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Type Daily newspaper (in weekdays)
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Eco-Médias
Founder(s) Nassredine El Afrit
Marie-Thérèse Bourrut
Abdelmounaïm Dilami
Editor-in-chief Mohamed Benabid
Founded 1998; 19 years ago (1998)
Political alignment Independent
Language French
Headquarters Casablanca
Circulation 24,053 (2012)
Sister newspapers Assabah
OCLC number 688340037
Website www.leconomiste.com

L'Économiste is a francophone business newspaper published in Morocco. The newspaper is specialized in economic and financial news.

History and profile[edit]

L'Économiste was first published in 1998.[1] The paper is based in Casablanca.[2][3] It is the sister publication of Arabic daily Assabah and both are owned by Ecomedias.[4][5] Although it is an independent paper, it has a pro-government stance.[6]

L'Économiste is published on weekdays and focuses on business news.[6][7] Its website was launched in 1993, making L'Économiste the second newspaper to have an online edition.[8] The paper is the recipient of the Victoires de la Presse award in the category of the scoop/article of the year.[7]

The 2003 circulation of L'Économiste was 22,000 copies.[1] It was 24,053 copies in 2012.[9]


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