Laoximen Station

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Laoximen Station
Shanghai Metro
Laoximen Station.jpg
Line 8 Platform
Location Shanghai
Operated by Shanghai No.1/4 Metro Operation Co. Ltd.
Platforms 1 (island)
Structure type Underground
Opened December 29, 2007
Preceding station   Shanghai Metro   Following station
Line 8
Line 10

Laoximen (simplified Chinese: 老西门站; traditional Chinese: 老西門站; pinyin: Lǎoxīmén Zhàn) is the name of an interchange station between Lines 8 and 10 on the Shanghai Metro. It began operation on December 29, 2007.

Line 10 platform
The Old West Gate or Laoximen (老西门) in the Old City of Shanghai.

The name of the station is derived from the Old West Gate (or Laoximen (老西门)) of the walled Chinese city.

The station is located in Huangpu District, near the intersection of East Fuxing Road and South Xizang Road.

Around the station[edit]