Kale District

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Kale District
Kalaymyo view.jpg
Country  Burma
Region Sagaing Region
No. of Townships 3
Capital Kalay
Time zone UTC+6.30 (MST)

Kale District (also called Kalemyo District) is the westernmost district in Sagaing Division of Myanmar (Burma).[1]

Its administrative center is the city of Kalay (Kalaymyo). The district consists of three townships Kale Township, Kalewa Township, and Mingin Township.


To the west Kale District borders Falam District in Chin State, to the north Mawlaik District, to the east Shwebo District, to the south Monywa District and finally Gangaw District of Magway Division.


The area is supported by rice farming, fisheries and timbering. The main towns are Kalaymyo, Kalewa and Mingin.


Tahan Baptish Church

Kale District is one of the most affluent Christian areas of Burma. 99% of inhabitants in Tahan are Christian even though Burma is a Budhhist country and 90% of the national population are Buddhist. Only 4% of the Burmese population are Christian. Kale has 116 Buddhist Monasteries, 508 Churches, a Mosque, two Hindu Temples, two Buddhist Seminary for Nuns, five Buddhist nunneries and a joss house (Chinese communal temple). There are over 50 churches in Tahan also. This is the only place in Burma that you can see a church on every street corner and where Christmas is celebrated.[2]


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