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Kingston College
2A North St., Kingston, Jamaica
Clovelly Park
Kingston, Jamaica
Coordinates 17°59′03″N 76°48′23″W / 17.9841°N 76.8064°W / 17.9841; -76.8064Coordinates: 17°59′03″N 76°48′23″W / 17.9841°N 76.8064°W / 17.9841; -76.8064
School type Secondary Institution
Motto Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Potest
(The Brave May Fall But Never Yield)
Religious affiliation(s) Anglican
Established April 16, 1925
Founded 1925
Founder The Right Reverend Percival William Gibson,CBE
Status Open
Authority Ministry of Education
Principal Mr. Dave Myrie
Faculty 100
Grades 7-13
Years offered 11-19
Gender Male
Enrollment 1900 (2012)
Campus type Urban
Color(s) Purple& White
Nickname KC
Rival Jamaica College, Calabar High School, St. George's College

Kingston College is an all-male high school, located at 2A North St., Kingston, Jamaica W.I


Kingston College was founded by Bishop of Jamaica, Dr. G.F.C. DeCarteret with Bishop Percival Gibson as the first headmaster. The school was envisioned as a remedy for the social deformity, where poor black boys were privileged to primary education only. The school, Kingston College, was created primarily to provide poor black boys, who otherwise would not have the opportunity, with a secondary education. The founder was convinced that there was a treasury of untapped talent among the black working and lower middle classes. Kingston College would nurture that talent and so take to another level the uncompleted process of full Emancipation that begun in 1838. K.C., as the school became known, admitted any boy, black or not, born in wedlock or not, who could satisfy the entrance requirements and pay the affordable fees.[1]

Kingston College began at 114 ¾ East (corner of East St. and North St.) The school was declared open on April 16, 1925 with forty-nine students. Today the school is located at 2A North Street, Kingston. In 1963 the Melbourne Campus (13 Upper Elleston Road, Kingston C.S.O.) was purchased from the Melbourne Cricket Club. The Melbourne Campus is now home to 7th, 8th, 9th Grade (1st, 2nd and 3rd Form).

The school's color, purple was chosen because it is the color worn by Christian Bishops, the color used by the Greeks to honor their Olympic champions and the color of the leading Empire in History – Rome.

Kingston College provides quality secondary (High School) education that lays the foundation for good citizenship. This is done through the development of high moral and Christian values, achievement of academic excellence and a well-rounded personality utilizing sports and other extra-curricular activities. The school has achieved successes in every field – academics, sports and the arts.


The school's motto is in Latin: "'Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Potest", which translates into "The Brave May Fall But Never Yield."


The crest bears the colors purple and white which represents the Episcopal colors and speaks of our religious connections. Purple was the colour the Roman Empire and was used by the Greeks to honor their Olympic heroes. The pineapple symbolizes the field of labor and fruitfulness, The dog, the animal of loyalty, fidelity and watchfulness. The book represents the Bible and academics.[2]

Rhodes Scholars[edit]

Rhodes Scholars from the college include:[3]

  • John Luce Ramson 1934
  • L. L. Murad 1937
  • Evan Astley Morris 1949
  • Delroy Chuck 1973
  • Stephen Vasciannie1978

Athletic and academic championships[edit]

The college has won a number of athletic and academic champsionships in Jamaica.[4]

Track and field
  • Boys Champs - 31
Education/general knowledge
  • School's Challenge Quiz - 11
  • Sunlight Cup - 23
  • Spalding Cup - 9
  • Tappin Cup - 6
  • Geddes Cup - 3
  • Minor Cup - 3
  • JIIC - 1
  • Manning Cup - 14
  • Oliver Shield - 9
  • Walker Cup - 9
  • Henriques Shield - 6
  • Gibson Cup - 14
  • Alexander Cup - 4
  • JA. Mutual Shield - 3
  • Interscholastic Cup - 1
  • Schools KO Comp. - 16
  • Senior League - 15
  • Junior Div. - 10
  • Junior KO - 8
  • Simpson Shield - 4
Table tennis
  • Kelall Cup - 23
  • Burger Cup - 16

Notable alumni[edit]

Politics and law[edit]

Arts and culture[edit]




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