Kamal Tabrizi

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Kamal Tabrizi
کمال تبریزی
Kamal Tabrizi.jpg
Kamal Mosafay Tabrizi

(1959-10-28) 28 October 1959 (age 59)
Years active1980–present

Kamal Tabrizi (Persian: کمال تبریزی‎, born 28 october 1959) is an Iranian film director. He was born in Tehran, with his parents having moved there from Tabriz.[1] A newly released picture shows that he was as a photographer & reporter among the 1979 hostage takers at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.[2] Kamal Tabrizi graduated from Tehran University of Art at Faculty of Cinema and Theater.

autobiography :

Kamal Tabrizi (full name is : kamal mosafay tabrizi)

> Born in Tehran in 28 october 1959.

Director of film (cinema & tv drama )

After graduating from Cinema & TV from Art Universitry in Tehran;He went to the war front of Iran-Iraq war (1981~1989) as a director and photographer and has made his first documentary on war “Martyrs” which won the best documentary award in Tashkent Film Festival.
He taught Cinema and direction in Young Cinema Society and Film making Educational Center for some years and arranged many workshops on cinema. He made his first feature film “Passage” in 1988.
Since then he has made more than 18 feature films, including two coproduction with Japan (“Wind Carpet” (2001) which was the best seller in Iranian market). His feature films and TV series are of the most popular films in Iranian Market and well received and awarded in the international Film Festivals.

He was achived Phd of Art from ministry of art & culture in 2017.

Filmography :

1988 Passage

1990 Shamble Of Love

1993 End Of Childhood

1995 Leily Is With Me (won the best script award in the international fajr film festival)

1998 Maternal Love (won the best film award in the intenational berlin film festival(children&youth section) & many other film festivals)

2000 Sheida

2001 Wind Carpet (won the audience award & critics award & special jury award in the international fajr film festival)

2002 Look At The Sky,Sometimes

2003 The Lizard (won the audience award in the international fajr film festival)

2004 A Piece of Bread (won the special jury award & the best directing award in the international fajr film festival)

2007 Always A Woman Involved

2009 The Earth Marathon (I ran & ran) (co production with japan)

2010 Calm Streets (not yet released)

2011 TV Drama

2013 Sensitive Floor

2014 Sweet Taste of Dream

2015 Mina’s Option

2016 Reward

2017 Sly

2018 We Are Together (not yet released)

2019 TV drama under production

Occupations :

Member of Managing Board of Directors Guild of Iranian Cinema in the twelfth period.

Member of Board of Directors of the Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds in the sixth period.

Member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences of Iranian Cinema.

Filmography as a director[edit]

Film Film ( in English ) Famous Actors in the Film Year
Oboor Passage 1988
Dar Maslakh-e Eshgh Shamble of love 1990
Payan-e Kudaki End of childhood Jahangir Almasi
Fariba Kosari
Leily Ba Man Ast Leily is With Me Parviz Parastui
Shohreh Lorestani
Mehr-e Madari Maternal Love Fatemeh Motamed Aria
Parviz Parastui
Sheida Parsa Pirouzfar
Leila Hatami
Farsh-e Baad Wind Carpet Reza Kianian
Fariba Kamran
Gahi Be Aseman Negah Kon Look At The Sky,sometimes Reza Kianian
Atila Pesyani
Ahmad Aghalu
Marmoulak The Lizard Parviz Parastui 2003
Yek Tekkeh Nan A Piece of Bread Reza Kianian
Human Seyyedi
Esmaeil Khalaj
Ahmad Aghalu
Roya Nonahali
Hamishe paye yek zan dar myan ast Always a woman involved Golshifte Farahani
Habib Rezaei
Padash Reward Hasan Majooni
Atila Pesyani
Bahman Zarrinpur
Saber Abar
Asha Mehrabi
Davandeye zamin I ran & ran Sahar dolatshahi
Hazama kanpei
Khyabanhaye aram Calm streets Niki Karimi
Hasan Majooni
Mohammad reza foroutan
Emkan-e Mina Mina's Option Milad Keymaram
Mina Sadati

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