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Kendra Sorenson is a character in Brandon Mull's fantasy series, Fablehaven.

Kendra Sorenson
First appearanceFablehaven
Last appearanceDragonwatch
Created byBrandon Mull
SpeciesMortal/Human, Fairykind
OccupationStudent/Knight of Dawn
FamilySeth Sorenson, Grandma (Ruth) and Grandpa Sorenson (Stan), Mom (Marla, maiden name Larsen) and Dad (Scott Sorenson). Also Grandma Larsen (Gloria) and Grandpa Larsen (Hank)
RelativesPatton Burgess, Warren and Dale Burgess (second cousins)

In the books[edit]

Throughout the series Kendra is determined and will never give up on her tasks. She is devoted to her cause and, although unwilling to will disobey direct orders, she will do it if it means saving the world. Like her brother Seth, Kendra can stay alive even in tricky situations. She, along with some of her friends, manage to escape most fatal situations. Unlike her brother, her main trait is resourcefulness. Kendra steps in when all hope is lost. When a demon isn't trying to take over the world, Kendra has a very obedient nature. She is 13 years old in the first book and 14 in the second. Gradually she matures into a strong, independent young woman.

Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star[edit]

In book 2, Kendra and Seth are in school when a new kid shows up. To most, he looks very attractive, but Kendra strangely sees him as a hideous creature. With the help of a magician named Errol, the creature flees and she ends up returning to Fablehaven. There, she befriends Vanessa, who gives her a Umite wax candle and crayon. These allow them to send each other messages that only they can read. At the end of the second book, Kendra goes with Warren and they battle the artifact guardian to achieve the 1st artifact in the series. After defeating the monster Kendra recharges the magical artifact which heals Warren and Vanessa's fatal injuries, earning herself more trust from Vanessa. Seth pulls a nail from a revenant's neck, healing Warren and other members of their team. Kendra and her brother Seth once again save Fablehaven from ultimate destruction.

Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague[edit]

In book 3, Kendra is inducted into the Knights of the Dawn, where she meets Gavin, and they are sent on a mission with Warren and Dougan to retrieve a second artifact from a magical preserve in Arizona called Lost Mesa. Returning to Fablehaven, she finds the preserve about to be overthrown by the Shadow Plague, a mysterious disease turning everything dark and corrupt. She once again goes to the Fairy Queen for help, who gives her a powerful talisman of light to destroy the source of the plague — the cursed nail that Seth had removed prior to this book. She is told that the one to connect the two will destroy the plague, but will also lose their life. Lena makes the sacrifice and touches the two, dying in the process. Patton informs her that the Journal of Secrets is not an empty book, but full of messages written in a secret fairy language in Umite wax. Book 4 will most likely reveal his messages to her to help her with her future challenges. Gavin also lets Kendra know in a letter that he is interested in getting to know her better. Kendra is both dreading, and looking forward to the future.

Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary[edit]

In Book 4, Kendra is believed to be dead after a clone of her, grown from a very rare plant called a sting bulb, dies. She is kidnapped by a Lectoblix in Illinois, where she is forced to place her hand onto a magical artifact called the Oculous, which allows her to see anything and everything. Unfortunately, it nearly drives her insane. When Kendra is recovered with the help of an unknown ally, she and a couple others go to the death trap known as Wyrmroost, a magical Dragon Sanctuary. There, she meets many dangerous dragons, but among the fear-inducing creatures, she meets a friendly dragon named Raxtus, who saves them often. Although the dragon assists her to some extent, she also encounters dangers she had never dreamed of. She goes through bitter betrayal, comrade's deaths, and the loss of a dear friend. Kendra returns home along with the rest of the team, and she is barely comforted by her grandparents. She feels betrayed and will only allow her trust to reside in one person: her brother. Kendra understood what Patton knew to be true while further hiding the artifacts: In a world of traitors, who can you trust? With spies lurking around each corner, how can you confide in anyone? Kendra feels terrible already after a terrifying experience at Wyrmroost, and she arrives back to her home at Fablehaven to hear worse news yet.

Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison[edit]

Kendra is sent on another mission to go to the Obsidian Waste in search of the Translocator, an artifact that allows 3 humans to teleport. At the cost of losing some members of the team, the artifact is recovered, in spite of violent zombies, an evil wizard, and a few blixes. Seth is kidnapped and after a rescue attempt fails, everyone is captured. As the rescue is occurring, Seth recovers both the Translocator and The Sands Of Sanctity from someone unknown. He teleports away to heal Graulus, unintentionally freeing him. After Kendra is released from prison by the Sphinx due to unpredictable events, she and others track the Eternals to prevent Zzyzx from opening. The Eternals all die and she manages to convince a new friend, Bracken, that she is needed on Shoreless Isle. Unbeknownst to all, Kendra would play a vital role in the desperate, climatic battle between light and darkness.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Kendra is fairykind, meaning that she was adopted and infused with magic by fairies. This was to save her life due to having drunk an elixir fatal to mortals. Her abilities were given to her in Fablehaven and are gradually revealed throughout the series.

  • Kendra can see magical creatures without needing the eye-opening milk of Viola.
  • Kendra's mind is protected (for the most part).
  • Kendra is able to recharge magical objects by touching them.
  • Kendra has enough light to know whether or not to visit the Fairy Queen's shrine.
  • Mute albinos such as Warren are drawn to Kendra in Rise of the Evening Star, and she is the only memory that he has of his catatonia.
  • Kendra can command fairies in the Queen's name.
  • Kendra can speak most languages related to Silvian, the language of the fairies.
  • Kendra can see in total darkness.
  • Kendra is a dragon tamer.
  • Kendra can restore astrids to their original form. This is not a fairykind ability, but one given to her by the Fairy Queen.
  • Kendra can share thoughts with the astrids. This was given to her by the Fairy Queen (not necessarily a natural gift of being fairykind).


The movie Fablehaven has been confirmed, and we don't know who will play the part of Kendra.