LXXVI Panzer Corps

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LXXVI Panzer Corps
Active22 July 1943 – 2 May 1945
Country Nazi Germany
TypePanzer corps
RoleArmoured warfare
General der Panzertruppe Traugott Herr

The LXXVI Panzer Corps (LXXVI Panzerkorps, 76th Armoured Corps) was a panzer corps of Nazi Germany during World War II. The headquarters were formed in France under Army Group D on 29 June 1943 as LXXVI Army Corps but renamed a month later. In August it shipped to Italy to become part of 10th Army. It spent the rest of the war in Italy fighting in the Italian Campaign mainly under 10th Army but with short periods from February 1944 (Battle of Anzio) and January 1945 (Spring 1945 offensive in Italy) under 14th Army. The Corps was commanded for most of its active fighting by General Traugott Herr.

Order of battle[edit]

In 1943 the corps included:

On 25 August 1944 the composition of the corps was:[1]

Commanding officers[edit]

Area of operations[edit]

Date Area Subordinate to Operations
July 1943 France Army Group D
August 1943 Italy OB Sud
September 1943 Italy 10th Army Salerno, Cassino
3 February 1944 Italy 14th Army Anzio
6 June 1944 Italy 10th Army Central Italy, Florence and Bologna
January 1945 Italy 14th Army north-eastern Italy

Source: Lexicon der Wehrmacht and Axis History Factbook


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