Lango people (South Sudan)

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The Lango ethnic group of South Sudan (distinct from the Lango of Uganda) are a community of Nilotic people in South Sudan. They are both agriculturists and nomadic.

The Lango live in the Ikotos County area in East Equatoria state of South Sudan, bordering Uganda – along the mountains of Bira, Lonyili, Napotpot, Kamulach, Tulel, Naitahapel, Tongaborei, Ibakany, Narus, Dongotono Hills, Isoke, Tseretenya, Imotong, Lomohidang, Gilo and Katire. The Lango subtribes are the Ketebo, Lokwa, Lokir, Dongotono, Imotong and Lorwana who originated from Okol and Lolim or Acholi origin from Uganda.

Alternative Spellings[edit]

The name "Lango" can also be spelt Langa, Langgo or Langi.

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