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Not to be confused with Skyrider (Kamen Rider).
Kamen Rider
Title screen.
The title card and logo for Kamen Rider as seen in the second opening of the show
Genre Tokusatsu
Created by Shotaro Ishinomori
Written by Masaru Igami
Kimio Hirayama
Takashi Ezure
Katsuhiko Taguchi
Tsutomu Tsukushi
Kyoko Kigiyama
Ikuro Suzuki
Directed by Minoru Yamada
Katsuhiko Taguchi
Hideo Tanaka
Kimio Hirayama
Shigeho Hirota
Starring Hiroaki Murakami
Composer(s) Shunsuke Kikuchi
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 54
Producer(s) Toru Hirayama (Toei)
Masashi Abe (Toei, eps 18-54)
Running time 24 minutes
Original channel MBS
Original release October 5, 1979 – October 10, 1980
Preceded by Kamen Rider Stronger
Followed by Kamen Rider Super-1

Kamen Rider (仮面ライダー Kamen Raidā?, Masked Rider in English) is a Japanese tokusatsu television series. It is the sixth program in the Kamen Rider Series. It has the same name as the first series in the franchise, and fans usually refer to this series as The New Kamen Rider (新しい仮面ライダー Atarashii Kamen Raidā?) or Skyrider (スカイライダー Sukairaidā?) (after the main character) in order to distinguish it from the original. The series was broadcast on MBS from October 5, 1979 to October 10, 1980, lasting 54 episodes. The series was a co-production between Toei and Ishinomori Productions, and was created by Shotaro Ishinomori. It aired every Saturday at 7:00 PM.

The New Kamen Rider was intended as a revival of the original Kamen Rider, going back to the basic, essential themes established in that series, as opposed to the more complex and unique series that came before it, such as Kamen Rider Amazon and Kamen Rider Stronger.


Doctor Keitarō Shido, an acclaimed scientist, has been kidnapped by the terrorist organization Neo-Shocker in order to exploit his expertise in robotics technology. Desperate to escape, he convinces Neo-Shocker command to allow him to operate on an injured camper. Explaining that he can turn the camper, Hiroshi Tsukuba into a powerful Neo-Shocker warrior, they allow Doctor Shido to operate. However, he quickly turns the tables on them, transforming Hiroshi not into an evil kaijin, but into the powerful warrior Skyrider, using his newfound abilities to combat the evil Neo-Shocker menace.


  • Hiroshi Tsukuba/Skyrider (筑波 洋/スカイライダー Tsukuba Hiroshi/Sukairaidā?)
  • Keitarō Shido (志度 敬太郎 Shido Keitarō?, 1-13): A scientist targeted by Neo-Shocker who was responsible for Tsukuba becoming Skyrider. To keep a low profile, having hang glided in his youth, Shido founded the Shido Hang Glide Club and last aided SkyRider in disarming a Plus-Alpha Bomb before leaving the country to join the Anti-Neo-Shocker Committee.
  • Midori Kanō (叶 みどり Kanō Midori?): Shido's aide.
  • Yumi Nozaki (野崎 ユミ Nozaki Yumi?): A member of the Shido Hang Glide Club.
  • Michi Sugimura (杉村 ミチ Sugimura Michi?): A member of the Shido Hang Glide Club.
  • Imata Tonda (飛田 今太 Tonda Imata?): A photojournalist who is looking for a good story, usually losing consciousness when he is about to stumble into a fight between Skyrider and Neo-Shocker.
  • Genjirō Tani (谷 源次郎 Tani Genjirō?, 14-): An senior of Tsukuba's and a friend of Shido, Tani owns the Blanca Coffee Shop that serves as SkyRider's new base of operations. Having lost his family to Neo-Shocker in the past, Tani is eager to help Tsukuba take the organization down.
  • Numa ( Numa?)
  • Aki Ozawa (小沢 アキ Ozawa Aki?)
  • Naoko Itō (伊東 ナオコ Itō Naoko?)
  • Kanji Yada/GanGan G (矢田 勘次/がんがんじい Yada Kanji/Gan Gan Jī?)


Shocker is once again reformed as the Neo-Shocker (ネオショッカー Neo Shokkā?) organization, playing a role in numerous disappearances and terrorist attacks against the Japanese government. Spreading their influence across the world, their goal is the genocide of about two thirds of the current human population on Earth with them as the dominant majority. Though the other branches are succeeding unopposed, only the Japan branch is making no progress due to the interference of Skyrider.

  • Neo-Shocker's Great Leader (ネオショッカー大首領 Neo Shokkā Dai Shuryō?, 52-54): A giant dragon who is the leader of the Neo-Shocker organization. Destroyed in a bomb explosion by the combined efforts of all previous Kamen Riders.
  • General Monster/Yamorijin (ゼネラルモンスター/ヤモリジン Zeneraru Monsutā/Yamorijin?, 1-17): The first chief of Neo-Shocker's Japanese branch, armed with a cane. Eventually promoted, Monster underwent a modification into Yamorijin, a gecko cyborg. Due to recent failure he was presented with the red eye, which signals that if he fails for a final time he will be terminated. He was executed by the Admiral Majin after defeated by Skyrider's Sky Kick. He is revived by Badan Empire in Kamen Rider Spirits vol. 8, kidnapping people in Sapporo. He eventually destroyed by Kamen Rider ZX by Rider Spin Shot and crashed into Admiral Majin.
  • Admiral Majin (魔人提督 Majin Teitoku?, 17-53): The second and final chief of the Neo-Shocker organization. He was the only Neo-Shocker member with no kaijin form. He was executed by the Great Boss after being defeated by Kamen Rider #2, Kamen Rider Stronger, and Skyrider's triple kick. He is revived by Badan Empire in Kamen Rider Spirits vol. 8, confronting Skyrider in Mashu Lake. But eventually destroyed by Skyrider's Dragonfly Chute and crashing with Yamorijin.
  • Gingaoh (銀河王 Ginga Ō?, lit. "Galaxy King"): Gingaoh is the main antagonist in the Skyrider movie, a mechanical alien invader that Neo-Shocker formed an alliance with. Destroyed in his spaceship explosion.
  • Ari Commandos (アリコマンド Ari Komando?): Ant-like footsoldiers in black.
  • Skull Assassination Squad (ドクロ暗殺隊 Dokuro Ansatsu Tai?, 53-54): Skull-masked elite guard who wield swords and crossbows.
  • Neo-Shocker Scientists:
    • Professor Doc (プロフェッサー・ドク Puroffesā Doku?, 16-18): A friend of General Monster. After General Monster died, he was sentenced to death from Admiral Majin and killed by Shibirayjin.
    • Doctor Meteor (ドクター・メテオ Dokutā Meteo?, 38): An authority on brain surgery. Killed by Kamen Rider Stronger's Electro Shock.
    • Doctor X (ドクターX Dokutā Ekkusu?, 52): He repairs or scraps Ari Commands in a dock disguised as a pediatric clinic.
    • Shiroari Commandos (白アリコマンド Shiroari Komando?): Termite-like scientists who assist in the conversion of humans into cyborgs.


  1. A Cyborg Flies in the Sky (改造人間大空を翔ぶ Kaizō Ningen Ōzora o Tobu?)
  2. Bizarre! Kumojin (怪奇!クモンジン Kaiki! Kumonjin?)
  3. It's Courage! The Fear of the Bat Flute (勇気だ!コウモリ笛の恐怖 Yūki da! Kōmori-bue no Kyōfu?)
  4. Two Cyborgs, the Angry Rider Break (2つの改造人間 怒りのライダーブレイク Futatsu no Kaizō Ningen Ikari no Raidā Bureiku?)
  5. Fly, Ride on a Girl's Dreams (翔べ 少女の夢をのせて Tobe Shōjo no Yume o Nosete?)
  6. Kinokojin! The Devil's Hands are Cold (キノコジン!悪魔の手は冷たい Kinokojin! Akuma no Te wa Tsumetai?)
  7. Kamagirijin! The Dreadful Ceremony (カマギリジン!恐怖の儀式 Kamagirijin! Kyōfu no Gishiki?)
  8. Mukadenjin's Trap! The Mysterious Operating Room (ムカデンジンの罠!謎の手術室 Mukadenjin no Wana! Nazo no Shujutsushitsu?)
  9. Cobranjin's Murder Army (コブランジンの殺人軍団 Koburanjin no Satsujin Gundan?)
  10. Seen! Kaningerjin's Secret (見た!カニンガージンの秘密 Mita! Kaningājin no Himitsu?)
  11. Sanshojin! Escape from Hell Valley (サンショウジン!地獄谷の脱出 Sanshōjin! Jigokudani no Dasshutsu?)
  12. Dark Santa Claus; Ah, Transformation Impossible (暗闇のサンタクロースああ変身不可能 Kurayami no Santa Kurōsu Aa Henshin Fukanō?)
  13. Arijigokujin, Tokyo Explodes Before 3:00 (アリジゴクジン東京爆発3時間前 Arijigokujin Tōkyō Bakuhatsu Sanjikan-mae?)
  14. Haejigokujin, Kamen Rider Close Call (ハエジゴクジン仮面ライダー危機一髪 Haejigokujin Kamen Raidā Kikiippatsu?)
  15. Dreadful Aokabijin's Big Tokyo Earthquake (恐怖のアオカビジンの東京大地震 Kyōfu no Aokabijin no Tōkyō Dai Jishin?)
  16. The Immortal Gokiburijin, What is the True Identity of General Monster? (不死身のゴキブリジンG(ゼネラル)モンスターの正体は? Fujimi no Gokiburijin Zeneraru Monsutā no Shōtai wa??)
  17. You Did It! The End of General Monster (やったぞ!G(ゼネラル)モンスターの最後 Yatta zo! Zeneraru Monsutā no Saigo?)
  18. Admiral Majin's Great Electric Hell Operation (魔神提督の電気ジゴク大作戦 Majin Teitoku no Denki Jigoku Dai Sakusen?)
  19. Cover Your Ears Too! Okamijin's Murderous Cry (君も耳をふさげ!オオカミジン殺しの叫び Kimi mo Mimi o Fusage! Ōkamijin Koroshi no Sakebi?)
  20. Two Kamen Riders, Who is Another? (2人の仮面ライダーもう1人はだれだ? Futari no Kamen Raidā Mō Hitori wa Dare da??)
  21. Enter Stronger; Two Riders vs. Two Formidable Monsters (ストロンガー登場2人ライダー対強敵2怪人 Sutorongā Tōjō Futari Raidā Tai Kyōteki Ni Kaijin?)
  22. Kogoensky Froze Tokyo 5 Seconds Ago (コゴエンスキー東京冷凍5秒前 Kogoensukī Tōkyō Reitō Gobyō-mae?)
  23. Monster Flying Squirrel Brothers and Two Riders (怪人ムササビ兄弟と2人のライダー Kaijin Musasabi Kyōdai to Futari no Raidā?)
  24. Madarakajin, Fear of Poison Gas (マダラカジン毒ガスの恐怖 Madarakajin Dokugasu no Kyōfu?)
  25. Heavy! Heavy! The 50-ton Baby (重いぞ!重いぞ!50トンの赤ちゃん Omoi zo! Omoi zo! Gojutton no Akachan?)
  26. Three Riders vs. Neoshocker's School Fortress (3人ライダー対ネオショッカーの学校要塞 San'nin Raidā Tai Neo Shokkā no Gakkō Yōsai?)
  27. Tank and Kaijin the Second Generation Corps, Full Force of Eight Riders (戦車と怪人Ⅱ世部隊 8人ライダー勢ぞろい Sensha to Kaijin Nisei Butai Hachi'nin Raidā Seizoroi?)
  28. Eight Riders' Great Training of Friendship (8人ライダー友情の大特訓 Hachi'nin Raidā Yūjō no Dai Tokkun?)
  29. First Appearance! Powered Skyrider's Finishing Move (初公開!強化スカイライダーの必殺技 Hatsu Kōkai! Kyōka Sukairaidā no Hissatsu-waza?)
  30. He Eats Dreams? The Strange Boy Who Came From the Amazon (夢を食べる?アマゾンから来た不思議な少年 Yume o Taberu? Amazon kara Kita Fushigi na Shōnen?)
  31. Run, X-Rider! Hiroshi Tsukuba! Don't Die!! (走れXライダー!筑波洋よ死ぬな!! Hashire Ekkusu Raidā! Tsukuba Hiroshi yo Shinu na!!?)
  32. Thank You, Keisuke Jin! Leave the Final Blow to Me!! (ありがとう神敬介!とどめは俺にまかせろ!! Arigatō Jin Keisuke! Todome wa Ore ni Makasero!!?)
  33. Hello! Riderman, be Careful of Nezura Man (ハロー! ライダーマンネズラ毒に気をつけろ!! Harō! Raidāman Nezura Doku ni Ki o Tsukero!!?)
  34. Danger, Skyrider! He's Come! Shirō Kazami!! (危うしスカイライダー!やって来たぞ風見志郎!! Ayaushi Sukairaidā! Yattekita zo Kazami Shirō!!?)
  35. Kazami Senpai! I'll Get the Tako Gang!! (風見先輩!タコギャングはオレがやる!! Kazami-senpai! Tako Gyangu wa Ore ga Yaru!!?)
  36. Hurry, Hayato Ichimonji! Save the People Caught in Trees!! (急げ、一文字隼人!樹にされる人々を救え!! Isoge, Ichimonji Hayato! Ki ni Sareru Hitobito o Sukue!!?)
  37. The Mystery of Hyakki Village! Is Hiroshi also Caught in a Tree? (百鬼村の怪!洋も樹にされるのか? Hyakki-mura no Kai! Hiroshi mo Ki ni Sareru no ka??)
  38. Please, Shigeru Jō! There's the Ari Commando Training School With a Million Yen Monthly Salary (来たれ、城茂!月給百万円のアリコマンド養成所 Kitare, Jō Shigeru! Gekkyū Hyakuman'en no Ari Komando Yōseijo?)
  39. Help! Two Riders!! Mother Becomes a Demon (助けて!2人のライダー!!母ちゃんが鬼になる Tasukete! Futari no Raidā!! Kāchan ga Oni ni Naru?)
  40. Chase, Hayato! The Kappa's Bowl Flies Through the Sky (追え隼人!カッパの皿が空をとぶ Oe Hayato! Kappa no Sara ga Sora o Tobu?)
  41. Ghost Story Series - The Secret of the Phantom Building (怪談シリーズ・幽霊ビルのひみつ Kaidan Shirīzu - Yūrei Biru no Himitsu?)
  42. Ghost Story Series - Zombie! The Monster is Revived (怪談シリーズ・ゾンビー!お化けが生きかえる Kaidan Shirīzu - Zonbī! Obake ga Ikikaeru?)
  43. Ghost Story Series - Hōichi the Earless's 999 Ears (怪談シリーズ・耳なし芳一999の耳 Kaidan Shirīzu - Miminashi Hōichi Kyūhyakukyūjūkyū no Mimi?)
  44. Ghost Story Series - The Werecat Wants Children's Blood! (怪談シリーズ・呪いの化け猫 子供の血が欲しい! Kaidan Shirīzu - Noroi no Bakeneko Kodomo no Chi ga Hoshii!?)
  45. Ghost Story Series - The Snake Woman Curses Hiroshi Tsukuba! (怪談シリーズ・蛇女が筑波洋を呪う! Kaidan Shirīzu - Hebi On'na ga Tsukuba Hiroshi o Norou!?)
  46. Ghost Story Series - The Breakable Human! Fear of the Mirror's Center (怪談シリーズ・くだける人間!鏡の中の恐怖 Kaidan Shirīzu - Kudakeru Ningen! Kagami no Naka no Kyōfu?)
  47. Skyrider's Greatest Weakness! Attack the 0.5 Second Blind Spot (スカイライダー最大の弱点!0.5秒の死角をつけ Sukairaidā Saidai no Jakuten! Rētengobyō no Shikaku o Tsuke?)
  48. Four Skyriders, Who is the Real One? (4人のスカイライダー本物はだれだ? Yo'nin no Sukairaidā Honmono wa Dare da??)
  49. Rocket Launch! Hiroshi Tsukuba Goes to the Space Graveyard (ロケット発射!筑波洋を宇宙の墓場へ Roketto Hassha! Tsukuba Hiroshi o Uchū no Hakaba e?)
  50. You, Also Enlist in the Ari Commando Boys' Squad!? (君もアリコマンド少年隊に入隊せよ!? Kimi mo Ari Komando Shōnen-tai ni Nyūtai seyo!??)
  51. Neoshocker Red & White, Great Decisive Battle of Death (ネオショッカー紅白死の大決戦 Neo Shokkā Kōhaku Shi no Dai Kessen?)
  52. Hiroshi's Father Had Lived! As Altered Human FX777? (洋の父が生きていた!改造人間FX777とは? Hiroshi no Chichi ga Ikite Ita! Kaizō Ningen Efu Ekkusu Surī Sebun to wa??)
  53. The End of Admiral Majin! And the Great Leader's True Identity? (魔神提督の最後!そして大首領の正体は? Majin Teitoku no Saigo! Soshite Dai Shuryō no Shōtai wa??)
  54. Farewell, Hiroshi Tsukuba! Eight Heroes Forever.... (さらば筑波洋!8人の勇士よ永遠に・・・・ Saraba Tsukuba Hiroshi! Hachi'nin no Yūshi yo Eien ni....?)

1980: Movie: Kamen Rider: Eight Riders vs. Gingaoh (仮面ライダー 8人ライダーVS銀河王 Kamen Raidā: Hachi'nin Raidā Tai Gingaō?)



Opening themes
  • "Moero! Kamen Rider" (燃えろ! 仮面ライダー Moero! Kamen Raidā?, "Burn! Kamen Rider")
  • "Otoko no Na wa Kamen Rider" (男の名は仮面ライダー Otoko no Na wa Kamen Raidā?, "That Man's Name is Kamen Rider")
    • Lyrics: Shotaro Ishinomori
    • Composition & Arrangement: Shunsuke Kikuchi
    • Artist: Ichirou Mizuki
    • Episodes: 29-54
Ending themes
  • "Haruka naru Ai ni Kakete" (はるかなる愛にかけて?, "Long Distance Love")
    • Lyrics: Saburō Yatsude
    • Composition & Arrangement: Shunsuke Kikuchi
    • Artist: Ichirou Mizuki and Kōrogi '73
    • Episodes: 1-28
  • "Kagayake! Hachinin Rider" (輝け! 8人ライダー Kagayake! Hachinin Raidā?, "Shine! Eight Riders")
    • Lyrics: Saburō Yatsude
    • Composition & Arrangement: Shunsuke Kikuchi
    • Artist: Ichirou Mizuki and The Chirps
    • Episodes: 29-54

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