Koganeyama Jinja

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Koganeyama Jinja
Koganeyama-jinja Haiden.JPG
Haiden of Koganeyama Jinja
Koganeyama Jinja 黄金山神社 is located in Miyagi Prefecture
Koganeyama Jinja 黄金山神社
Koganeyama Jinja
Koganeyama Jinja 黄金山神社 is located in Japan
Koganeyama Jinja 黄金山神社
Koganeyama Jinja
Dedicated to Kanayama-hiko-no-kami
Founded c. 767 AD
Address 23 Koganegu-mae, Wakuya-machi, Tōda-gun, Miyagi-ken
Coordinates 38°33′35.38″N 141°08′20.93″E / 38.5598278°N 141.1391472°E / 38.5598278; 141.1391472Coordinates: 38°33′35.38″N 141°08′20.93″E / 38.5598278°N 141.1391472°E / 38.5598278; 141.1391472
Website wakuya-koganeyama.info/index2.html
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Koganeyama Jinja torii gate

The Koganeyama Jinja (黄金山神社) is a Shintō shrine in the town of Wakuya Tōda District, Miyagi Prefecture in the Tōhoku region of northern Japan. It claims to have been built on the site of the first gold mine in Japan, and is protected by the central government as a National Historic Site.[1]

The main festival of the shrine is held annually on September 15.

Enshrined kami[edit]

The primary kami of Koganeyama Jinja is Kanayama-hiko-no-kami (金山彦神).


The foundation of the Koganeyama Jinja and the date of discovery of gold in the region are unknown. In 740 AD, when Emperor Shomu was constructing the Nara Daibutsu, a call was sent out to all provinces requesting the donation of gold for the statue. The ruler of Mutsu Province, Kudara-no-konikishi Kyofuku, responded with 900 ryō of gold (approximately 13 kilograms) from Tōda District, followed by an additional 900 ryō of gold sand two years later. Mention of a shrine at this location is made in the Engishiki records from 767 AD.

The shrine had a haiden but no honden, as the mountain to the rear of the shrine was regarded as the seat of the kami.

The current Shinmei-zukuri style shrine structure dates from 1909.

During archaeological investigations conducted in 1957 by Tohoku University, the foundations of Nara period structures and roof tiles were unearthed.

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