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Khaskheli (Sindhi: خاصخیلي‎) is a Sindhi tribe in Sindh and Balochistan, Pakistan. The tribe trace its linkages as offshoot of Samma tribe in Sindh.

Khasakhel[1][2] is a tribe in Sindh. This is considered a warrior clan which came with Mohammad Bin Qasim and defeated Raja Dahir. After the death of Mohammad Bin Qasim they stayed in South Asia and spread the Islamic religion. They last fought against the British rule under the Talpur Dynasty of Sindh.[citation needed]

After the fall of the Talpur dynasty in Sindh they were dispersed by the British rulers, some of them were arrested and hanged with their supporter Pir Pagara. They were the first clan to allow marriage outside and due to this they were scattered all over the South Asia.[citation needed]

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