Karl Buechner

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Karl Buechner
Associated acts Earth Crisis, Freya, Path of Resistance

Karl Buechner (born c. 1972) is an American musician from Syracuse, New York, best known as the vocalist for the band Earth Crisis Since the early 1990s, he has been at the forefront of the hardcore music scene. He promotes a straight edge and vegan lifestyle, and is also known for his work in the animal rights movement, speaking at many prominent hearings and doing outreach work for animal rights organizations such as PETA. After the breakup of Earth Crisis in 2001, he began singing for Freya,[1] a band named for the Norse goddess of fertility. In 2007, Earth Crisis reformed with Karl Buechner as singer again.

He is currently a member of the band Path of Resistance, which includes all but one of the members of Earth Crisis.


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