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Laurent Murawiec (Paris 1951 – Washington, 7 October 2009[1][2]) was a French neoconservative figure,[3] member of the Hudson Institute and of the Committee on the Present Danger,[4] and formerly defence analyst at the RAND corporation. Murawiec was an associate of Lyndon LaRouche from 1973–1986,[5] and wrote for Larouche's Executive Intelligence Review in the 1980s.[6]

In July 2002, Murawiec gave a presentation regarding Middle East policy for the USA before the Defence Policy Board Advisory Committee. His paper was entitled «Expel Saudis from Arabia», a lecture divided into three parts with the projection of 24 slides.[7] Murawiec argued that "In the Arab world, violence is not a continuation of politics by other means – violence is politics, politics is violence"[8] and calling for an "ultimatum to the House of Saud",[8] ultimately summarising the "Grand strategy for the Middle East" as "Iraq is the tactical pivot, Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot, Egypt the prize".[8] The presentation was made public by Thomas E. Ricks the following month.[9] Murawiec was subsequently expelled from RAND.[3]

Murawiec died of multiple myeloma on 7 October 2009.[2][10]


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