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The Skadar Frontier (Montenegrin and Serbian: Skadarska Krajina/Скадарска Крајина, Albanian: Kraja), also known simply as Krajina (Крајина, pronounced pronounced [krâjina]) is a geographical region[1] in southeastern Montenegro stretching from the southern coast of Lake Skadar to the mountain of Rumija, comprising several villages. It is inhabited mainly by Albanians and Montenegrins. The area is divided between municipalities of Bar and Ulcinj.


The region is located near the border with Albania near the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is located between Crmnica and Ana Malit and stretches out from Ckla to Šestani, its border villages. It is also between Skadar Lake and the Rumija mountain. It mainly consists of villages, Ostros being its most populated and Bobovište (Pop. 230 (2003))

Krajina encompasses the following villages:

  • Arbneš / Arbëneshi
  • Bobovište / Boboshti
  • Ckla / Skje
  • Kostanjica / Kështenjë
  • Runji / Runj
  • Mali Ostros / Ostrosi i Madh
  • Martići / Martiqi
  • Tejani / Ftjani
  • Veliki Ostros / Ostrosi i Madh

Šestan is an extension of Krajina, encompassing the following villages:

  • Bapsulj
  • Besa / Besë
  • Donja Briska / Brisku i Poshtëm
  • Donji Murići / Muriqi i Poshtëm
  • Gornja Briska / Brisku i Epërm
  • Gornji Murići / Muriqi i Epërm
  • Livari / Ljare
  • Pinčići
  • Šestan


From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, thousands of locals migrated to countries throughout Europe and to the United States. Between 2,000 and 3,000 people are estimated to live in the Krajina region, with a majority of ethnic Albanians. The religious make-up is Muslim and Christian (Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic). Christians mostly reside in the Shestan region, with minorities in Livari, Briska and Tejani.[citation needed]

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  • Map of the region

Coordinates: 42°06′02″N 19°09′36″E / 42.10068°N 19.159998°E / 42.10068; 19.159998

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