handled supernatural threats. Karyn expressed a desire to replace Judge Anderson as the department legend, taking several missions just to achieve this, such as joining Dredd's covert team infiltrating Sov gulags.[1]

She would also work alongside other notable names in the Judge Dredd Universe, teaming up with Devlin Waugh during his "Fetish" story (lead into through "Visions").

Her career met an ignoble end in 2127[volume & issue needed]. Four years before, she and Dredd had teamed up to handle an East-European vampiric entity (termed virkolak) known as the Shadow King, who had been killing Sov asylum-seekers. Unknown to her, its spirit had escaped into the Undercity; when she and Dredd led a rescue mission into the Undercity, they discovered the Shadow King had spent the last four years building up an army of vampiric Troggies. After the creature possessed Dredd, she tried to emulate Anderson by drawing its spirit into her mind to be imprisoned - the attempt went wrong and she was completely possessed. She is currently locked in a Psi-Division cell, and it is considered unlikely her mind can ever be retrieved[citation needed].


She has appeared in Judge Dredd as well as her own eponymous series.

(This list is incomplete.)


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