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Sindhi Pathan (Sindhi: (پٺاڻ) ) is the name of Pashtun communities living in Sindh. Strongest of the Pashtun residing in Sindh bear the castes Agha and Kakar. The vast majority of the Sindhi Pathan originate from Quetta and southern Afghanistan, and a few come from the FATA belt. These pathans are known to have resided in Sindh since the days of Ahmad Shah Durrani. Sindhi Pathans have merged their culture, language into Sindhi language and culture. They transmigrated in Sindh and now have become part of the rich Sindhi culture, as they speak Sindhi and have intermarried into Sindhis. A great number of Sindhi Pathans live in Sukkur, Karachi, Shikarpur, New Zarkhail, Pir Bux Wandh, Garhi Yasin, Sultan Kot whereas others live in other urban, sub-urban and rural areas of Sindh.[1][2]

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