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Kanchana 3 (marketed as Muni 4 ) is an 2019 Tamil action horror comedy film co-produced, written and directed by Raghava Lawrence, starring himself, Oviya, Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli in the leading roles. Produced by Sun Pictures, the fourth installment in the Muni series and third installment in Kanchana series, the film began production during October 2017 and released on April 19 2019.

Kanchana 3
Poster of Kanchana 3.jpg
Theatrical Poster of Kanchana 3
Directed byRaghava Lawrence
Produced byKalanidhi Maran
Raghava Lawrence
Written byRaghava Lawrence
StarringRaghava Lawrence
Kabir Duhan Singh
Nikki Tamboli
Kovai Sarala
Music bySongs:
Sushil Choudhary
Edited byRuben
Distributed bySun Pictures
Release date
19 April 2019
Running time
( 3h 5m)185 minutes
Budget40 Cr (US $ 5.7 Million)
Box office48 Cr Still Running


The film begins with Kali killing a guy named Bhavani. The scene then shift to a household of a rich man, whose daughter is possessed. 2 Russian Exorcists who perform exorcism on that girl. They succeed in capturing the two spirits. They then trap the spirits in two different nails, shaped as a cross and nails them to a tree in the middle of a field.

Here, the hero Raghava is introduced together with his family. His mother, elder brother, sister-in-law and niece. All of them are all set to go to Raghava's grandparents house in Coimbatore for their grand parent's 60th marriage anniversary celebration. While on the way, Raghava felt hungry and the family decide to take food in the field, under the tree, which also happen to be the same tree where the spirits are being nailed to. The weather changes forcing the family to make use of the nails to nail the picnic mat down. But, things take a turn and they felt mysterious happenings and decided to leave the place, with the nails to drop inside the picnic bag itself.

They all reach their home, where Raghava has three cousins, Priya, Kaviya and Dhivya, all ready to marry him. A series of comical flirting ensues further. One night, Raghava's niece goes to the kitchen to drink water when she senses some presence. Her grandmother shows up, and they come face to face with a shadow/spirit. The whole family doesn't care much about it.

The next morning, they perform a ritual outside their home but something inauspicious occurs, but again, they don't show much concern. That night, Kaviya gets scared by the same shadow from the kitchen, in her bedroom. Raghava's grandfather suggests they go to the temple the next day.

When the whole family go there, the Aghoris who were there performing Pujai, sense something. They call forward the family and the head Aghori give them a thirisulam. He asks the family to place the thirisulam on a thulasi madam, and assures them it would be protecting them. The family do the same. That night, Priya and Dhivya encounter the spirit. Priya is thrown out of the house with the thirisulam landing in front of her(it has lost its powers), indicating that whatever is in their home, is very powerful. The family go and meet the head Aghori that very night, and the Aghori gives, Raghav's mother, brother and sister-in-law, three voodoo dolls. He asks them to perform some rituals in three different places in their home. The last voodoo doll has to be nailed on the right leg, left leg and head by the three of them.

The next day, the three of them sends the kids out and stay late at night to do the rituals. They are terrorized by a horse, cow and lastly encounter the ghost itself, scaring all three to the core. They immediately go and seek the help of the Aghori. The Aghori agrees to follow them to the house. When he enters it alone, the weather changes once again but immediately turns back to normal. The Aghori comes out and says that all is fine.

When the kids come back, that night, Kamakshi(Raghava's sister-in-law) sees the ghost and is convinced that the ghost has not left. Her husband asks her to wait 1 more night to confirm everything. Priya dreams of kissing Raghava and brings him alone to kiss him, leaving him alone. He than fearing his life, as he is left alone in the dark, hides in the room. There he witnesses paranormal activites surrounding the picnic basket. He opens it and sees the cross nails and is possessed after that. Raghava later brings his cousins to shopping and all the girls buy lipstick, mascara and heels. That night, all of their things are missing and they find Raghava with there stuff, behaving like a girl. They find him terrorizing them later on. When they go to tell his mother, they find him sleeping peacefully.

One of the minister Shankar's friend is killed in the car park. The minister gets into a rage and vows to kill the killer.

The next night, after being relieved that all is fine in the house, Kamakshi and her husband are attacked by Raghava(actually the spirit). Together with their daughter, the three sisters, they convince Raghava's mother that the ghost is still there. The three sisters hitch a plan to flirt repeatedly with Raghav to trigger the spirit and to prove their aunt. Their plans get successful and the ghost inin Raghav is exposed. It is than revealed that there are two ghosts, one named Rosie and the other her boyfriend, Kali. All of them get wacked by the ghosts then.

Feeling cheated, they bring the Aghori who falsely told them that the spirit is gone. The Aghori says that he felt pity for the spirit and tells the family the story of Kali and Rosie. Kali's mother Radha runs an orphanage. She also cares for the slum people. They live as a family. Rosie is from UK, and is also an orphan who stays there. After Kali mother's death, Kali takes over her job and dream. He helps all the needy and has an happy life. One day, the Minister's brother Bhavani comes and asks Kali to take in 100 crore as black money so that they can escape income tax. He also says that Kali can have 20 crore as a donation for the orphanage. Kali being a honest man, disagrees. Angered, Bhavani kills one of the handicapped slum man, angering Kali. He goes to kill Bhavani, which happened in the beginning of the film. Later, Shankar gets revenge by killing Rosie and Kali, framing it as an accident. He also burns down the orphanage, and kills all the occupants.

Hearing Kali's story, Raghava's family request Kali and Rosie to kill Shankar. Kali and Rosie, go to kill Shankar who escapes into a cemetery. There he reveals that it was his plan to lure him to the place. He brings in the two Russian Exorcists and two others and weaken Kali and Rosie. The head Aghori arrived with his men and they pray to Goddess Kali, who gives power to Kali and Rosie. Both of them gains immense power and kills the four Exorcists and finally kills Shankar. In the end, Kali and Rosie are united and depart.

Before the credit rolls, it is shown that there would be another sequel to the franchise. It would be Muni 5, Kanchana 4.



Following the success of Kanchana 2 (2015), Raghava Lawrence confirmed that more films in the horror comedy series would continue to be made. In August 2015, he announced a film titled Naaga, which he would direct himself, and the film was widely reported to be the fourth film in the Muni series.[1] He subsequently moved on to work on two other films, Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva (2017) and Shivalinga (2017).[2][3]

Lawrence revived the project in August 2017 and revealed he was finishing the script. The regular supporting cast of Kovai Sarala, Manobala, Sriman and Devadarshini were retained.[4][5] Sun Pictures, who had recently produced who had previously produced Enthiran (2010), agreed to produce their film, marking their second production.[6] In late September, the following actresses were added to the project: Oviya, following her popularity on the Tamil reality show Bigg Boss, Vedhika and newcomer Nikki Tamboli.[7]

The shoot of the film began in Chennai during the first week of October 2017. Nivetha joseph as costume designer for this film.[8] The movie was released on 19 April 2019.[9]


Muni 4 Kanchana 3 Songs are composed by 6 different composers and delivered through a platform Called DooPaaDoo

Muni 4:Kanchana 3
Soundtrack album by
Saravedi Saran , Sekar Sai Bharath , Raj Thillaiyampalam, Kapilan Kugavel , Jessie Samuel and Bharath Madhusuthanan
LabelDivo Music
Saravedi Saran , Sekar Sai Bharath , Raj Thillaiyampalam, Kapilan Kugavel , Jessie Samuel and Bharath Madhusuthanan chronology
Muni 4:Kanchana 3 Kanchana 4
1."Nanbanukku Kovila kattu"Saravedi Saran4:40
2."Kadhal-Oru-Vizhiyil"Raj Thillaiyampalam, Kapilan Kugavel Feat. Neha Venugopal4:07
3."Kaali Kaali"Sekar Sai Bharath Feat. Dhivagaran Santhosh4:03
4."Oru Sattai Oru Balpam"Saravedi Saran Feat. Srinidhi S3:28
5."Shake You Body"Jesse Samuel3:46
6."Rudhra Kaali"Bharath Madhusuthanan Feat. Deepak ,Renjith Unni, Pavan, Velu4:06
Total length:24:10


The movie released on 19 April 2019.[9]T


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