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Love and Lies
The cover of the first volume featuring Misaki Takasaki
(Koi to Uso)
Written byMusawo
Published byKodansha
English publisher
ImprintShōnen Magazine Comics
MagazineManga Box
Original runAugust 2014[2] – present
Volumes10 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed bySeiki Takuno
Written byNatsuko Takahashi
Music byMasaru Yokoyama
Nobuaki Nobusawa
StudioLiden Films
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS, BS11, tvk, AT-X
English network
Original run July 4, 2017 September 19, 2017
Episodes12 (List of episodes)
Live-action film
Love and Lies
Original animation DVD
Directed bySeiki Takuno
StudioLiden Films
ReleasedNovember 9, 2018
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Love and Lies (Japanese: 恋と嘘, Hepburn: Koi to Uso) is a Japanese manga by Musawo (also known as Musawo Tsumugi (紬木 ムサヲ, Tsumugi Musawo)).[4] The series follows a teenage boy who confesses to his long-time crush, despite the fact that he has been assigned a fiancée by the government in an alternate version of modern Japan. It is being published by Kodansha, with releases online by DeNA's Manga Box app in multiple languages. An anime adaptation aired from July to September 2017. A live-action film adaptation was released in October 2017.


In the near future, children who have turned 16 years old are assigned by the government to a partner based on compatibility calculation, in order to increase the country's birth rate. Those who do not follow the government rules of going with their assigned partner suffer severe penalties. Yukari Nejima finally confesses his love to schoolmate and long-time crush Misaki Takasaki and discovers she has liked him back. However, when he turns 16, he is assigned another girl, Ririna Sanada. Ririna is not that thrilled about being assigned, and is very willing to let Yukari freely relate with Misaki so she can learn what being in love is really like. The story follows their adventures of the teens as they try to relate with one another while keeping up appearances with the government.


Yukari Nejima (根島 由佳吏, Nejima Yukari)
Voiced by: Ryōta Ōsaka[5]
Yukari has been in love with his classmate Misaki Takasaki since the fifth grade. Before his 16th birthday, he confesses his feelings to Misaki Takasaki which apparently, turned out to be mutual.Ch. 1-2 He enjoys studying Kofun mounds.Ch. 2
Misaki Takasaki (高崎 美咲, Takasaki Misaki)
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa[5]
Misaki is Yukari's first love who is also in love with him. She has short dark hair styled in a bob.Ch. 1-2 She is beautiful and popular among her schoolmates. She first noticed Yukari in fifth grade when he broke his eraser into two and gave her one half after seeing that she didn't have an eraser since first period. She developed feelings of love for him and his many quirks.Ch. 11 She thinks Ririna is a bit naive when it comes to encouraging her and Yukari to continue relating with each other as a couple.
Ririna Sanada (真田 莉々奈, Sanada Ririna)
Voiced by: Yui Makino[5]
Ririna is Yukari's arranged partner. She is a beautiful girl with rose blonde hair and big eyes where she resembles a doll. She is aware of Yukari's feelings towards Misaki and agrees to help him out as she wishes to learn what love is like too,Ch. 6-7 and perks up whenever there is the topic of love among Yukari and his friends.Ch. 28 When she was younger she was often sick, and when she conversed with girls she was often candid on her thoughts, so she was unable to make friends. Her classmates are envious of her looks and grades, calling her stuck up.Ch. 8-9
Yūsuke Nisaka (仁坂 悠介, Nisaka Yūsuke)
Voiced by: Shinnosuke Tachibana[6]
Yukari's friend who is surrounded in mystery. He becomes aware of the relationship between Yukari and the girls.Ch. 15 He is very popular with the girls, that they had one of them date him for six months.Ch. 28 Unlike Yukari, he does not have cooking or cleaning skills.Ch. 29
Hajime Yajima (矢嶋 基, Yajima Hajime)
Voiced by: Kishō Taniyama[7]
Kagetsu Ichijō (一条 花月, Ichijō Kagetsu)
Voiced by: Tomoyo Kurosawa[7]
Shū Igarashi (五十嵐 柊, Igarashi Shū)
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura[8]
Misaki's best friend in middle school who seems to know the reason behind Yukari's sudden partner change.



As of June 2017, 6 volumes has been released by Kodansha.[9] The French version, licensed by Pika Shonen, was first released on November 2, 2016[10] and the fifth volume was released on June 28, 2017.[11] The English version has been licensed by Kodansha USA,[12] with the first volume being released on August 22, 2017.[13] An official fanbook was released on July 7, 2017 in Japan.[14]


No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBNEnglish release dateEnglish ISBN
1 January 9, 2015[9]ISBN 978-4-06-395284-1August 22, 2017[13]ISBN 978-1-63-236499-9
  • 1. "First Love" (初恋, Hatsukoi)
  • 2. "A Little Lie" (小さな嘘, Chiisana Uso)
  • 3. "Talk About Love" (恋の話, Koi no Hanashi)
  • 4. "The Kiss of a Lie" (嘘の口づけ, Uso no Kuchizuke)
  • 4.5. "A Friend's Love" (友達の恋, Tomodachi no Koi)
2 June 9, 2015[15]ISBN 978-4-06-395416-6October 24, 2017[16]ISBN 978-1-63-236500-2
  • 5. "A Lie to a Friend" (友達への嘘, Tomodachi e no Uso)
  • 6. "The Science of Love" (恋の科学, Koi no Kagaku)
  • 7. "Lying Curry" (嘘のカレー, Uso no Karē)
  • 8. "A Love Worth Risking Life" (命がけの恋, Inochigake no Koi)
  • 9. "Can't Lie to Your Heart" (心に嘘はつけない, Kokoro ni Uso wa Tsukenai)
3 November 9, 2015[17]ISBN 978-4-06-395546-0December 26, 2017[18]ISBN 978-1-63-236501-9
  • 10. "Love's Ripples" (恋の波紋, Koi no Hamon)
  • 10.5. "Lies to Yourself" (自分への嘘, Jibun e no Uso)
  • 11. "Where Love Gathers" (恋の集まる場所, Koi no Atsumaru Basho)
  • 12. "Sorting the Lies" (嘘の選別, Uso no Senbetsu)
  • 13. "The Cage that Forces Love" (恋を強いる檻, Koi o Shiiru Ori)
  • 14. "Wordless Lies" (無言の嘘, Mugon no Uso")
  • Bonus. "Treasure" (たからもの, Takara Mono)
4 May 9, 2016[19]ISBN 978-4-06-395664-1February 13, 2018[20]ISBN 978-1-63-236560-6
  • 15. "A Little Talk of Old Love" (ちょっとだけ昔の恋の話, Chotto dake Mukashi no Koi no Hanashi)
  • Bonus Chapter. "Misaki Takasaki, Age 14" (高崎美咲14歳, Takasaki Misaki 14-sai)
  • 16. "Feelings Without Lies" (嘘のない想い, Uso no Nai Omoi)
  • 17. "The Philosophy of Love" (恋の哲学, Koi no Tetsugaku)
  • 18. "With Sparkles Like Lies" (嘘みたいな煌めきで, Uso Mitaina Kirameki de)
5 November 9, 2016[21]ISBN 978-4-06-395792-1 (regular ed.)[21]
ISBN 978-4-06-362346-8 (special ed.)[22]
April 10, 2018[23]ISBN 978-1-63-236561-3
  • 19. "Love that Offers Everything" (すべてを捧げる恋, Subete o Sasageru Koi)
  • 20. "Just Lie to Me" (嘘でもいいから, Uso demo Ii kara)
  • 21. "Witness to Love" (恋の目撃者, Koi no Mokugeki-sha)
  • 22. "The Distance to a Lie" (嘘の距離感, Uso no Kyori-kan)
6 June 9, 2017[24]ISBN 978-4-06-395952-9 (regular ed.)[24]
ISBN 978-4-06-510065-3 (special ed.)[25]
June 19, 2018[26]ISBN 978-1-63-236625-2
  • 23. "The One Beloved" (恋した相手は, Koi shita Aite wa)
  • 24. "Lies that Bind" (真実に繋がる嘘, Shinjitsu ni Tsunagaru Uso)
  • 25. "Chains of Love" (恋の鎖, Koi no Kusari)
  • 26. "Feelings without Lies" (嘘のない想いを, Uso no Nai Omoi o)
7 April 9, 2018[27]ISBN 978-4-06-510382-1 (regular ed.)[27]
ISBN 978-4-06-511611-1 (special ed.)[28]
August 21, 2018[29]ISBN 978-1-63-236626-9
  • 27. "Love Upon a Star" (星に恋して, Hoshi ni Koishite)
  • 28. "A Lie Confessed" (予告された嘘, Yokokusareta Uso)
  • 29. "Love's Responsibility" (恋心の責任, Koigokoro no Sekinin)
  • 29.5. "The Lie of a Friend" (友達の嘘, Tomodachi no Uso)
8 November 16, 2018[30]ISBN 978-4-06-513246-3 (regular ed.)[30]
ISBN 978-4-06-397037-1 (limited ed.)[31]
October 22, 2019[32]ISBN 978-1-63-236675-7
  • 30. "A Normal Sort of Love" (普通の恋, Futsū no Koi)
  • 31. "The Limit of a Lie" (嘘の限界, Uso no Genkai)
  • Bonus. "The Girl Who Waits For Love" (恋を待つ少女, Koi o Matsu Shōjo)
9 July 9, 2019[33]ISBN 978-4-06-515497-7 (regular ed.)[33]
ISBN 978-4-06-517035-9 (special ed.)[34]
October 6, 2020[35]ISBN 978-1-6323-6676-4
  • 32. Uso ga Hajimatta Hi (嘘が始まった日)
  • 33. Koisuru Tada no Otokonoko (恋するただの男の子)
10 March 9, 2020[36]ISBN 978-4-06-518719-7 (regular ed.)[36]
ISBN 978-4-06-518880-4 (special ed.)[37]
December 22, 2020[38]ISBN 978-1-64-651057-3
  • 34. Tokubetsude Futsuna Koi (特別で普通な恋)
  • 35. Honki-majiri no Uso (本気混じりの嘘)
  • 36. Koi no Kainyu-sha (恋の介入者)
  • 37. Uso Yasumi-ake (嘘休み明け)
  • 38. Katsute no Koi ni (かつての恋に)
  • 38.5. Uso o Tebanashite (嘘を手放して)


An anime adaptation by Liden Films and directed by Seiki Takuno aired from July 4[a][39][40][5] to September 19, 2017. The four-member rock band Frederic performed the opening theme song titled "Kanashii Ureshii" (かなしいうれしい, "Sad and Happy")[6] while three-member unit Roy performed the ending theme song titled "Can't You Say".[41] Sentai Filmworks have licensed the series and streamed the series on Anime Strike and on Hidive outside of the US.[42][43] MVM Films has licensed the series in the UK.[44]

An original animation DVD was announced on the release of the seventh volume of the manga, with the DVD being bundled with the eighth volume of the manga in November 9, 2018.[45] The release will include two episodes.[46]

Episode list[edit]

No. Title[b] Original air date[47]
1"First Love"
Transcription: "Hatsukoi" (Japanese: 初恋)
July 4, 2017 (2017-07-04)
Yukari Nejima is a Japanese high school boy who lives in a society where the government assigns his life partner via Yukari Marriages. The episode opens with Nejima staring at his long time crush Misaki Takasaki. A flashback reveals Nejima and Misaki were desk partners in elementary school. One day Nejima notices Misaki's eraser is almost gone. After trying to build up courage all day, he offers half of his eraser during their last period which she gratefully accepts. From that moment, Nejima fell in love and never forgot her smile. A day before his sixteenth birthday, when his assigned wife is decided, Nejima resolves to confess to Misaki. While Misaki claims to not remember him, she agrees to meet him after school at a park. There, Misaki confesses that she does remember him and lied earlier but does not explain why. Nejima confesses his love for her which causes to Misaki to cry. Misaki reveals she still has her half of the eraser and kisses him. After the kiss, the clock at the park strikes midnight, making Nejima officially sixteen. He receives an email notice which briefly shows Misaki is his arranged wife before the email becomes corrupted and blacks out. Minister officials appear suddenly a give Nejima an envelope which reveals a different arranged wife. Nejima explains how his emailed showed Misaki as his arranged wife but officials deny that this could be possible. Misaki says she never intended to tell Nejima her feelings and attempts to run off. The episode ends with Nejima catching up to her and embracing her.
2"A Small Lie"
Transcription: "Chīsana Uso" (Japanese: 小さな嘘)
July 11, 2017 (2017-07-11)
The next day Nejima decides not to meet his assigned wife and tries to talk to Misaki at school. Misaki harshly rejects him and tells him he misinterpreted what she was trying to say at the park, deeming the feelings she held toward him 'memories of past'. On his way to meet with his assigned wife, Lilina Sanada, at an inn, Nejima recalls the moments when Misaki rejects him. Feeling down, he unintentionally upsets Lilina and she abruptly leaves the family meeting. After finding her, Nejima is surprised to find out that Lilina is 'afraid of marriage' as he is. When Nejima explains why he is depressed, Lilina expresses great interest in the love story of Nejima and Misaki and prods. Afterwards they return to the family meetings which proceeds smoothly. On the next day, Lilina asks Yukari to go to her school to finish his story. As he reaches her school, he finds her in the nurse's office due to overexhaustion. Upon recovery, Lilina explains to Nejima about her social awkwardness at school due to complicated illnesses and a heavy academic workload. As they left Lilina's school, they see a passing Misaki. Lilina suddenly introduces herself and asks Misaki about her feelings toward Nejima. As Misaki happily explains her fondness of Nejima, Nejima starts to question his existence in Misaki's memories. Seeing Misaki off, Nejima is delighted to see Lilina made a friend, which Lilina mistakens as herself falling in love with Misaki. While continuing to talk about Misaki, Nejima carelessly admits that he kissed Misaki. Lilina then demands Nejima to kiss Misaki again in the future to reinforce the feeling of love.
3"Overlooked Love"
Transcription: "Miotosareta Koi" (Japanese: 見落とされた恋)
July 18, 2017 (2017-07-18)
A flashback reveals how Nejima and Yusuke Nisaka became best friends after Nejima called the police when he saw Nisaka getting bullied for his handsome looks. While Nisaka is making fun of Nejima for being so "courageous" back then, Nejima gets a call from Lilina to meet her after school ends. To his surprise, Lilina has also invited over Misaki to hang out as well in hopes Misaki will kiss Nejima once again. The kiss fails, as Nejima starts hyperventilating when Misaki attempts to kiss him. Misaki abruptly leaves, claiming she has to go make dinner for her family. Lilina escorts Nejima back home while asserting that Nejima must kiss Misaki at least once everyday. The next day Nejima skips his PE class to intercept Misaki. After Nejima explains Lilina's demands, Misaki attempts to kiss Nejima and this time she is successful.
4"The Science of Love"
Transcription: "Koi no Kagaku" (Japanese: 恋の科学)
July 25, 2017 (2017-07-25)
Lilina is invited over to Nejima's house for dinner. After dinner, Nejima reports to Lilina that Misaki and him kissed. Nejima and Lilina start talking about what love feels like when Ministry officials visit for a Yukari marriage orientation. After the orientation, Nejima tells Lilina to stop asking him to kiss Misaki as he feels the relationship would seem forced. The next day, the teacher assigns Nejima to help Misaki with folding pamphlets after school. Misaki thanks Nejima for helping her and comments how she thinks Nejima and Lilina would make a great couple. When Nejima asks Misaki about her Yukari partner, Misaki replies that it does not matter as Nejima will always only be the one special to her. After this, the two kiss again. Misaki is later seen with a mysterious girl. Misaki expresses how she wishes she could lie to her heart so she would not have to interfere with Nejima's love life. Lilina later calls Nejima about their parents planning a camping trip and that she has invited Misaki. Nejima starts panicking and forces Nisaka to go with him after bribing him with strawberry rice cakes. The episode ends with Misaki asking herself if it is okay to be happy that she going on a camping trip with Nejima.
5"Risky Love"
Transcription: "Inochigake no Koi" (Japanese: 命がけの恋)
August 1, 2017 (2017-08-01)
Nejima, Misaki, Nisaka, and Lilina all rendezvous at the train station. Tensions are initially high as Lilina considers Nisaka a pervert due to their previous encounter. At the camp, Lilina twists her ankle, and Nejima has to carry her back to Lilina's father, a veterinarian, for treatment. Nejima shows his admiration for Lilina who in turn asks what Nejima wants to do when he grows up. Nejima talks about his interest in burial grounds, surprising everyone about his dedication to research. Afterwards Lilina decides to split themselves into two groups to explore the forest, herself and Nisaka, and Nejima and Misaki. Nisaka confronts Lilana on trying to push Nejima and Misaki together. He explains to her the consequences of rejecting a Yukari marriage in society and how Lilana will just be a third wheel if Nejima and Misaki get together. Meanwhile Nejima and Misaki attempt to chase a firefly but end up falling off a ledge. While neither is hurt, Misaki gets quite shaken and inadvertently embraces Nejima in a compromising position after confessing that she thought she was going to die. They eventually get discovered by Lilana and Nisaka and who help them discover the fireflies at a creek. The group ends up holding hands together as they all marvel at the beauty of the fireflies.
6"A Prison to Compel Love"
Transcription: "Koi o Shiiru Ori" (Japanese: 恋を強いる檻)
August 8, 2017 (2017-08-08)
It starts when Ririna dreams about Yukari kissing her; turns out she has never been kissed in her life. Next day she chats about a tongue twister with one of the students, then she sees someone compliment a girl. She then remembers she has also been complimented. Meanwhile Yukari, at his school the whole day, wasn't able to get any attention to Takasaki. At the demonstration he then sees an old friend, Shu Igarashi. Later, during the demonstration meeting, his classmate and his partner kissed during a lesson about sex. Then when Yukari and Ririna get to their room Yukari kisses her (which was supposed to happen during episode 7)
7"A Silent Lie"
Transcription: "Mugon no Uso" (Japanese: 無言の嘘)
August 15, 2017 (2017-08-15)
It starts when Yukari and Ririna finally kissed after then Ririna nearly told him about her dream the previous night. For she didn't want to get another kiss; she kept her away from him until the 10th episode.
8"Feelings Without Lies"
Transcription: "Uso no Nai Omoi" (Japanese: 嘘のない想い)
August 22, 2017 (2017-08-22)
9"So Bright It Doesn't Seem Real"
Transcription: "Uso Mitaina Kirameki de" (Japanese: 嘘みたいな煌めきで)
August 29, 2017 (2017-08-29)
10"A Love to Give Everything For"
Transcription: "Subete o Sasageru Koi" (Japanese: すべてを捧げる恋)
September 5, 2017 (2017-09-05)
11"I Don't Care if It's a Lie"
Transcription: "Usodemoīkara" (Japanese: 嘘でもいいから)
September 12, 2017 (2017-09-12)
12"Love and Lies"
Transcription: "Koi to Uso" (Japanese: 恋と嘘)
September 19, 2017 (2017-09-19)


No. Title[46] Original release date
1Transcription: "Isshō no Koi" (Japanese: 一生の恋)November 2018 (2018-11)
2Transcription: "Koi no Kimochi" (Japanese: 恋の気持ち)November 2018 (2018-11)

Live-action film[edit]

A live action film adaptation premiered on October 2017. Instead of a love triangle between one boy and two girls, it has one girl and two boys. The film stars Aoi Morikawa as Aoi Nisaka, the lead heroine; Takumi Kitamura as Yūto Shiba, Aoi's childhood friend; and Kanta Satō as Sōsuke Takachino, Aoi's arranged partner. The film was directed by Takeshi Furusawa and the screenplay done by Erika Yoshida.[48]


The manga's compiled book volumes have frequently ranked on Oricon's weekly top 50 comic charts.[2] Volume 2 reached number 16,[49] Volume 3 reached number 6,[50] Volume 4 reached number 5,[51] and Volume 5 reached number 15.[52] Manga Box had reported Love and Lies as their most popular work with 3.5 million viewers, a month after the manga's launch in August 2014.[2]

Works cited[edit]

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