Le Creux ès Faïes

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Le Creux ès Faïes
Le Creux ès Faïes
La Creux es Faies entrance.jpg
Alternative name Le Creux des Fées
Location Guernsey
Region Saint Pierre du Bois
Coordinates 49°27′23.76″N 2°39′20.52″W / 49.4566000°N 2.6557000°W / 49.4566000; -2.6557000
Length 10 m
Width 12 m
Height 22 m[1]
Founded c 4 000 - 2 5000 BC
Abandoned c 1 000 BC
Periods Neolithic
Site notes
Website http://museums.gov.gg/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=76216&p=0

Le Creux ès Faïes is a neolithic chamber tomb on Guernsey, the Channel Islands.[1]


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