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Keep It Simple Solutions, New Brunswick
Former provincial party
LeaderGerald Bourque
Founded2017 (2017)
Headquarters208 Upper Woodlands Road
Woodlands, New Brunswick
E6B 1N1
IdeologyFiscal conservatism
Colours  Yellow
Seats in Legislature
0 / 49

KISS NB (Keep It Simple Solutions, New Brunswick), founded in 2017[1] by former dairy farmer and ambulance volunteer, Gerald Bourque, is an unregistered political party based in the province of New Brunswick, Canada.

The party was created to advocate for the creation of a provincial constitution that would put strict limits on the borrowing and spending powers of the provincial government of New Brunswick.[2] As of 2020 and the subsequent years of the COVID pandemic, KISS NB has also taken a hardline stance against vaccine mandates and lockdown measures taken by the Blaine Higgs led provincial government.[3]

While the party fielded candidates in nine ridings during the 2018 New Brunswick provincial elections, no seats were won.

The founder, Bourque previously ran in the riding of Fredericton-York in the 2014 provincial election as an independent, receiving 2.9 per cent of the vote.[1]

The party was officially registered in March 2018, but was deregistered after the election on 31 October 2018 for failing to run at least ten candidates in the 2018 election.[4]

The party was reregistered on 26 August 2020 as the KISS N.B. Political Party[5] and fielded four candidates in the 2020 election. After failing to nominate ten candidates again, the party was deregistered for a second time on October 31, 2020.[6]

Election results[edit]

Election Leader Votes % Seats +/– Position Government
2018 Gerald Bourque 366 0.10
0 / 49
Increase 0 Increase 6th No seats
2020 Gerald Bourque 124 0.04
0 / 49
Steady 0 Steady 6th No seats

Results by riding (2018)[edit]

Riding Candidate Votes[7]
Restigouche West Travis Pollock 62
Bathurst West-Beresford James Risdon 64
Southwest Miramichi-Bay du Vin Dawson Brideau 19
Gagetown-Petitcodiac Carolyn MacDonald 56
Fredericton-Grand Lake Gerald Bourque 19
New Maryland-Sunbury Danelle Titus 14
Fredericton-York Sandra Bourque[a] 34
Carleton-York Lloyd Maurey 40
Carleton-Victoria Carter Edgar[8] 58


  1. ^ Wife of Gerald Bourque


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