Kanva Reservoir

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Kanva Reservoir
Kanva dam.jpg
Kanva Reservoir and Kanva Dam
Location Channapatna, Ramanagara District, Karnataka
Coordinates 12°43′45.36″N 77°11′53.45″E / 12.7292667°N 77.1981806°E / 12.7292667; 77.1981806Coordinates: 12°43′45.36″N 77°11′53.45″E / 12.7292667°N 77.1981806°E / 12.7292667; 77.1981806
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Kanva
Primary outflows Kanva
Basin countries India

Kanva Reservoir is an artificial lake and tourist attraction 69 kilometres (43 mi) from Bangalore, India, formed by the damming of the Kanva River in an irrigation project.

There is a fisheries training and research center near the dam, which was established to train the local residents in fish farming so that they could become economically independent.[1]

The reservoir is surrounded by wooded hills[2] and offers good birdwatching.[1]

The cave temple of Purushotthama Thirtha Gavi 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) away is a pilgrimage center for Madhwa Brahmins. A statue of Hanuman has been placed inside the cave.[1]

Kanva Dam[edit]

Kanva Dam was built in 1946 across the Kanva River for irrigation. It is 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) long and covers 776 hectares (1,920 acres).[1]


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