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This is a list of magical creatures and beings in the fantasy book series Fablehaven and the sequel series Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull.


Similar to a centaur except with the body of a moose. In book 4, an Alcetaur was one of the sentries at Blackwell Keep's front gate. In Dragonwatch, we learn that this Alcetaur is Wyrmroost's gamekeeper, and a major character. His name is Henrick, and he accompanies and assists Kendra and Seth with their main mission.
Ghostly forms that look identical to humans except a little translucent. An apparition warns Seth of the dangers he might face on Lady Luck.
Large golden owls with human faces featured only briefly in the third book. It is said by Ruth (Grandma) Sorenson that they are very mysterious, and that little is known about them. Kendra saw one during the time between visits to the preserve, between books 1 and 2. Seth may have also seen one in book 2, without having drunk the milk. It was in the appearance of a regular black owl, but he knew it was not what it appeared. In book 4 they were revealed to have been the former servants of the Fairy Queen, and the bodyguards of the Fairy King. However, they were full of pride, and they failed in their duty, resulting in the downfall of the King, the fall of all male faries (and subsequent rise of Imps), and their banishment from the queen's service. Only ninety-three of them exist (not including the three that were killed by Navarog), and six of them turned dark when they were banished. In Book 5, they are unbanished by the Fairy Queen and are transformed to their true forms: men in golden armor with large wings. Some of their names are Peredor, Denwin, Targoron, Silvestrus, Rostimus, Crelang and Gilgarol, who was the Captain of the Astrids. They help in the battle against the demons released from Zzyzx. Bracken once reveals that their regiment was called the Knights of the Dawn—the same name that the brotherhood in opposition of the Society took.
Powerful and dangerous creatures that inhabit the Dragon Sanctuary, Wyrmroost, as listed by Agad, the caretaker.
Magical beings in human form that can exert power over others through a bite, of which the myth of vampires was based. The three blixes explained in Rise of the Evening Star are:
  • Viviblix - These can temporarily reanimate the dead. In book 2, Errol Fisk describes the curator of a mortuary as a Viviblix, and likely has turned some of the dead in his care to zombies. At the end of Book 3, several skeletons from the museum at Lost Mesa suddenly come to life and help overthrow the preserve. Navarog reveals at the end of book 4 that it was Mr. Lich who made this possible. It is confirmed in book 5 that he is a viviblix.
  • Narcoblix - These can control the actions of others while they are sleeping. Vanessa Santoro, first mentioned in book 2, is a Narcoblix and bites others in their sleep in an attempt to overthrow the preserve. She is thwarted and put in the Quiet Box to keep her from controlling those she had bitten. She appears sporadically throughout the third and fourth books, but is finally freed in the fifth, when she helps the Knights of the Dawn battle the Society of the Evening Star. Another narcoblix named Wayne is confronted at Obsidian Waste.
  • Lectoblix - These age quickly, and survive by draining the youth of others. In book 4 Torina Barker reveals herself to Kendra as a Lectoblix. Held captive with Kendra are several 'elderly' victims of the lectoblix. Out of 'kindness' she allowed them some years left to live, but others she absorbed all youth out until they perished from old age. She appears several times in the fifth book, pursuing the Knights of the Dawn on Obsidian Waste, and hunting down the Eternals.
Brownies are flightless fairy folk who love to fix things that are broken, and improving them where possible. Also, when ingredients are left out, they will bake something delicious, although they always attempt to make it into a dessert. Grandma Sorenson mentions in the second book that brownies invented the delicious dessert, brownies, which is how they got their name. In the first book, when goblins and other unfriendly creatures from Fablehaven raid and wreck the house on Midsummer's Eve, the brownies repair it in an unbelievably short amount of time. In the second book, Kendra and Seth have to shrink themselves and pass through the underground Brownie community to get inside the house. In book three, the brownies become affected by the shadow plague and fill the house with deadly traps.
Strong and intelligent beings that are part horse, and part man. The Centaurs have only really played a role in the third and fifth book, with some presence in the fourth. They are portrayed as being very noble and prideful. The three centaurs mentioned in the third book are Stormbrow, Cloudwing, and Broadhoof. In book 4 their most treasured item is the Soul of Grunhold or the first horn of a unicorn. The names of other centaurs are Quickstride, Bloodthorn, Skygazer, Fleetfoot, Edgerunner, and Graymane who is the leader of the centaurs, and counsels with Stan Sorenson regarding their prized talisman, the unicorn horn or "Soul of Grunhold". In Book 5, when Fablehaven falls, the Centaurs try to take over the preserve.
Described in Dragonwatch as men with bodies of deer.
Thronis, the sky giant, obtains a magic figurine, that when uttered the correct words, will become an actual chimera, obedient to his will. Chimeras are mentioned as one of the creatures inhabiting the Living Mirage preserve. It is mostly a fire breathing, three headed lion but has a goat head in the center of its back and its tail is similar to a snake's.
One of these killed Raxtus's siblings while they were eggs, but was stopped by fairies before it killed Raxtus.
A one eyed giant. In Rise of the Evening Star, Vanessa and Errol had to get past one guarding the artifact in the inverted tower. A Cyclops also appears at the final battle between dark and light creatures in Grip of the Shadow Plague.

Choke pod: A small pod that when touched explodes into a poison that kills quickly and then liquefies the body it kills. In book 3, Neil got hit by a choke pod at Lost Mesa.


One of the most powerful magical creatures, demons are often the villains in The Fablehaven series. Several demons are mentioned in the series. They are:
  • Bahumat - From book 1. A monster that stands three times as tall as a man, with the head of a dragon crowned with three horns. He has three arms, three legs and three tails. He has oily black scales with bristly spikes. He is able to emit a wave of darkness to blind his foes, and has a deafening roar.
  • Batoosa - A demon suggested by Jubaya that could be helpful in dealing with the Dragon Uprising in Dragonwatch.
  • Brogo - An enormous demon with an iron mask in the form of a very fat giant. He is one of the sons of Gorgrog, and said to be one of the strongest demons in history.
  • Din Bidor - A huge wolf demon with long fangs and black fur, darkness and fear increases its size.
  • Graulas - An ancient demon who was once one of the most feared demons in the world, but is now long past his prime. He basically made Fablehaven his home to await death. He radiates magical fear, and has the ability to see almost anything on the preserve. In book 3 and 4 he aids Seth in overcoming the Shadow Plague, and officially makes him a shadow charmer. In book 5, he is first seen meeting with Seth, finally dying, though it is taking very long. He asks Seth that, should he have the chance, to return with the Sands of Sanctity and use it on him, to lessen his dying pain, and Seth agrees. When Seth returns to fulfill his promise, he tricks Seth into healing him with the Sands of Sanctity and steals both the Sands and the Translocator, and helped Nagi Luna open Zzyzx.
  • Gorgrog - The king of Demons, responsible for the downfall of the Fairy King. He fought the Knights when Zzyzx was opened, nearly killing Bracken and the Fairy Queen.
  • Ixyria - A muscular female serpent with four arms, said to be mentor to witches and hags.
  • Jubaya - Resembling a giant praying mantis, she lives in a mud pit and corrupts anything she touches. She gives advice to Kendra on dealing with the dragon uprising in Dragonwatch
  • Kurisock - A demon more of shadow than substance, perhaps the least is known of him, other than being confined to his lair, which is a cursed tar pit far inside Fablehaven. To interact with the material world, he binds himself to a host, giving the host greater power. He bound himself to the hamadryad Ephira, infusing her with dark power, and through whom the Shadow Plague was created and spread.
  • Lycerna - A gargantuan serpentine demon who has taken over a secret preserve in Brazil.
  • Nagi Luna - In the shape of a wrinkled old woman with purple skin and yellow eyes. She was in league with the Sphinx until Graulas took over and freed her. She helped orchestrate the opening of Zzyzx.
  • Olloch - Also known as Olloch the Glutton, is a frog-like monster with several flailing tongues and an insatiable appetite. He is under a spell which keeps him trapped as a tiny statue. If someone makes the mistake of feeding the dormant statue, Olloch will bite the feeder and eventually devour them, thus turning him into a statue again. As he eats, he grows in size and power. In Rise of the Evening Star he grows in size to "much bigger than the elephants Seth had seen at the zoo".
  • Orogoro - A hulking shaggy demon with moose antlers, the eldest son of Gorgrog.
  • Talizar - Resembling a man with the head like a wolf, visits Seth in a dream requesting a partnership to deal with the dragon uprising in Dragonwatch.
  • Vez Radim - A demon suggested by Jubaya that could be helpful in dealing with the Dragon Uprising in Dragonwatch.
  • Zorat the Plagueman - A pale, thin, very tall man pocked with sores and sickness, capable wiping out the enemy with disease.
Dire Bears
Giant, aggressive bears that attack Kendra and Seth at Wyrmroost.
Large, powerful and intelligent winged reptiles. Warren explains that they are the ultimate predator. Most humans freeze in body and mind from a paralyzing terror in their presence, similar to the effects of being near a revenant. Several dragons are identified in the series.
  • Burelli - covered in thick coarse brown hair, a huge dragon with wide horns who was guarding the hidden scepter at Wormroost.
  • Camarat was one of the sentries to visitors seeking entrance to Wyrmroost. He is red and gold, long and snakelike with 8 sets of legs, the head and mane like a lion. His breath weapon was a sort of truth serum. He allowed the team to pass through to Blackwell Keep. He was briefly seen as the Knights battled the demons from Zzyzx. He and Agad are brothers. In Dragonwatch Camarat takes over from Agad as temporary caretaker until Kendra and Seth arrive to assume the post.
  • Celebrant - Widely accepted as the king of dragons. He is the father of Raxtus and resides at the top of Moonfang, the highest peak at Wyrmroost. Raxtus says that he is one of the biggest dragon in existence, with 5 breath weapons and tons of offensive spells. Thronis, the sky giant, says that Celebrant is the one dragon on the sanctuary he does fear. In the fifth book he is in the party of dragons that comes to Zzyzx to aid the Knights of the Dawn. Only one breath weapon, a huge beam of light able to split Brogo's mask in two, was described in the book. In Dragonwatch, Celebrant is the primary antagonist who tries to take over the sanctuary and free the dragons.
  • Chalize was guarding the artifact room at Lost Mesa in Grip of the Shadow Plague. She was a young dragon, not more than 100 years old, more metallic than usual, with copper alloy scales. She apparently has lightning as a breath weapon, like her mother Nafia, and used it to overthrow the Lost Mesa preserve.
  • Dromadus - A former dragon king at Wormroost, who gave up his crown to become a pacifist. He is the biggest dragon Kendra and Seth have ever seen, and appears to be made of rock. He helped Kendra and Seth with their mission.
  • Ezarod - Dromadus' nephew who attempted to take his crown.
  • Glommus - An old, gray, blind dragon who attempts to destroy the party as they infiltrate the Dragon Temple with a powerful sleep-inducing breath. He was killed by Vanessa, who was currently inhabiting the body of Tanu.
  • Mobando - A thinner, green, snake-like dragon that attempted to stop Kendra and Seth on their mission at Wormroost.
  • Nafia - An enormous blue female dragon with a lightning breath weapon. She confronts Kendra and Seth, and almost eats them, but are saved by Gavin/Navarog who convinces Nafia to spare them. She appears to the team later in human form calling herself "Nyssa" offering assistance, but they decline her help. Agad reveals that she is a fairly dark dragon, and the mother of Chalize.
  • Navarog - Known as the Demon Prince and lord among the dark dragons. An enormous dragon, covered in oily black scales and spikes, belches fire like liquid gold. Lava breath weapon. For centuries he had been confined in human form in the Quiet Box in the Fablehaven dungeon until the Sphinx released him. He set in motion the steps to destroy Fablehaven with the Shadow Plague in book 3, and killed some members of the Knights of the Dawn in book 4 before he was eaten by Raxtus while in human form.
  • Ranticus preceded Chalize as the artifact guardian at Lost Mesa. He was known as one of the most powerful dragons in his time. He was killed by Patton Burgess early in the 1900s. His bones were put on display at the Lost Mesa Museum.
  • Raxtus introduces himself as a fairy dragon to Kendra. He is much smaller than average, with gleaming silvery white scales. His "human" form is that of a foot-high male fairy with butterfly wings. He was raised by fairies, namely Shiara who currently resides at Fablehaven. He can turn invisible at will, and is an excellent flier. Unlike most dragons, he is shy and has low self esteem, but quickly befriends Kendra, but only after she is alone. Kendra's touch transfers magical energy to Raxtus. He helps her to the fairy shrine at Wyrmroost. In book 5, he played a crucial role in battling the demons from Zzyzx. His breath helps things grow and heal, and he likes drive-in movies.
  • Siletta is the last guardian of the Dragon Temple treasury. She resembles a giant salamander with at least 10 sets of legs, and is poison to the core. She has translucent skin, revealing veins and her colorful organs. Her breath poisons intruders, killing them quickly. Some have debated whether she ranks just below Celebrant in dangerous abilities, and could kill Thronis. She was killed by Kendra and Seth using a unicorn horn.
  • Archadius was an ancient and wise dragon, and the first dragon to change permanently into a human. He discovered that when a dragon assumed human form permanently, their magic would be much more powerful. He is mentioned in Book 4 by Agad, the caretaker of Wyrmroost.
Furry little creatures that resembles tarantulas with tails. They hop around and can distort light around them, making them difficult to catch. They are nocturnal, and their bites inflict a deadly poison. The drumants in Vanessa's collection still bite, but she bred them not to be poisonous.
Wood Nymphs, who live in the forest and dress in flowing autumnal robes. They are beings of the forest as a whole, as opposed to hamadryads, who are linked to individual trees. Dryads are seen for the first time in book 3 and are described as nimble, very tall (7 feet and up) and can run swiftly through the trees. They, including Lizette, and Rhea, helped in the battle between light and dark creatures. Dryads are the guardians of the Fairy Shrine at the Stony Vale preserve.
A cruder form of their cousin the golem, made of less quality materials, and have no will of their own. They are usually made of natural materials and animated by a powerful spell. The only known one is made of hay and in the hands of the Society of the Evening Star. It is possible that Mendigo, a human sized, animated wooden puppet, might be considered a Dullion.
Short people who live underground and keep to themselves. These stalky little people first appear in book 3 - Grip of the Shadow Plague, where they fled to the pond to avoid the plague. Some of them, wielding large hammers, also fight in the battle between light and dark creatures. A dark hooded dwarf is one of the creatures guarding the artifact in the inverted tower, but he does not make a physical appearance. In book 4 a dwarf named Zogo introduced himself as the Giant's Dwarf. He rode a griffin, and with other griffins took the team to Thronis the sky giant. In book five a hooded dwarf named Tollin comes to Fablehaven when Vanessa's secret is revealed. He later betrays the Sorensons and friends to the Society. In Dragonwatch Obun and Didger are part of the staff at Blackwell Keep, and work in the stables. Three other dwarves are guards at the keep.
'Tiny folk' that live in the Fairy Queen's realm. They escape through the shrine on Shoreless Isle during the battle against the demons of Zzyzx.
Fair Folk
A large community of incredibly beautiful, magical beings that resemble humans, except for the fact that they are all unnaturally attractive. They are introduced in Dragonwatch as nearly immortal, but strictly neutral. Seth and Kendra meet Dalgoral, the leader of the community in Wormroost, his son Garreth, and daughter Eve.
These magical creatures resemble tiny females with wings. They emit a gleaming light, and love their own reflection. The fairies are the first magical creatures Kendra and Seth see on the preserve, and are part of the whole story of Fablehaven more than any other magical creature. The Fairy Queen has a shrine on an island in the preserve, and makes Kendra fairykind, and one of her handmaidens. With instructions from the Fairy Queen, Kendra makes a potion that enlarges the fairies to human size. In their empowered state the fairies defeat Muriel the witch, and the demon Bahumat. In the second book, a fairy named Shiara turns Mendigo to Kendra's will. Other names of fairies include Yolie, Larina, Ilyana, and Tinori. Some of the varieties of fairy identified in the books are:
  • Downy Fountain Sprite - Blue fuzzy fairies from the island of Roti
  • Banda Sea Sunwings - Fairies with colorful, stained glass butterfly wings
  • Jinn Harp - A rare and beautiful fairy, Jinn Harps have an amazing singing voice that mesmerizes all who hear it.
  • Nightgrifts - Albino fairies from Borneo with black speckled moth wings.
Fire breathing flying reptiles that inhabit the Dragon Sanctuary, Wyrmroost, as listed by Agad, the caretaker. They are like giant writhing snakes without wings. They have spikes on their backs, and random fire along on parts of their body. One of them accompanies the Society of the Evening Star in an attempt to kill the last Eternal, Civia.


Gargoyles are large winged monsters. In Book 1, four of them were released with the demon Bahumat. They were quickly dispatched by the empowered fairy army. In Book 4, one attacks at the hotel, along with a goblin and a wolf-like creature. In Dragonwatch Book 2 a gargoyle tries to recruit Seth by promising to unlock Shadowcharmer abilities.
There are a few different types of giants are mentioned in the books. They are:
  • Fog Giants - A type of giant that lives in the swampy areas of Fablehaven. They are described as powerful, brutal and blood thirsty, but also slightly dim-witted and slow. They are also highly territorial, and fiercely defend their borders. A Fog Giant named Burlox gave Coulter some vital information about where Warren had been before he became a catatonic albino, which led them to the location of the hidden artifact in Rise of the Evening Star.
  • Sky Giant - The team sent to retrieve the artifact key at the Dragon Sanctuary is captured by a Sky Giant named Thronis. He enjoys a civil and proud existence and is described as the largest giant in the world, several times larger than Fog Giants. He is cordial to the team of adventurers, though he does still threaten to make a pie out of them.
  • Snow Giant - Thornis got a figurine that can turn into a snow giant if placed in snow and summoned.
  • Steppe Giant - Bracken mentions that Steppe Giants can be found on Living Mirage, possibly the ones Kendra described as 'burly armored nomads half the height of the surrounding trees.'
Goblins are generally evil creatures that can disguise themselves. Seth was tricked by goblins on Midsummer's Eve. The goblins were disguised as wolves attacking a crying baby. Seth opened the window and three goblins came into the house. Voorsh and Slaggo are the goblins who are in charge of upkeep in the dungeon. They said in the second book that they would only help Kendra and Seth escape if Grandpa gave them a goose.
A creature made out of natural materials and given life by a powerful spell. They are typically servants who always obey their master. The only golem shown in the series is Hugo. True golems have a will of their own, though they are loyal to their master. True golems were thought to be extinct, but Hugo, who had originally been a copy of a true golem, and had no will of his own, was destroyed by Muriel the witch, then re-created by the fairies. It appears that they restored him as a true golem, and he is developing his own will.
A flying beast with the head, wings, and talons of an eagle, attached to the body and rear legs of a lion. They appear with the Sky Giant's dwarf and take them prisoner to the Giant. They attempt to rescue the team from a dragon ambush, and successfully bring Seth to Thronis. In Dragonwatch Book 1 Seth rides a griffin named Tempest to escape persuing dragons.
An old woman, much like a witch. The Swamp Hag of Fablehaven resides in the great marsh of the preserve. Patton visited her in his time, and she is mentioned occasionally, though never seen in the storyline. Coulter mentioned that she made false paths through the bog to lure travelers to their doom. She is said to have trained Muriel in becoming a witch.
These are creatures related to dryads. However, they are linked to a single tree. Ephira, a cursed Hamadryad, who is mentioned in the first three books, has a significant part in Grip of the Shadow Plague, as she was co-creator of the plague with the demon Kurisock.
Shriveled hags with bird wings instead of arms, and talons instead of feet. Their talons can inflict a deadly poisonous wound. They attack Kendra, Warren, Bracken, and Raxtus while they tried to escape Living Mirage.
Armored snakelike men. Dale, Tanu, and Coulter had to fight one guarding the artifact in the Inverted Tower of Rise of the Evening Star. In Grip of the Shadow Plague, several were guarding the black tree with the nail in the battle between light and dark creatures. in Dragonwatch, a hobgoblin described as a green-skinned goblin with froglike features, is a staff member at Blackwell Keep.
A monster with several dragon-like heads, and the first guardian of the Dragon Temple. The beast called herself Hespera. The hydra surfaces out of a pool as the team passes, blocking their exit from the Temple. It has no less than 15 heads, some wounded and scarred. They succeed in confusing some of the heads, revealing the governing head, which they attack. They successfully pass the hydra, but must confront it again to leave the Temple. Hespera was killed by Navarog, who was disguising himself as Gavin Rose.
Imps are fairies who have been captured and kept inside over night. Also considered a Fallen Fairy. Seth caught a fairy and kept it in a jar overnight and it turned into an imp. In the end of the first book, the fairies turned into life size fairies. So did the imps. When the giant fairies kissed the imps, the imps were restored to their former fairy selves. In Rise of the Evening Star large imps attack Grandpa and breaks some of his bones, putting him in a wheelchair for most of the book. They also attempt to capture Kendra and Seth, but Mendigo stops them by breaking their arms and legs. The names of the imps released from the dungeon by Vanessa are Grixt, Huro, and Zert. In Book 4 it is revealed that Imps originally rose from fallen male fairies (see Astrids).
Jackalope are rabbits with antlers. In book 3 they are found at the Lost Mesa preserve. Jackalopes are said to be lucky.
Like a Genie. Grandma tells the children about one they had imprisoned while giving them a tour of the dungeon. She explained that he was responsible for turning her into a chicken the previous year.


Huge rhinoceros-like creatures that reside in Living Mirage. Kendra spots one being carried off by a Roc. Warren warns that it would be fatal if they encountered a karkadann.
Kobolds are evil animals, related to goblins. Kendra saw one in Rise of the Evening Star. His name was Casey Hancock and appeared as a strikingly handsome boy. Only Kendra could see him as an ugly Kobold. He had a bald head, rancid breath, and wooed some of Kendra friends out on dates.
Enormous winged bulls with a man's head. They are creatures of light, and Kendra, Warren and Bracken must pass one called Halad to escape the dungeon. They live at Living Mirage and are called upon by the Fairy Queen to battle the demons that have escaped from Zyzyx.
The Journal of Secrets explains that there is a magical pond somewhere on Fablehaven where a treasure hunter can capture a Leprechaun. In Book 5, Seth must catch a leprechaun named Cormac to retrieve items Patton Burgess left with him.
A Leviathan is one of the figurines that Thronis, the sky giant asks Seth to receive for him from the Dragon Temple. Once placed in water, the figure will turn into a real Leviathan and be obedient to the one who placed it there.
A type of undead creature said to reside in the Grim Marsh on Fablehaven. They have no connection to "Mr. Lich," the Sphinx's right-hand man and a viviblix (see 'Blixes' above). In Dragonwatch, Seth confronts a whole room full of Liches. When one touches him the contact caused searing pain.
An intelligent breed of horse that can read and speak. Mute Luvians are donated to Blackwell Keep to perpetuate the speaking ability among the Luvian community. Two of these Mute Luvians, Noble and Glory, are chosen by Kendra and Seth to take them to parts of Wormroost.
Essentially, a werewolf. Two of them are included in the ambush at Obsidian Waste.
A lion with a man's head and a scorpion tail. They are known to reside at the Living Mirage preserve.
Milch Cow
Every magical preserve has one of these amazing animals, which in everything but size, appear like normal animals. However, they are enormous. They are magical beings that create the milk the fairies drink. It is this milk that allows mortals to see magical creatures. The milch cow at Fablehaven is called Viola and was already 100 years old when she was brought to Fablehaven. The Lost Mesa magical preserve has a similar but larger cow called Mazy. On a magical preserve in Greenland, they have a gigantic walrus that produces butter that has the same effect as the milk.
A creature that is part man, part bull. These make appearances in all of the books. In book 1, it is one of the creatures released with Bahumat. In book 2, Warren fights one who is placed to guard the way to the artifact in the inverted tower. In book 3, several are stationed to guard Kurisock's domain at the battle between light and dark creatures. In book 5 some come with Torina Barker, a firedrake, Mirav and some gargoyles to kill Civia, last of the Eternals. In book 4, a minotaur Brunwin is one of Agad's servants at Blackwell Keep, though we don't get to know him well until Dragonwatch, where we also meet Romnus and Tonak. Brunwin ends up befriending Seth and helping him secure Blackwell Keep.
Moss People
A shy folk at Wormroost who are only seen hiding among the trees.
Patton Burgess mentioned to Seth that he needed the use of a Necromancer to secure passage with the entity in the captain's cabin of the Lady Luck to Shoreless Isle.
Or Water Nymphs. Beings that live underwater who live a life of mirth and frivolity. They dwell in the pond surrounding the Fairy Queen's Island Shrine. The naiads love to make fun of anyone else, and drown humans for fun. Lena, the housekeeper, is a former naiad who became mortal when she joined Patton Burgess and became his wife. She later was restored as a naiad at the end of Book 1. Some names of naiads in the series are: Chiatra, Narinda, Ulline, Hyree, Pina, Zolie, Frindle, and Jayka.
Nipsies are related to brownies, but are only a quarter inch tall. They live in seven kingdoms and build their cities using natural resources. They have little magical ability, but they adept at cultivating poisonous plants to protect their domain. They are the first creatures affected by the shadow plague. In Dragonwatch, one of the main characters who aid Seth and Kendra with their mission is Calvin, who aided Kendra and Seth with their primary mission.
Immortal beings in human female form. The types of Nymphs found in Fablehaven are Dryads, Hamadryads, and Naiads.
One of the evil creatures released with the Demon Bahumat, resembling an animal that is part bear with several tentacles like an octopus.
Typically big and clumsy, though smaller than giants. They are known for devouring their victims. A female Ogre, or Ogress, chases Seth and Kendra when they're caught stealing stew from her pot in book 1. Kendra glimpses a humpback Ogre in Blackwell Keep in book 4. In Dragonwatch, Seth is chased by Mung back to his yard after he tried to steal treasure from the ogre's territory.


Flying golden deer with fangs, sharp hooves and poisonous antlers. The team are accosted by a herd of perytons fleeing a dragon. One gores Warren which seriously injures him.
Vanessa expected the creature inhabiting the grove around the inverted tower was a phantom. She explained in book 5 that phantoms are ghostly ethereal beings.
Powerful creature that inhabits the Dragon Sanctuary, Wyrmroost, as listed by Agad, the caretaker. In Book 5, Torina uses phoenix feather arrows against the Eternals to kill them. Along with dragon breath and unicorn horns, this is the only thing that can kill them. Phoenixes also are called upon by the Fairy Queen to help fight the demons that escaped from Zzyxx.
Pixies are a type of fairy that are briefly mentioned in the first book. In book 2 Coulter describes a type of Pixie that lives in Norway that shed their wings at the onset of winter. They make a cocoon to protect them and emerge from them in the spring with a new set of wings. It's these cocoons that Coulter explains to Kendra and Seth that can envelope a person in an impervious shell. It is this shell that eventually saves Seth from being devoured by Olloch the Glutton.
Rainbow Serpent
A magical being native to Australia who is described as "One of our most reverenced benefactors. An entity of tremendous creative power."
A Revenant is essentially a Zombie, or a reanimated corpse. The Revenant in book 2 was a guard over the vault where the magical artifact was hidden. He radiated powerful magical fear and turned victims albino, mute, and catatonic. Warren was introduced like this, though his condition was a mystery at the time. The Revenant was defeated when Seth pulled the cursed nail from its neck after downing some pure liquid courage he took from Tanu.
Powerful and dangerous creature that inhabits the Dragon Sanctuary, Wyrmroost, as listed by Agad, the caretaker. They also inhabit Living Mirage. Sometimes called a Simurgh, rocs are gigantic birds that attack Kendra, Warren, and Bracken while they ride upon Raxtus. They are large enough to carry a karkadann.
Described in Dragonwatch as men with bodies of elk.
Satyrs are part goat, part human creatures. They live fun and frivolous lives. Two Satyrs, Newel and Doren, play significant rolls in Fablehaven. They make parties more exciting, play tennis, and trade gold to Seth for batteries to power their portable TV. Kendra and Seth are introduced to Verl in book 3, who Seth figures out was the satyr equivalent of a nerd. Rondus is the name of another satyr revealed during a game of tackle tag.
Sea Serpent
Sea Serpents are mentioned in book 3 by Warren. they are like huge serpents who breath air or water they tend to be silver or blue with two sharp fangs.
Creatures that can take the form of any animal and are gifted with speech. They are charged with the protection of the Eternals. Niko is the main protector and Kendra meets him when they look for the Eternal, Roon. Others who guarded the other Eternals were Tux and Janan, as well as two unnamed others, one that favored the shape of an exotic bird.
An undead being that Vanessa's says is an ethereal being. Seth threatens Nero with a shade in the fifth book.
Scaly flying dogs. Kendra, Warren, and Bracken encounter them at Living Mirage.
Humans that have the ability to shape shift into an animal. Comparable to an Animagus in the Harry Potter series. At Lost Mesa preserve, Neil revealed himself as a skinwalker and turned into a stallion to save Kendra's and others lives.
Explained to be an ethereal being|ethereal ghostly being in book 5.
Actual sphinxes are mentioned as one of the creatures in Living Mirage. A sphinx guards the entrance to the Sealed Shrine and ask each person who wishes to enter a riddle.
Related to Fairies. Vanessa tells Kendra of the Umite Sprites that dwell in hive-like communities in rain forests around the world. They make honey and wax like bees. The candle and crayon Vanessa gives Kendra is made of Umite wax.
These creatures actually start out as a fruit growing on a Stingbulb tree. The tree only produces a few a year. When touched, they obtain a tissue or blood sample - which is where the sting comes from. Then it takes them about 90 minutes to grow into a replica of that person. This copy only lives for 3 to 4 days after completing the metamorphosis. It keeps much of the memories of the person it is impersonating. It obeys its initial instructions to perform some mission before it dies. In book 4, Kendra is kidnapped and replaced by a stingbulb impostor who attempts to pass secrets to the Society of the Evening Star. She creates another stingbulb to escape, who currently resides in the quiet box so she can live longer and be useful for other purposes.


Thylacines, also known as Tasmanian tigers, are magical creatures on the Obsidian Waste preserve. They are considered extinct elsewhere and some are gifted with speech
A skeleton of a Mesopotamian triclops is mentioned at the museum on the Lost Mesa.
A giant bird, big enough to carry a human. Patton Burgess mentioned that he used one, or one very similar to a Thunderbird, to escape from Shoreless Isle.
Trolls are unfriendly, greedy scavengers that will typically live in forests, by rivers, in caves or underground. Some are lizard-like in appearance, burly and shorter than the average man. Others are huge and brutish. There are several types of Trolls mentioned in the books. They are:
  • Cliff Troll - These typically live in the sides of ravines. Nero is a black scaley Cliff Troll with a huge hoard of treasures. With the use of a seeing stone, he helps to locate Grandpa Sorenson after he was kidnapped. He helps Seth learn how to be a shadewalker. Another may by Sarrok, mentioned to be good with jewels.
  • Gate Troll - Also known as Bully Trolls, one named Grimp has claimed a bridge in Wormroost and gives Kendra and Seth a hard time as they try to cross it.
  • Hermit Troll - These are the smallest troll, who love seclusion. Bubda is discovered hiding in the knapsack, and ends up accompanying the team searching for the key at Wyrmroost.
  • Mountain Troll - Seth befriends a Mountain Troll named Udnar who helps him obtain the unicorn horn, or "Soul of Grunhold". He is huge, with large sword like spikes over his body. Some are known to inhabit Wyrmroost.
  • Ridge Troll - One of the members of the staff at Blackwell Keep.
  • River Troll - Several are said to live at Living Mirage, and several aid the Singing Sisters on the Mississippi River, two of which are named Gromlet, and Tibbut.
White horses with spiraling horns on their foreheads. Unicorns are exceptionally rare and some considered them extinct. They represent purity, and their horns purify. In book 4 a unicorn horn must be obtained from the centaurs of Grunhold in order to open the gates of Wyrmroost. The do not make an appearance, however, until book 5 where we learn they can assume human form, like dragons. Bracken is a unicorn in human form and a prisoner in the Living Mirage dungeon. There he meets Kendra who escapes with him with the assignment to save the eternals. Unicorns are the founders of fairydom. Ronodin is mentioned in the Fablehaven series to be a dark unicorn who willfully corrupted his horns. His role as an active antagonist is revealed in the Dragonwatch series.
A man who can transform into a bear-like beast. A werebear helps the Sphinx escape at the end of Grip of the Shadow Plague.
An undead creature Vanessa says is a corporeal creature.
Whisper Hound
A whisper hound isn't really a creature; it's a spell or enchantment. It is described as a cold pocket of air that will activate in an attempted escape, preventing it. Whisper hounds guard Torina's prisoners and the dungeon of Fablehaven.
These are mortal females who have turned to evil and dark magic. Muriel, the witch was responsible for freeing the demon Bahumat, and was imprisoned with him at the end of book 1. In book 5 the Singing Sisters, Orna, Berna, and Wilna, help Seth know where to go to find Vasalis.
Dragons who became mortals to gain powerful magical abilities. In book 3 a fellow Knight of the Dawn tells Kendra of a Warlock who has the ability to create dullions. Further in the book, Warren explains to Kendra that powerful wizards used to be the only ones who could successfully contend with dragons. Agad, in book 4 reveals himself to Kendra as a wizard, and explains that all wizards were dragons who have chosen to permanently remain in their human forms. Archadius was the first wizard who discovered that his magical abilities were greatly focused in human form. Morisant was the chief architect of Zzyzx, but turned himself into one of the undead to prolong his life. He freely gave the sword to Seth on the condition that Seth would slay him. Mirav was an old evil wizard from India working for the Society.
Wizard's Slime
An orange creature resembling living pudding. Effective in extracting poison from infected tissue.
A ghostlike apparition that exudes magical fear. In book 4 Grandpa Sorenson discusses with Seth the wraiths imprisoned in the Hall of Dread. He also threatens the Maddox imposter with a close encounter with a wraith. Seth employs three wraiths to guard certain places of the preserve after Fablehaven falls. In Dragonwatch, Seth brings a wraith, whom he called Whiner, to serve the Singing Sisters.
Powerful and dangerous creatures (like many of its neighbors) that inhabit the Dragon Sanctuary, Wyrmroost, as listed by Agad. They resemble dragons with wolfish heads and two feet. They are used by the Society of the Evening Star to attack the Eternalsin book 5.
Yowies are tall, ape-like creatures on the Obsidian Waste preserve in Australia. They are extremely shy but curious and have a forlorn song.
Corpses that have been re-animated. In book 3, Hal introduces Kendra and Gavin to a graveyard full of buried zombies. He feeds them through tubes in the ground to keep them from eating people. Later, the zombies escape their graves and help to destroy of the preserve Lost Mesa. In the Obsidian Waste preserve, Mr. Lich controls an army of them and sets a trap for the Knights of the Dawn.

Other creatures[edit]

Several other magical creatures are described throughout the books. The books do not identify them by name or species, but they are worth mentioning here. They are categorized here by location or time seen. More creatures are seen at these locations, but if they are identified, they will be listed above.

Midsummer Eve
  • 12 foot flying centipede with 6 wings, and 6 taloned feet
  • brutish monster with a pronounced underbite and plates down its spine
Released with Bahumat
  • toadlike monstrosity
  • scabby beast with a white mane
  • demonic dwarf with a hide of black scales
  • greasy creature that looked like a turtle without a shell, and coughed globs of slime, possibly a Bunyip
Vanessa's collection
  • colorful lizard with three eyes that can see slightly into the future, possibly the Tuatara
  • hairless mouse that turned into a fish if dropped in water
  • bat that shed its wings biweekly. The shed wings can be attached to other animals.
In the dungeon
  • wolf-like creature
  • birdman with the head of a seagull
Inverted tower
  • blue woman with six arms and the body of a serpent
  • dark man who was human from the waist up and a spider from the waist down (possibly Anansi)
Artifact guardians
  • Fablehaven - A black monster cat with 9 lives. The cat started out as a simple black cat – friendly at first – until Warren removed the key hanging around its neck. Then it became fierce but easy to kill. The dead cat melted and reformed into a larger, meaner feline. Each incarnation is larger than the previous, more vicious, and more difficult to kill. The second life is just a larger version of the first incarnation. The third had tufted ears and was similar to a lynx but just as big and with disproportionately large paws and claws. The fourth life was a larger, beefed up version of the lynx, both quicker and nastier. For the fifth life the cat resembled a panther – more patient and deadly. The sixth life was as big as a tiger. During the seventh life the cat became more deformed. It was as tall as a horse with dagger claws and saber-tooth fangs. It also had four writhing serpents growing out of its shoulders. The eighth life was much larger than a horse, had no snakes, but two heads that spit a sludge-like acid. For the ninth and final life, the cat was truly a monster. It was enormous, with large wings, and twelve serpents coming out of its shoulders. It had three tails and three heads, that spit acid like the eighth, but more. It took a giant sized Tanu to defeat the final life of this nine-lived guardian monster.
  • Lost Mesa - Patton Burgess described it as a troop of ghostly knights, and that it was a battle he would rather forget. Tammy also mentioned a beast that was covered with so many knives, they looked like feathers, could be Achiyalatopa.
Lost Mesa

Neil described them as "Kachinas" and other kindred spirits.

  • lean, shaggy man with the head of a coyote, possibly Akba-atatdia, or Old Man Coyote
  • 8 ft. tall bear chested oaf, with a face like a mask, perhaps Tó Neinilii
  • tall feathery being with the head of a hawk
  • leering humpback man with a long flute, perhaps Kokopelli
  • body of a human female, head of a bobcat
  • gigantic bronze scorpion
  • broad, lumpy man with a towering forehead and deformed face
  • large creature with at least 10 legs, who rippled when it moved
Lost Mesa Museum
  • titanic humanoid skeleton with curved fangs, possibly a Nephilim
  • serpentine creature with four arms, similar to Simrin at Blackwell Keep, (below).
  • beast with large golden antlers, possibly the Ceryneian Hind (only the antlers were on display)
Refugees at the pond
  • shaggy monkey-like creatures with extra arms and legs
  • An enormous wolf the size of a horse attacked, possibly Fenrir
Blackwell Keep
  • a thin, hairless woman with four arms and skin like a snake who could climb up walls. We don't learn what she is, but her name is Simrin. Possibly a Dracaenae
  • a small man springing around on slender legs like a grasshopper.
  • A huge shaggy bear-like creature with a beak like a hawk. Kendra calls it a Hawkbear.
  • A giant scorpion, with a tail taller than Kendra and Seth, threatens them as it attempts to steal dragon eggs.
Roon's Hideout
Lady Luck
  • An unidentified presence controlled the ship The Lady Luck. Seth observed it to have a girlish voice, and the appearance of a cloud of dust motes in the shape of a woman with long hair. She threatened to turn Seth into an undead sailor, until Seth, with the aid of Vasilis, convinced her to safely sail them to Shoreless Isle.

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