Kir–Abbaian languages

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Southern Eastern Sudanic
(not established)
Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Chad, Nubia
Linguistic classification: Nilo-Saharan?
Glottolog: None

The Kir–Abbaian, Southern Eastern Sudanic, or Eastern n Sudanic languages form one of two primary divisions of the Eastern Sudanic languages in the classification of Bender (2000). It is rejected as an established group in Starostin (2015).

The Kir–Abbaian languages are characterized by having an /n/ in the pronoun "I/me", as opposed to the Astaboran (Northern) languages, which have a /k/. The best known Kir–Abbaian language group, as well as the largest, is Nilotic, which includes such languages as Maasai.


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